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 Can some get divorce with out suppose singing the papers in new york?
my wife apply for divorce we are only married for 11 month, thing s did not work between us ,im just wondering ,can she get divorce with out me singing the papers,she got the paper works from ,...

 How do we tell our children that she cheated?
I have all the facts, she even admitted that she made 'mistakes' I want this to end. Two teenage kids and one pre-schooler. What do I tell them or should she tell them? I am so mad, sad and ...

 What is this guy after?
i really liked this guy but he had a gf and i didn't know it at first. i met up with him twice but have declined on his offer as i want to move on and meet someone single. He keeps getting in ...

 Ladies, how would you know a man is in love with you?
short of the obvious way of him telling you?...

 Wanting to be married freshman year of college? Big mistake?
I am ready to be married and so is he, but my friends and family have controversy over how young we are to be thinking of that stuff... ( Will be 20 yrs. old) hat is your opinion? Any Advice?

 How difficult would it be ?
For one to be married and live on their own with their spouse their freshman year of college?...

 My wife is a slob, won't clean the house meanwhile she stays at home all day with our baby.?
I don't know what to do , I try to talk to her about it she either threatens to divorce me or gets very offended, I work 8-12 hours a day she doesn't clean up after herself or the baby. I ...

 Help with my sex life?
I'm 22 years old, mother of 2 little girls.

Me and my husband have been together since I was 17, he is the only man I've really had sex with. A few things in highschool but it ...

 Should I involve my ex's family in celebrating my child's baptism?
My ex-husband and I split on horrible terms. He doesn't come to see my child ever, maybe in the last 3 years he has seen him 3 times. He doesn't call but maybe once every 4 months. He has ...

 I was married for 10 years but we separated 3 years ago because my husband left me. Can I charge my ex husband?
when I went to Civil Registrar I found out that the family name that he used when we get married was not his real name, the police officer told me that I can't file a case for him since I don�...

 How come married people take offense to being called "marrieds"?
C'mon married folks, I know it's hard work and you can't get side action and the other half doesn't put out.....

But ya don't have to get bent just cuz somebody ...

 Is ur relationship with someone gonna change after u get married to tht person .?
Is it too early to get married at d age of 25.what's gonna happen next..do married couple get bored at each other after 10years of marriage?...

 Break-up and Visitation question?
Situation: Son's father decided to leave-permanently with a married woman. She is hostile and immature, texting me and calling me to tell me about him and her- yes I know. She leaves hickeys on ...

 What would you do.... many years no relationship?
okay...here it is....

my wife and I of 17 years are split up......we have gone for over 5 years with no real realtionship ....

we are not divorced, but she wants that very ...

 If you're so aggravated and fed up with your husband BUT want to try and mend your relationship...?
whats some things you could do that don't take much time to prepare?? i feel like he should be the one to initiate some things to spice us up but he's not so i will, any ideas?...

 Husband and stepdaugter/she hates me?
here is my situation, my husband allowed his ex-wife's previous husband to adopt his 2 children about 3 mths after we met. This was 12 yrs ago and the children were 6 and 8 at the time. The 2 of ...

 Why is this that love and cheating coexist so often?
i love my fiancee very much and I still sometimes cant help wanting to shag other girls. I feel these are 2 different things that coexist in me!!
Instincts want to me get as many girls pregnant ...

 Is it normal for a guy to just ask for sex and not try to do any thing to put you in the mood?
my husband doesn't so me any affection, when he wants sex he just expects me to give it, no kissing no nothing, just straight sex and that it, is this some thing all guys do or is there some ...

 My new friends are having relationship problems, do I stand back and watch or offer some friendly advice?
I have just recently met a new couple that I am very fond of. I have only known them for a couple of months, but their issues are so obvious. The husband won't have anything to do with his wife ...

 How do you learn to do this?
I had a contact tell me she thought I was a player.
I'm no player.
I've been married a long, long time. Many long arduous years.
I don't know how to be a player.

Ali S
How does a couple stay married for 30 plus years?
I am just curious what a relationship is like when people stay together for long long periods of life. i can never imagine being with anyone for so long, probably cuz i never seen my mom and dad together or any family for that matter.

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by looking the other way.

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they don't go to bed mad - they stay up and fight it out

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i think it just takes a lot of love. when u r truly in love with someone, that love doesnt go away after a few years. it stays with you. im sorry about you parents, maybe they just weren't meant for each other.

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Pam R
My parents were married for over 40 years before my dad died, and I am sure all of those years were not wonderful and full of bliss. You have to work together on everything. People are still committed to each other no matter what you see or hear.

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20 years with my wife - still really fun - we work really hard at making each other happy

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very carefully... =P

Some people say the secret is to be reserved somewhat so you have separate lives, but you share most of your life with your significant other.

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i dont knoe they just really love each other and cant live wth out one another my parents been together for 16 years and still gonin

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I think a big part of it is the people that stay together know that it's not always going to be fun & exciting. Things will reach a point where the relationship feels comfortable - like an old shoe that fits - rather than sexy - but when they get to that point, they don't run out to find a new fling to remedy that feeling of comfortableness. They appreciate the friendship layer of their relationship that lies underneath the layer of sexuality, and it keeps them going until they have a season of sizzle again.

I think the people that succeed at marriage have abolished the word divorce from their vocabularies - it just simply isn't an option for them. I also think those people are far less likely to casually flirt, because flirting does lead to -!cking. Marry somebody with a wondering eye, and you're in huge trouble.

Also, I think how you catch 'em is how you keep 'em. In the days past when more people were likely to wait until they were married to have sex, we saw fewer divorces - and that was LARGELY because divorce was taboo, but I think it was also because people were testing each other's character during the dating process. They weren't blinded by the good sex while dating - they had to look deeper into the person to see if that person was worth spending a lifetime with. The same concept holds true today - if you're dating somebody, & the best part about the relationship is the sex, then your marriage won't stand a chance, you've got to be a person of character & marry someone of character, or you'll never be able to marry knowing that your spouse isn't screwing around on you, which we all know leads to so many breakups.

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Kaya M
Marriage is a life long effort and not goal to where you stop once getting married. Getting to know your partner is a key as well because it eliminates the chance for arguments and stay on the same goals and values. As the relationship matures the love grows and values for the relationship as well. See if you find some people who have been married hat long and ask them what makes them stay together you will be very surprise by their answers.

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Kristiane-Cubical ninja
My in laws have been married I think 36 years this year, I am convinced it is only because they are so fricking stubborn. :) Aside form that it is because they view everything as an "us against the world" scenario and assume they will work it out together. I don't think the idea that divorce was an option has ever occured to either of them and honestly I think that in and of itself makes it work.
My husband jokes all the time, that no matter what happens we are stuck with each other so if we need to change something or fix something, fine, but we are changing it or fixing it together. Having that kind of faith in our marriage has kept it healthy for quite a while. We aren't at 30 years yet, but we hit 11 a few months ago and we aren't even 30 ourselves yet. (Almost)

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secrets hurt
Love, Honor. and Trust...you lose one, you lose it all

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Barb Outhere
Commitment, compromise, compassion, and compatibility.
Commitment to making it work, long term. Being prepared to give it more than 50% - to give it 100%.
Compromise on those things that you can't agree 100% on. Give a little, get a little.
Compassion. Realising that neither are perfect and being able to forgive the imperfection in yourself and in your partner.
Basic Compatibility. If you have nothing in common, what is it you can share long term? How do you survive if you don't want similar things? How can you work together, when you don't have the same goals?

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Communication, love, committment, trust, working out problems together, faithful..........and throwing the word "divorce" out of your vocabulary!

Never taking things for granted and most important.......letting God be in control of your marriage!

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Have your parents or any family members had friends for that long? Seriously... just because its marriage doesn't mean its that much different then a strong friendship, in fact thats what makes a marriage last... becoming the best of friends that stick by each others side good and bad.

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The secret is an open marriage.

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