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 So what is your definition of cheating (men and women point of views)?
Do you consider

1) looking at pornography cheating

2) flirting with other women/men cheating

3) the obvious actually sleeping with another women/men cheating


 Should I divorce my wife or make it work?
My wife and I have been together for 20 yrs.We have to daughters together. I treated her very bad over the years I mean I have slept with her sister, I slept with her mother.I even messed up the rent ...

 How would You react if You were bother virgins in marriage, but she tells you she lied about her virginity?
What would You do if You both were virgins, but later on (or during the honeymoon) in the marriage she tells You she lied about her virginity. Would You divorce, what would You do?
Additional D...

 Why my husband is putting me down or it is me?
lately ive been feeling like my husband is putting me down, says im wrong or doesnt want to hear me out and just say craps and walk away but i know im right or i feel so tired and he shouldnt be ...

 Relationship question for women...?
When you hear of a guy whose wife left him, which one do you think:

1. "Poor guy! He's so nice! Why was she such a btch?"


2. "Damn. What did ...

 My husband and i have been going thru some financial issues, and the sex has trickled down alot.?
we use to have sex 2-3x a week..great sex..then the whole recession thing started and we have had sex 5 times for the past 2 months. Now we talk about it...but it gets lonely..we have a family ...

 Am I the only wife who hates the word "Hubby"?
I just don't like it. Is this weird? lol I just call him "Babe" or by his name....

 Why are his parents so racist?
My best guy friend is a 17, and I am 21. I wanted to explore all of my sexual fantasies on him, so I started with some normal sex. A few weeks into it, I began to experiment with BDSM - I would tie ...

 Could you forgive your spouse for being unfaithful?
I mean a spouse who is actually sorry, and not going anywhere. There's no was no other relationship. Could you?
Additional Details
And if you did, please give me some insight. B...

 To all married woman....Would you like your husband?
to buy ladsmags? with naked woman flaunting themselves
How would you feel?...

 Do you think honesty or dignity is more important (when it comes to ex's)?
My partner of nearly 3 years broke up with me 6 weeks ago. We met up friday night for a meal and to see a comedian after wards. We both had the most amazing time together, made each other laugh, ...

 Are wife beaters more likely to cheat as well?

Additional Details
is there a correlation?...

Firstly, im 21 'n the guy's 29 'n im studyin' in college

m totally fall in luv with the guy, Dean. and we've been datin' for 4 months. but my fd, Anne told me ...

 My boss wants to sleep with me?
Your Question
My boss wants to sleep with me?
I just started this job 2 weekes ago.
i am his personal assistant.

He is married 3x and is a very charismatic man, who is the CE...

 My partner always goggles at sexy women! How?
Before we knew each other, partner used to mix around with hot babes. Recently we got together and he loves me very much. However i found him goggling at sexy babes whenever we go out. Sometimes he ...

 Why doesn't he want to get married?
so its kind of complicated my boyfriend and i have been together for a little over 2 years we have pretty much lived together the whole time. things moved pretty fast in the beginning of our ...

 A question for anyone whose ever gotten a divorce.........?
How old were you when you first got married? How long did your marriage last? And why did your marriage end? Details=10....

 In iowa if your parents are divorced how old do you have to be to chose witch one that you want to live with?

 Crack addicted father?
My husband who im seperated from is a crack addict and alcoholic. I want to petition the courts for full sole custody of our 6 month old daughter. Will it be hard to get this?
Additional D...

 I think I'm going to die, or go crazy... Please give me some words to encourage me...?
As I said in my last question- He walked out on us after 21 years. But he has a habit of walking out when the going gets tough. This time,
we won't hear from him and then he will text, or ...

How do i tell my wife im bi?
I've been married to my wife for 6 years i love her more than anything but i never told her that i'm bi and had 2 boyfriends before i met her. i want to tell her but i don't want to hurt her or her to leave me. i don't want to swing or date men i just want to tell the truth and maybe watch a little gay porn with out hurting her or hiding it from her.

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you should just tell her straight up. Set her down and have a little chat with her about it. You may be surprised with her response:)

good luck

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Dr tracy is here to help!!
If your not going to cheat or leave her just watch a lil gay porn without her knowing. Please don't tell her. She may leave u. She will be in shock for a very long time!Trust me hun i know this. My bf actually did something with another guy & i was in shock for a few years actually. Its some scary stuff. I am still with him. He don't have sex with other guys any more. If u would like to chat some time please hit me up. I can tell you my experience with this if u need it.

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