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How do i get my husband to stop being a pervert?
my husband is a pervert,,he is consitly talking about sex,,,,his penis and what he's ganna do to me,,stuff like that..when i see him looking at girls on tv he just seems so nasty cause he will grab himself and rub his self,,it makes me sick,,,,when we are having sex, he tends to say things that are innapriot like i wanna f**** ur sister or mom or he will say my sis in laws name oe something,,,,,and i know he makes people feel unconfertable just by the way he looks at them,,hell he makes me feel unconfertable.....What should I do to make him relize it and stop being like that?

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Barefoot Betty
maybe if you lovingly fulfilled your wifely duties, and stopped belittling & demeaning your man, and stop viewing him as a pervert for simply wanting to love his wife, maybe its your attitude that needs to change, not his.
its part of the duties you agreed to when you said I DO.

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why? why did you marry someone like this in the first place?

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You can't make him stop. He sounds like he is spiraling into a sexual addiction, and he is actually seeking out deviant behavior in his mind just for the shock and excitement of it. You could start with a long discussion, but think it through before you do! You need to be sure you are confident in your position, that you will not waiver from it, and that he won't be able to talk his way out of it. Even take the time to write it down if you need to. Also, prepare yourself for whatever you think he might say-because sometimes when discussions like this start, he may open up to share what is inside, and when people aren't prepared for it, it only makes the situation worse. You will not be able to shame him into anything, so don't even try. Also, focus on whether or not he has any deviant issues that involve children or other helpless people-because there is a difference between behavior that is just vulgar, and behavior that is actually dangerous. Good luck, you may need to seek out a support group, because it is his decision to change or not, and if he doesn't, you may need to decide whether or not you can live the rest of your life with a man like him.

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Always Right
At what point did he become a pervert? When he ate the wedding cake? Surely he didn't just change into a piece of crap overnight. Did you not see the signs before you married him? The signs were there, and soon you will start look back and see at what point you could have known he has a problem. Guys like him put many red flags up, but sometimes women tend to salute those flags rather than burn them. He definitely needs more help than a conversation over dinner will take care of. Tell him to get help, or get out. He did not change into this monster, and you will not change him out of it without some outside intervention.

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Go see a counselor. (You could maybe tell him it is a sex counselor to make it more appealing.) Wear earplugs during sex. Don't go out in public with him if it can be helped. Is he from another country where this behavior is the norm for men? It is not considered socially acceptable behavior in the US.

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That would be as if you were to tell some person who is 6'5", "Don't be tall." It is his essential nature to be crude. His background, and how he was raised taught him nothing of decorum or socially acceptable releases for humor.

The REAL question is: Why did YOU marry this guy? Surely you could have sniffed out this behavioral and personality defect????

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All men look at women its a fact of life! but when it becomes over board it needs to stop...thats gross , him touching himslef to other women while you are sitting there...and calling out you family's names or saying he wants to f**k them/....why would you deal with that and continue to stay around..that is both disrespectful, and uncalled for toward you and your "relationship" with him...try to talk to him and let him know you are serious! if he doesnt cut it out than go before things get worse!

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linda n
I'm sure he was like that before you married him. Doubt he'll change without something drastic.
Just tell him you don't want to hear that crap anymore, and to keep it to himself.
Or, you can give him a taste of his own medicine. See how he like that.

But, You did marry him that way didn't you? People don't really change much. Never marry someone that you think you can CHANGE, it rarely happens, you have to marry someone that you love all their traits, good and bad.

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Honestly, I'd go to a marriage counselor for this one hon. Sexual personality is not an easy thing to change, and it is a very big part of your relationship. The counselor should be able to help the two of you connect sexually, because he seems to just be connecting with his little head right now. Was he like this before marriage?

That really sounds like he is oversexed, and saying things like that during? Wow. Next time he does that, push him off and be like, "Come back when you want me instead of my female relatives. " You're a person, not a blow up doll. You deserve more respect than that.

Get some help, and give things time, if nothing changes, or if he won't try, leave. You don't deserve that treatment, and trust me, every man does not behave that way in front of his wife. It's not normal.

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Jennifer C
talk to him about it and tell him you really dont see yourself with someone like that and see what he has to say!

Best Wishes,

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Leave and let him know he disgusts you.

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bobbie j
Do you have children? If not I would leave him before you do bring a child into this relationship. Who knows what this man may be capable of doing to a baby girl if given the chance. You need to run from this man ASAP.

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my dad is like that well my parents hate each other and wont have sex hell they dont even sleep in the same room or hug because he constantly looks up porn goes to nude beaches and even went to a nudist resort with my brothers girlfriends mum!!

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you don't or i should say you can't
and you married him why?

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This Jersey Girl ♥♥♥
ew wow, that's not normal. He needs professional help, cause guys are disgusting but that's really bad. good luck with that, I don't know how you tolerate that crap.

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Shelby ♥
tell him.

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elvlayarvvi fEisty wife and mom
oh my God, he's an idiot! lol! it's the truth! ugh...

he needs soap in his mouth...

and he needs to go to church... good grief...

hmmm... what should you do... slap him... and tell him that's enough or it's divorce... he's not cherishing or honoring or respecting you like the vows state to...! that's the truth...

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wow he really needs to get his **** together and grow up.

let him know how you feel.... give him an ultimatum. i hate to say that... but it looks like things are pretty bad. that fact that he says other names in bed??? and that he makes you uncomfortable are key things.

you can do so much better... and if he isnt willing to change he needs to hit the road.

good luck.

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jeremy l
simple, DIVORCE, he's a pig. get him help. find a real man who only talks about you and your pleasures not about molesting or groping half your family.

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Karen C
Be honest, tell him how you feel & let him know in no uncertain terms that it must stop or you will be forced to take drastic measures. If you feel uncomfortable, get out before it gets worse.

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i highly doubt that you can make him change. this is a serious problem that he needs to have counselling for, but he will only seek it if HE realizes this is a problem. and he obviously doesn't see it as a problem. have you talked to him about it?

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Still Keeping It Real
He lost me with the "I want to F your mom, sister" stuff! My question is why did you marry him in the first place? Chances are he's not going to change (sexual habits are nearly impossible to change) so either learn to like his strange stuff or file for divorce!

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You're not going to change him. He thinks this is "manly" or "sexy", and it isn't going to go away. It's time to divorce him, in my opinion.

And you should be damned careful that you don't get pregnant by him, or you'll have this guy in your life for the next 20 years, even if you do divorce him.

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Walk away from that marriage. He's a sick man.

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And you stay with a man who says " I wanna F*ck your sister and your mom" while he is having sex with you????

I think i would have freaked out and left him the moment he said that.....I mean i would have literally ran out of the house half naked if i had to just to get away from him....wow...how can you continue when he has put those visions in your head?

The only thing i can say is that we teach people how to treat us. You allow him to treat you this way ....so in that sense, you are the only one who can stop him from treating you this way

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Lost Hope
Threaten to divorce

I agree with all of the other opinions: you need to leave him before you get pregnant and have kids.

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the real only answer would be removing his testicles.

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that is horrible tell him to stop

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oh you poor thing! tell him stright or tell him to get out. It sounds like he would cheat on you.

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wow...you should divorce him...really...i would not be able to live with that...you can do better

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