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sue s
I caught my husband jerking off?
i understand it's normal for people to want to get off. But he's always told me that he doesn't need to do it he has me.. i've even asked him several times and he would say no in like a mad voice. he also says he doesnt look at porn. i just dont believe all this. its been almost 6 years that we've been together......so today my children and i were out buying a new hamster he came home early from work and i went up stairs and bam there he was. i didn't know what was going on at first until i saw my hand cream in his haneds and all over his dick! LOL i walk in alot with him naked but this time he looked funny and i said are you kerking off and he said with a funny look yeah... LOL with that i shut the door. i was actually stunned! Sort of upset too, i mean why lie all these years about it? is there something wrong did he just start doing it? am i not enough for him anymore.. i don't know.
Additional Details
some of you knew what ui was talking about but most didn'T.I KNOW ITS NORAML TO JERK OFF AS IT IS FOR WOMEN TO TOUCH THEMSELVES TOO.

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hes probably been hiding it..i wouldnt let it bother you though it is something that is programed into them as teens..that it is ok and normal..dont make him feel he did something wrong..it will cause problems..but do try to talk to him about what maybe gets him thinking about it and maybe you can be available the next time...good luck and relax

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It's because men treat "their prized possession" like a new toy, they have to play with it all the time.

And if they lie and say they never masturbate, I would find that hard to believe.
I don't ask my husband, only because I REALLY don't want to know....we'll just leave it at that.

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hat and glasses
Great over it, most guys do it three times a day. It a beautiful thing, plus it only takes about 3 minutes and then it’s over and we can get on with what we’re doing. It relieves stress, it’s healthy, it’s a beautiful thing and it is a lot better than doing it with someone else.

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you are so lucky .having a horny husband.i wish i was like him.

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the obliterator
shove the hamster up his butt. wanking infidel

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I love that Woody Allen line 'don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love'. My guess is he's always done it, it's lonesome for him and he feels guilty about it. Why not treat him sweetly and the next time you're alone together initiate a hand job for him? Let him know that you love him and nothing will ever change that.

Watch and see if that doesn't put some spark between the two of you.

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ALL guys do it!! And they all look at porn too!! It most likely has nothing to do with you... but maybe if you feel bad about it you should go out and buy some lingerie, or do something to spice your love life back up!!

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Butterfly(Jesus is the way)
There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation for men or women. Consider mutual masturbation with him. It can be very erotic to watch your partner masturbate in front of you. Sometimes it culminates in climax with masturbation and sometimes can end with orgasm by sexual intercourse. Why not think about it and talk to him, it really might bring more excitement to your sex life and no matter how exciting one's sex life is, doing something to enhance it is always a plus.

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Truth Hurts, Get over It
i understand he lied, but seriously, who cares.
he probably was embaressed by it, and just never wanted to admit it to you.

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GO TO SIRIUS 198 afternoon advise, playboy radio , 1 PM TO 4 PM central time; weekdays TIFFANY GRANATH phone # 877-205-9796 in case you don't have sirius radio. Next get in there and join him, you never know it might have been a " WOW " experence for you both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the whole reason that he didn't tell you that he did it in the first place is you. you see it as a personal attack against you because why would he do that if he has you. the guy was jerking off, who cares?! he was doing it for years before you, he does it now, and he will probably do it until the day he dies. it has nothing to do with you or the way that he feels about you. get over it. little things like this destroy marriages.

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Elmer Fudd
What happened to the old hamster?

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Haven't you ever seen the commercial where the lady with the big *** puts on a tight dress and says "How do I look in this honey"??? Sometimes, men KNOW when to keep their mouths shut! LOL!

And, he was prolly right, cuz here you are, freakin out. But instead of making it a bad thing.... go home, undress, lay in front of him, take care of yourself, and ask him to do the same as he watches you. You'll be suprised, this is one heck of a turn on for many couples.

And to quote a phrase I heard scuba diving: "There are those who pee in their wetsuit, and there are those who lie about it......"

And honestly, can YOU say you've never 'roamed' yourself while alone?

Seriously, make a sport of it and have fun... don't be uptight about it. :)

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bob g
every guy and girl masterbates even if they say they dont, it is fun doesnt hurt anyone and it helps to relax

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I think he's been doing both of you a disservice by lying about it. It may be an embarrassment thing for him, I know that a lot of guys get embarrassed about masturbation (though I can't figure out why). I hate to sound like I'm making assumptions but in my experience; Any man that says he doesn't jerk off is lying. I walked in on my husband at 3am watching porn on the computer once. I was really embarrassed but then also upset too because he didn't wake me up! I would have been glad to help him out! ;-)

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kiphyn b
I think it was michael jackson who sang the song "Beat it"!
if thats not funny right there you can get the hell out of here!
sometime a man has to do what a man has to do!
now if you would have been a good wife you would have offered to help! given him a quicky!
shame on you for walking out bad wife! bad!

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Not bad for a cabbage!
just hope my missus never complains at me for that. I jerk off 2-3 times per day as well as having as much sex as possible in between. must be a man thing, curious though as to how many times if at all a woman flicks the bean per day.

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Katie G
I had to laugh when i read your title. I caught my husband once in the shower, and the guilty look on his face was priceless. Caught with a hand in the cookie jar. My husband never lied about it, though. Perhaps your husband is just ashamed? His parents may have instilled something different in him that made him ashamed or embarassed to admit it to you? It is nothing for you to feel badly about. It isn't that you're not doing it for him anymore, i truly think it is a normal thing for all guys to do. He obviously feels bad about doing it, so I wouldn't make him feel bad about it. Gauge his reaction to it all, and see if you think it is appropriate to laugh it off. If you can tease him gently about it and show that you aren't judging him, maybe he'll be more open with you about it, and anything else he might be hiding.

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he lied!!!!

the below is meant to be inquisitive not to accuse you.

please consider from the below perspective.

do you have a 100 page imaginary procedure on how he can get some from you?

do you let him take it his way, or, any which way sometimes.

sometimes a man can have an emergency situation. if he tries to get some from you and you pull out the procedures manual on him, that's a show stopper.

you may not know it but a man could look at junk mail or hear the phone ring and get motivated. if he has to slow down to be intimate the moment may be lost. i am not suggesting for one minute that any man should not prepare his wife.

but we all need to examine ourselves to see if we are part of the problem and what we can do to improve.

do you ever masturbate. have you ever masturbated?

was it satisfying, if yes to to either of the above, then know why he is doing it.

you sound as if masturbation is a serious criminal activity. it is not.

you sound like masturbation is sinful, it may be , i am not sure. god said we should be fruitful and multiply!

you sound like a kind ms. marple prude, try to be more down to earth. maybe if you stayed in the bathroom and check your husband it might have started some new and different.

suggest you maybe try to be a little more nasty in the bedroom.

you should try making lust filled, raunchy, passionate, unrestricted love with the husband.

then maybe he would hit on you more and stop hitting his meat.

what do you think?

i bet he must have felt pretty stupid.

big, tall long leg women to work on and him working on himself. d*mnnnnn.

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If that is an actual picture of you I have no idea why he would do that! Because if you were married to be I would not let you out of bed! Maybe he was just horny and you were not around?? There is nothing wrong with you!!

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Maybe he was thinking of you and got excited and couldn't wait for to come home. Especially with children it's hard to find alone time together. Look at it this way. He wasn't cheating on you. Maybe he lied because he was embarrassed to admit he done it. Some people need extra contact then their spouse. I bey if you ask him. He would say he was thinking of you. Try not to be too hard on him.

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There's two kinds of liars in the world....the ones who say they don't do it,and the ones who say they just quit. Everyone does it,however if he was doing it with you IN the house,where the kids could catch him,then I'd be worried,if nobody's home,then he's on his own,lol.

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Are you sure he's been lying to you for years?
Maybe he's just started doing it? You won't know until you ask him.
And if you weren't enough for him I'm sure he would've told you, so maybe he just needed a boost there and then, and thought "Damn, shes out getting a new Hamster! Better do it myself..."

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when isn't my husband doing this...? I think its normal....well normal for him :)

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There isn't a man alive who doesn't do it. Its nothing to worry about. Even if he is looking at porn to do it, unless he's obsessed with porn, but it doesn't sound like it. Its much better he gets an extra little kick this way than going "outside" to get it. Many times its just a stress reliever.

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Love Doctor
You know. Honestly I think the best advice to give would be to tell you to sit down and talk with him. And if you trust him, then believe what he says.

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Amber<3 *Hoping For Him Back*
It's normal.
My boyfriend & I have sex 1-3 times A DAY!

And I ask him if he jerks off & he tells me.
It's completely normal.
The reason he may of lied to you is because he could be embarassed about it.

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Guys masturbate. He may have just been ashamed to admit it for fear that you would think he had lost interest. You should talk to him about it. Let him know you aren't disgusted by the fact that he does masturbate. It makes him human. You could always incorporate it into your relationship, he may even like letting you watch.

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Maybe he was ashamed to admit it because of how you might react. It is perfectly normal for men to masturbate. It probably has nothing to do with you and he was probably doing it as a stress relief.

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sexy joker
nothing wrong with that, .... he probably just didn't want to get u upset by telling you he does it. a lot of women get upset when they find out there guy jerks off when they're not around. you should of just gone up to him and asked him if he wanted u to finish him off....i'm sure he would of loved that...........lol, or you could of asked him if he wanted to borrow the hamster....i'm jk

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