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How often should a married man go out with his singles friend?
places like: bar, club, strip club, party, or just hanging out drinking while watching a game.

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how often should his wife go out?
I agree to no at the strip club - should've gotten that outta the way when he was single.

once or twice a month. his friends are only going out all the time cause they are SINGLE

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My hubby is on a bowling team, and I encourage to him to not miss any. He has a chance to hang out with his friends and goof off. I don't worry and he tells me he feels guitly staying out late..

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Ripe for it...
if he's married he should be to old, grown (cause they're not the same thing) and family orientated to do three fourths of that. Clubs, strip clubs, come on. did you marry a man or a child. Bars with friends, every now and again. parties, what is this? Dawsons Creek.. come on. if he's doing all of this, he wwas either doing it before he got with you or he's doing it now to get away from you. Either way you should have a talk with him and see what's the deal

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Strp CLubs??? OMG never - unless his wife is into that sort of thing and she is there with him. The other thing is - does he have kids???? If so - how about helping out with them instead of hitting the *iTTie bars???

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Brunette wife
Never a stripclub but the others a few times a month.

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Bar, Club, strip club and parties....never. Watching the game and having a few drinks, his wife should come along too.

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my fiance spends every other saturday night out withe me, and the others with the boys....I also get him during the days to hang out and such....During the week he sees them about once or twice for about an hour or 2.

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Lee's Wife
once a week or less. ( not to much less)

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Maybe he can spend Friday nights with the boys. As far as strip clubs, if he feels the desire to do that then why did he get married? When you become a husband and vice versa, there are certain things that need to change. Partying all night is one of them. He can't live the bachelor's lifestyle forever. However, at the same time, you need to give him space and time to miss you. You have to maintain some form of your identity; this should also give you the time to enjoy your friends, find a hobby, or do something for you. Give him his space but if he's doing something wrong eventually he will hang himself and it/he will eventually be exposed. What's done in the dark always comes to light.

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Mich gal
never to the strip bar, in my opinion. However, I would think 2-3 nights per week each of you should be able to do whatever you want, as long as the rest of the nights are spent together. Also, it kind of depends on your trust factor and whether you are on solid footing as a couple, If you are working through stuff, I think it's important to put the emphasis on the marriage at that time.

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Once or twice a week. His wife should have known this was coming before she married him...

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Goobley G
Well this might just be me, but it's my opinion none the less...

I think it is ok for a married person to go out alone with friends occasionally. In all honesty I think that the two should go out together with their friends though... Say I got invited to a dinner or something at a friends house, my initial reaction would be can I bring my wife with me? If they say no then more than likely i'm not going. But it also depends on what it is. I do not think married people should spend the night out over night away from eachother with friends, and I do not believe married people should go out seperately to bars and clubs and stuff drinking. That's just my point of view. I wouldn't go out to a bar with my friends without my wife. And I would expect the same from her. My wife and I have talked about it and we wouldn't do that to either one. If one of us gets invited to go somewhere we always say can I bring him or can I bring her, if they have a problem with that we don't go. But my wife does go out from time to time to a resteraunt with her girlfriends just to catch up and talk, and i don't have the slightest problem with that, everyone needs alone time, or bonding time with their friends... but it doesn't need to include alcohol or strip clubs, or anything like that... if you can't have a good time with a friend eating somewhere like Dennys just sitting and talking then they really aren't that good of a friend... So I don't think a married man should go out to bars, clubs, strip clubs, parties without his wife... Going to see a football game, or a sporting event, or to a friends house is one thing, going out getting drunk without her is another.

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if you really trust him it should not matter how many times.

as long as he is responsible and can afford it. if he is out several nights a week but you cant pay the rent then he needs to grow-up

just as long as he pays attention to you and puts you first 85- 90% of the time and does not blow off things that are important to you to do things with his friends.

you have got to have trust until he gives you good reason not to

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Guys POV
This all depends on how much you can get out.. we try to go out evenly... my wife stays home with 3, so her nights out get priority... I think bars, club & parties are dangerous ground.. things can go wrong very fast... Stip club, no way... personally, I don't have an interest in watching some floppy boobs in my face and have glitter and perfume on me... also a respect issue..

sorry, your question: I try to go out with some friends on Friday, but that rarely happens... probably 1 every 2 months... but everyone has different issues going on in life...

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Getting married doesn't mean you have devote 100% of your time for the rest of your life to your spouse, or that you must sever all other important relationships in your life in order to make this one special.
Yes, both spouses should have a reasonable amount of time to spend with their natal famalies, their friends, and their own personal pursuits. Exactly how much depends on their individual circumstances and relationships.
When it comes to strip clubs, that is something each couple needs to discuss and decide together. Some spouses may think it's all right, some may feel it is inappropriate, and those feelings need to be considered. It should be a mutual decision.

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Never to a strip club,club or bar. It's just asking for trouble. I could see hanging out while watching a game. Maybe 2-3 times a month.

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The Casual Poster
The choices you gave are all very different.

If it's a low end singles bar....very rarely if ever. Higher end or sports bars, a bit more often.

Strip clubs should be rare for a special "treat".

You should go WITH him to parties if possible.

Hanging out watching a game....at least once a week is OK

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Whatever the married man thinks is appropriate.

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Hmm..good question..well a strip club he shouldnt want to go to. but he should be able to go whenever he wants really..just as long as he makes sure that his wife (and kids if there are any) is not neglected because of it. if you can balance the two, i see no reason to be controlling. be nice =D

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This is harder than it looks?
My husband never goes out with his friends to those place with just his friends...

we all do all of that stuff together. not because I make it that way.. it is just how it is.

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I'd say once or twice a month. Maybe once a week.

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a couple of times a month sounds fair.

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Pretty Much Amazing
Strip club? Never. Game? Drinks? Mine gets a guys night out about every week.

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Well once I got married,
I stopped doing those things.

That is part of the reason for getting married,
I wanted to settle down, and have a family.



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Billabong Surfer Babe!
a couple times a month

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never the strip club...but anything else maybe 2-3 times a month

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Breaking Dawn Luvr 4evr
when ever his wife says its okay, but never to a strip club! gosh!

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♥The Mrs.♥
My husband plays poker once a week with friends. Once in a while I will go, but it is mainly a guy thing. I think this is adequate, however we have no children.

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strip club = never
otherwise as often as your wife

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Wait, we're allowed to do that? My wife never told me.

No seriously, as often as you're comfortable with so long as you get to go out with your single friends just as often.

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It's one thing if a married man has good friends that he goes to sporting events with or fishing and hunting and things like that. As far as a husband going out with buddies to the bar and all of them drinking and hanging in strip clubs they are asking for trouble. You may trust your husband but it's the beer with naked women and enticing friends that you have to watch out for. It's true that strippers are only out for the money and that's what they want from the men that patronize these places but what about the lose skanky women that hang out there to looking to hook up with a man if he is married or not? Single friends have no boundaries and have nothing to lose or a serious relationship they can hurt so I would encourage you and your husband to find some other married couples that you both have things in common with. This is only my opinion though and only you know what you are comfortable with sweetie.

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