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I cheated on my wife,we are working it out. She says she would not cheat on me?
She says she is not made up that way. Will she cheat if she gets the chance?

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see bro its simple... whether she cheats or not ull b knowingit sooner or later .. if she cheats, she comes on d same platform where u r so my guess.. she wont cheat and never ask her this question again as she may cheat if u r so casual asking this to her.. giv her time n happiness...she wil b urs n apologise 4m heart.. gud luck.

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Shery W
When you got married and you said your vows you promised before God to be faithful to her and to forsake all others. I have a strong belief in marriage vows because it is a promise you make to God and the person you are saying it to. No she probably will not cheat on you but you probably will do it to her again and again. For some reason men think if they get away with it once and the wife doesn't leave them then they own her. It's all about control and how you want your cake and eat it too. Her cheating on you will not let you know how it feels. If you really loved her in the first place you would not have cheated on her. End her suffering and leave so she can find a real man. Once a cheater always a cheater.

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dawn p
she should cheat on you , that was wrong what you did, why would you care if she did ?

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Shannon E
No I don’t this so. Most people have too much respect to do it. Making two wrongs isn’t going to solve a dam thing. It will only make matters worse. Both of you know that.

She is still there trying to make it work so it shows she isn’t made like that as she said. I don’t know your situation she may feel she has pushed you to do it. You don’t know unless you really and I mean really talk it out openly.

She is probably thinking it would be nice to get even. Only because it hurts to have someone do that to you. Revenge is a natural defense. Men react different then women do when their other half is cheating... MOST Men become so angry and actions come before communication.... Where as MOST women want to talk and get details as to when, where and why it happened.

Keep in mind you have really hurt her in many ways... embarrassed, insulted, thinks she isn’t good enough.. And so on. Remember this isn’t going to go away for a long time... She will always have it in the back of her mind.... A couple of years down the road you will be sitting there having breakfast and she is reading the paper.. and you will wonder if she is still thinking of what happened. And may wonder why you did that. That’s when It will kick in for you.

Good luck don’t let your imagination take over... and think its going to happen

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Tabitha G
I don't know your wife but hopefully if she gets the chance she won't. The only thing that you lost with her is trust. Now you need to regain her trust somehow. Thinking that she might cheat to get back at you won't help your situation. You need to think positive. She is willing to work things out with you that should be a sign that she won't cheat. You really shouldn't ask her that question either. Just go with the flow of things for now and if you are sincere never cheat again. I am sure things will get better but you have to remember that you have already lost her trust so you need to take things slow and keep your word that you won't ever cheat again. Good luck.

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Well, if she did, you'd look pretty silly to be mad. You did cheat on her, after all.

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no, but why would you cheat? That was stupid. If you are having problems at home, talk to your wife first. Cheating is not the answer. Just think about how she feels. I understand that you would not want her to cheat, but why did u? Is it ok for you and not her?

Obviously, you were not happy at home and that is why you cheated. Still, you should have talked to her. Sorry, but I do not care for cheaters or liars.

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No, most likely she won't cheat on you if she gets the chance. Her morals and values don't change, just because your did. Appreciate that she is willing to forgive you, willing to work things out, and willing to not get even. She's giving you a second chance, don't botch it.

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Dr Dee
You can answer this better than anyone else, you know your wife.

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This is a question no one can properly answer.

One thing seems certain though. You are plaqued with uncertainty because of your guilty conscience. You are worried that she might retaliate in kind. Honestly, she should be the one who is paranoid about a cheating partner, not you. And in your case, a repeat offense.

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Brenda C
Dear: Cheated on my wife, we are working it out.
She says she would not cheat on me?

No one can answer you that, with certainty! You were probably too, not made that way...but in the end you cheated. I think is unfair for you and your spouse to have to live now with uncertainties, but so does she. OK , so do not dare to ask or even try to predict future. All you have to do, it's to concentrate and work it out, working at it, truly at it! The both of you! (obviously she excused you for it) ...(but not forgotten) She excused you, so enough! clearly she wants to try saving her marriage. Both of you working at it (from the heart and giving you best) can perhaps take this relationship to a much better level. Learn to appreciate each other, what each means to the other...work at it and make be just a poor judgment in your part...an error...a human error, but for that you must too, face consecuences...even if human error. Thats the way of life. ...in the end I can't understand how now, you dare to post such ?. What are you thinking...perhaps....she wants to get back at you, or I did it, ...she can do it, too! That is just one of the consecuences you may face so stick to it, ...live & learn...and expecting anything to happen....and stop predicting the future or trying...if she does it to you...you'll have to understand, she too, is a human.

Dear, don't waist time nor energy thinking about something you can't have a handle on...think about it! live the moment (and I don't mean that moment). Concentrate in saving your marriage. One moment we're here and in a fragment of second we may no loger be. THAT QUICK! SO BOTH OF YOU WORK AT IT, THERE IS A LOT TO WORK ON, DO NOT HESITATE, GIVE YOUR BEST, AND TAKE CARE OF HER NEEDS...AND I MEAN ALL, SHE TOO! You won't want anyone taking care of her needs, like somene took care of yours.

By the way visit:chatcheaters.com/cheating-stories/...

God bless your family,
me...from Patillas, PR

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Unless the Lord builds the house,
they labor in vain who build it..."
Ps. 127:1

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who me
My husaband cheated on me before we got married (6 years ago). We we got back together I wanted to make him feel the same way. I am totally against cheating and dont understand why someone would want to put someone through that no matter if they love them or not. But anyway I never "got back at him" because thats the way i am "made up" also. Right now your just worried because you did so you think she might. If she was willing to get back together and work things out then I'd say you'd have nothing to worry about.

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Admire your wife for her honesty & open ness.
I am positive she will not cheat on you.
She has strong morals & takes marriage seriously.

Enjoy her company & try & be more open with her. You will find that she has a good heart & has been more than tolerant. Try & pause for a moment & do a self analysis on yourself. Dont be afraid to discuss your feelings - its amazing as this brings the relationship alot closer & makes it stronger.

All the best of luck 2 both of you.

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I highly doubt she will cheat on you if she says she is not made up that way. But you can never know the real truth just by her words. And yes, the fact that you already cheated may give you more of a chance to get cheated on. She may have forgiven you, but not forgotten. =-( Goodluck!

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Jamar B
Only your wife and God knows the heart. I hope she doens't cheat on you because if she does, the relationship wouldn't make since. There wouldn't be a need for you all to even be together to even try to work things out.

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If she was going to cheat she would of done it by now especially after finding out what you did.

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I hope so.

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I think if she loves you then she won't cheat on u.But since u have already confessed that you have cheated on her then just leave her alone by not hurting her more.She doesn't deserve you.You are such a ****** that you are still tryin to work it out having your ******* fun out of her life.

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You are a selfish pig...if she does cheat on you ..you deserve it because you already broke the vows so basically she is free now jerk

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Believe it or not,there are actually people who take their vows seriously! Because you [obviously] are not one of them, don't assume that everyone is like you. you did not give any info about your wife, but I would think that if she is willing to forgive you and try to work things out, then she must be a pretty decent person!! You ask if she would cheat if given the chance, I am sure she's probably had the chance, when you were out cheating, but chose to honor her vows! I hope that you are deserving of her love and forgiveness!

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well iam sorry to hear that your going thru hard times hopefully she will forgive you and just beacuse you made a mistake does not mean she will do the same to hurt you!! Just give her time iam sure if she is taking time fix your relationship that she would not cheat on you she must love you to stay with you so i doubt she will do anything like that i dont know her but i hope you two work it out take care

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I doubt it, but you just never know. If she was truly hurt, and is willing to work it out with you, I doubt that she would want to hurt the man she loves, and make him feel the same way you made her feel. It sounds like she has values and morals and now that she realizes the pain and trouble it would cause, I just don't think she would do it.

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It is very simple. Your wife is hurting and with justification. Sounds to me like you realise your bad choice and are insecure about the possible revenge of your wife. Rest assured, though, women are understanding and loving creatures, generally, and your wife will probably be more interested in any romantic stability between you as a couple and more inclined into enchancing the current relationship. Please do not hurt your wife again this way - for she is gold in your life and you are lucky to have her !!

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CC Babydoll
See what happens when you do something like cheat on a partner when you know it is wrong...it makes you start thinking, hey...they could do this to me too.
If she has never cheated on you and she is trying to work your cheating on her out and make the marriage work, then I would believe what she is telling you.
You are a lucky man...you broke trust...a very hard/nearly impossible thing to regain after it is lost.....and you have a woman who loves you enough to try to make it work out.
Don't put blame on her for something she has not done just because you have done it. I don't know if you are trying to make yourself feel better about what you did or what.
Again, count your lucky stars for this faithful loving woman you have. I hope you are smart enough not to cheat again...she might not be able to deal with a second time and you could lose her for good.
I wish you luck and hope your marriage works out! But don't start trying to say she is doing what you did...work on your marriage to love, honor, respect and be faithful to your wife as she is to you.

be cool...

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You have a lot of work ahaid of you and you truly can NOT be lax about it. You now have to convince her, you'll NEVER DO IT AGAIN, but, if you fail to, IT CAN BE POSSIBLE ,FOR HER, TO STEP OUT, no matter what she says right now. When a women has ben scorned, it will take a BIG MAN TO HELP HER OVERCOME IT. ARE YOU SUCH A MAN???
All of us, (especially women) have heard the saying: LEOPARDS DON'T CHANGE THEY'RE SPOTS!!!!!!!!
The Ball is in you're court and ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS, always!

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Fair exchange ain't no robbery....You should have thought about that before you cheated on her...Men kill me with this bs...You all can do the dirt but when it comes to a woman cheatin on you...We shot the Sheriff....I don't get it! Grow up...If you can't handle the fact that she might go out on you..Don't do it to her....She might and she might not, depending on her...But I would get with your best friend and f*** the life out of him...put it on tape and leave it in the tape player for you to see it...Then say honey let's have a talk about what I did....I am sorry, it will never happen again,, i wasn't thinking...He made me do it....I wasn't myself...all the bs you guys say when you messed up!

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u r dumb
Sounds like she has more of a commitment to her marriage and vows then you do .Why are you so concearned anyways ?
Hopefully she will not cheat on you but if she does you have no reason to be upset at her! And hopefully you would be as big hearted as she was to forgive you .You should stop being concearned about her and worry about keeping your vow to your wife! Its time for you to do alot of making up to show her your remorse.Good luck in your marriage .
DOn't expect her to forget your act ! You obviously know how wrong you were since your so worried about her and she has not betrayed the marriage ...It was you buddy

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Bryan M
I don't know if she will cheat on you, but HOW could YOU disrespect her like that????

Did you think that the grass was greener on the other side???

Maybe before you act on your feelings, maybe look at the grass on your own side, and if it's not as green, start watering your own lawn.

Guys like you give REAL men a bad image, men who treat their wives with love and respect and stay faithful to them.

I suggest if you even want to try and save your marriage that you and your wife go to marriage counceling, and be a man and face up to what you did and tell your wife and be ready to face the concequences of your actions.

That's the problem, you only think of yourself and don't think of the damage that is done when you cheat on your spouse, think about how hurt she's gonna be? Then think, how would you feel if the tables were turned????

Grow up and learn some respect!!

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She is right as usual, its a trait, you just don't wake up and say I'm going to cheat on my husband today...Your the one who has that issue and ought to be damn lucky she is allowing you to work things out.

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Your paranoid because you cheated yourself....we always tend to look for in others what we fail to see in ourselves.

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