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How to make a married man leave his wife?
I have been seeing a new guy for a while the only problem is he is married, he married her 1 year ago when he wasn't in love with her and only did it because she was was pregnant, he tells me he is in love with me and that he wants to leave her and be with me but he always has an excuse for not doing it, his wife's mum is a phyco and has been to jail before killing someone and she has told him is he leaves her she will chop his penis off and will kill the next person he dates, should i keep seeing him or should i tell him to stop calling me until he has sorted everything out with her and that we will try work things out once he has left her?

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hes lying to you. yepper he is most married men dont' want to leave their wives they want extra sex but not marriage they hvae one. you are sostupid to think this is any different. you are dumb cause hes got both of you and of coarse now how many times has he does this you dont' know but iwould be it was lots of times and i feel sorry for her. you need to drop him and stop at this point hes lying and hes not good for you find somene that is free and willing to be with you forever.

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He could have, and would have left his "Loveless Marriage" already, if in fact that was Really what he wanted. Walk away. He's not worth it or the drama he seemingly creates. Good Luck!

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He's just making excuses! leave him and find someone better.

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Say your prayers because wife's mum is going to kill you and I don't think you'll be going to that great place in the sky. Make your preparations now.

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You can not "get" a man to leave his wife. Why on earth would you want to be involved with this man who has a violent mother-in-law who has threathened him??

Stop seeing him - your relationship is destined for nothing but heartache and maybe violence.

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Bear who SIngs
He will always have an excuse as to why he can't leave. The man doesn't have a backbone and she probably has certain parts of his anatomy in her handbag. You best cut your loses and move on. He will consume your time, energy, and anything else you don't have tied down or locked up. You'll just keep getting older, and he will continue to use you until he is finished with you. Sorry lady. That's the color of this type of man. Good luck to you.

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Simply he is cheating on you dear. Are you believing whatever he says. Just go and see his wife personally when he is not there you will come to know the reality. Unmarried woman will become easy prey for married guys. Usually they will create all these non-sense stories. Be careful with that guy...all the best...

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E, Dat Bad-azz Bama Boy!
I'm laughing that you acutally bought this story.

He doesn't love you. You are his recepticle for his d^#k. A hole. A pipe. As long as you allow "crazy" into your life, you;ll get what you ask for. Good sex, but no respect.

the choice is yours.

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Sarah C
He is never going to leave her...if he was going to he would have done it by now. Wake up have some self respect and fd your own man. Not a married man with a child!

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Kate, RN, BSN, MS
First of all, NEVER DATE A MARRIED MAN. That was your first mistake. Your second mistake was staying with him. Do yourself a favor and leave him. You are wasting your time. Though shalt not commit adultery.

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You could be in danger if his mother in law finds out about you. I would split fast and never look back. If he was going to leave his wife he would have left on his own. You can't force yourself on him, no matter how much he says he loves you. He may be telling his wife the same thing.

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Sarah Bella
He's MARRIED, just leave him alone. It's common sense.

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He will never leave her. He will continue using you for a toilet as long as you're dumb enough to buy his lies. Don't keep seeing him, don't tell him you'll wait until he's sorted out his divorce (you'll be waiting a long time). Just cut off all concact, find yourself a single guy and start building up some self-esteem. I mean seriously, how little do you have to think of yourself to allow yourself to be in a ridiculous situation like that?

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its one thing to break a family..comon..but to put your life in danger is crazy!! leave him!!

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a guy will tell you anything for sex
and you are fool enough to believe him
he will not leave her
he just paints himself out to be a sad sack so that you keep the sex and stay, all the while thinking you got him
even if he does leave
guess what
he cheat on you same as he did his ex
as what makes you think you are so special?

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Supernatural Girl
You don't try to make a married man leave his wife... you get your slutty whoring butt away from him and find a single man to date!

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♥Ti Amo♥
Once they are married most time they do not leave the wife ever. I would tell him once he has made his decison to give you a call and not to call unless he has started divorce proceedings. He coud just be telling you all these lies she may be nothing like that and he may be in love with her they share a child

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Robot Girl

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first of all why are you even dating a married man? married men only look for sluts to have fun with. if he really wanted to be with you and not his wife, he wouldn't even care what her mother would say. that is just an excuse he is using so that you can continue to sleep with him. i hope when you get married your husband doesn't do that to you. pay back is a b*tch.

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Some not all men cheat, They cheat cause they know the wife will not leave and can get by with it. If he did leave his wife he would do the same thing to you.. But he is not going to. I know some one who never stop cheating. I don`t think he will ever change. He got married cause she was pregnant married for over 20 years. Now he has remarried and never stop cheating. Some men never grow up.
Just wait and leave him alone, if its meant to be he will find you.
When he can be your man.

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do not be involved with someone who is married. simple as that.
i agree that if he wanted to leave her or had the guts to, he wouldve by now. her and her family sound psycho anyway. not someone you want as an enemy. and think about it this way: if you were together and things started to go badly, would he handle it by cheating on you just like he did with his wife? probably.. guys like this run from their problems by moving from girl to girl. excuses is all they have to offer.

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You actually believe he only married his wife because she was pregnant? He's just telling you this to get you in bed. I hope you're happy with what you've done. You've broken up ANOTHER family.

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You are falling for the oldest con game in the world.

His excuses are pretty damn lame. Do you really believe that he is that helpless before his wife's mother? I've never heard anything dumber. I know that if you heard someone else tell you this, you'd probably laugh and wonder how anyone could be sucked into such silliness.

But there's nothing silly about dating a cheater. You are in for a world of hurt and I'd guess you are hurting now and that is why you are reaching out into the darkness of the internet for an answer to the question that is burning you up inside.

When we want to believe something hard enough, we will accept any explanation as a worthy affirmation of the truth -- anything -- in order to continue believing what we otherwise would know is a lie.

You know the answer to this question although you don't want to know it and by not knowing it, you don't have to act on it. You don't have to go through that excruciating process of accepting that this man will not choose you over his wife.

You also don't want to believe this now, but whether or not he thinks he loves you is of really little importance. Is his love the love you really want? Imagine this; he told his wife that. He whispered that in her ear as he had sex with her and while they conceived that child. That child, might I add which is legally his burden until an adult, and if you marry him, will be your burden as well because his support payments will subtract from the income into the household you would hope to share with him. Think about that for a minute.

Yes, your best bet is to tell this man that he needs to settle things honestly with his wife before moving on with you.

If he can't do that with her, why on earth do you think he'd do the same with you?

And for all you want to believe, the days of shotgun weddings are long gone. He married her because he wanted to and for whatever reason, again is really irrelevant at this point and has nothing to do with his seeing you.

He's being selfish, immature and dishonest to both you and his wife. Is this the kind of man you want to marry? Think hard about that.

Frankly though, the statistics show repeatedly that cheating men overwhelmingly do not leave their wives. But, they will leave one extra-marital affair to move onto another. The other woman is most often the expendable one, not the wife. Think on that as well. It bodes well for the wife (if she really wants to keep her cheating husband) but not too well for the other woman.

Cut it short now, you have nothing more ahead with this man than what you have now.

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HE IS MARRIED...should of been the end of your contact.

Doesn't matter who he loves. He made a comitment to his wife. If he REALLY loved you, you wouldn't have to ask him to leave his wife.

You don't want to be "the other woman" do you? Put yourself in her shoes...would you want your husband running around with another woman?

Leave him now.Cheaters always cheat. And who's to say he's telling a completly different story to his spouse and he's just stringing you along?

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This is a joke right?
ALL married men say that they will leave her but never do !
He is using you and he will not marry you and everything will end like a beautiful love story..
You need to respect and not date married men, if there werent women like you, married men would not cheat !
what your doing is wrong !

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I started to say you can do better, but then you ARE the one that wants to selfishly break up a marriage that includes a child. Probably had sex with you while his real girlfriend/wife was pregnant, as many guys tend to do for some reason. Better move on and lose all contact, he won't be leaving her, at least not for you.

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He's not going to leave his wife for you. Your best bet is to tell him to settle things at home and if he ever does leave you will see what happens but I bet you he and his wife will be together for a while. Even if he does leave her he will probably cheat on you too.

This situation will work itself out and you will both get what you deserve.

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Danielle B
he won't ever leave her and SHAME on you for dating someone who is married.

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♥The Mrs.♥
If he wanted to leave, he would have by now....

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Talk to his Wifes Mum and see what She says about it

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