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 How do i stop feeling sad about my ex leaving, when I should be happy?
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 My husband and I have been having some difficulties...?
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How can I stop my husband from criticizing me?
My husband has been more critical of me lately. I'm not sure what started this behavior. For instance, yesterday, I went over to my sister's to help them out. I only had maybe 2 hours sleep the night before. I woke up to help him get ready for work after only a few hours sleep. I take allergy medication to help seasonal allergies. The meds cause drowsiness. He told me that I needed to feed our pets, etc. etc. I was very groggy and he noticed that our pet hamster was low on water. Instead of going himself to get the water, he handed me the bottle. I never heard my grandparents say to each other. You need to do this, you shouldn't do that. It's one criticism after another. I'm about ready to leave if this doesn't stop. I love him dearly, but I value myself too much to be treated this way. Am I right?

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Nikhil B
yes you are right
but see
the global economy is down and i mean his job might have been affected..
so there might be a stress or something
was he like this from before?
this shud give you a clue
you hv 2 options
Both of you stress out
one stress and the other understnd
the 1st cud lead to divorce
2nd will help him get back to himself and will offer support and don take it as a criticism .....take it sum advice...
but i do feel for you...
everything will be back as soon as possible ok !!
Bye for now !
best of luck wishes from my love and i !!!
and if you have n e pers probs you can always send us a msg and we will help u out !!!

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Mike Hunt
He's cheating on you. You know it, i know it. We all know it. Just tell him you know it.

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You are not.

You don't love him if you are ready to leave!

Im telling you as a very "criticizing alot" husband: sometimes, men have a really hard times. It is easier for women to express thier emotions, but we keep it inside all the time, that is why we suffer alot. But don't take it personally, because these will change, just don't show your attitude, on the other hand try to show some care.

You know, men are like kittens :) If you take them, care about them and make love to them, they will be most grateful, but if you show anger... You know what Im saying :)

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You are exactly right! You are too important to be disrespected! I have been married for nearly 20 years and the disrespect has endured. I have four children, so it would be too difficult and straining to them to leave. My husband's disrespect has been both direct and passive. Anything I try to do and do well, he does not help to make possible for me. I tried to work part time to bring some money into the household. He criticized and made fun of my "work". When I had to work and he was off, he said he could not watch our son because he had errands. He eventually did it, but not without turning my stomach in knots first. My husband is never happy with my accomplishments at home. With six people in a house, laundry is a PT job. He's not done one load of laundry in his life, so cannot understand, yet he thinks I should be able to accomplish cleaning out closets,etc. in addition to the regular daily chores that MUST be done. Sorry to ramble, but I completely understand your situation and PLEASE do not take it any longer. Bring it to his attention and tell him that his actions are not acceptable and you will take it. I'm proud of your resolve to not be treated this way. I wish I was as strong as you. :)

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Katie P
tell your husband if he wanted a maid then he should have hired one, ask him what's wrong with his hands are they broke? it's ok to do things for your husband but to be treated like a maid is uncalled for,he needs to know that you are his wife not his maid,tell him the chores in your household should be split equally, does he do the things for you when you ask him to? if not then don't do it for him,let him know that your allergies are acting up and you don't feel good, and if he continues to treat you like a maid then get rid of him...hope this helped......

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FRom my life's experience the best way to stop this is to treat him like he treats you so he sees what it feels like. Then after awhile of doing this ask him how it feels to be married to him.

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Emma E
you don't desrve to be treaated like this, my mum got theese probs in her relationship and things hve gone very wrong becuse she didnt stand up for herself.
just make piont that you don't like being treated. if you feel your to good to be treated this way, then he needs to know he cn't change you. he married you, and now he must live with you who ever you think you are. just make aa piont about it. next time he says that reply "when did i agree to be your slave" or "do it your self you lazy get" or "what do you take me for?" anything a bit sarcy, mean rude, you have to make your piont. it won't end your relationship it will just make him think twice. have a word with him when he's in a better mood. who knows maybe he's stressed about somthhing at work.
it's always human nature to assume the worst, so just have a word. if all else just keep the saarcy comments a criticise him back.

gd luck to the two you x x

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happier days
just ignore him and do not respond to him when he talks to you this way. if he asks you why you're not talking to him, tell him you'll listen and respond back to him when he has something constructive, respectful and worthwhile to say to you. If his bad behavior keeps up, then consider the fact that he might need anger management and counseling. If that doesn't work and he refuses to go or doesn't want to change, then either accept that he's never going to change and deal with him or consider divorce. best of luck to you.

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Shut up, grow up and listen to the man of the house.

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Beautiful Tragedy
Yeah, you are right. It probably didn't start yesterday though if your ready to leave. But you shouldn't put up with something like that. If that's the case and he's treating you like ****, and your treating him like gold maybe you should leave and make him realize what he had. Remember this quote "people don't realize what they have until it's gone." It's totally retarded, but true. If he never wakes up then just stay gone!

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Jayce Cameron
tell him that. He should understand that you are tired and help out. but you also need to be open to criticism at the same time, though handing you the bottle is an inappropriate way to go about it. Criticisms are meant to help someone, not offend. Your temper might be short due to a lack of sleep and I don't think leaving him would be the best course of action. Again, explain to him how you feel and hopefully he can work on how he delivers his criticism and maybe even help out a little more..
next time simply hand the bottle back to him and say in a nice soft tone, "I'm really tired, can you please do this for me?". If he complains then explain to him why you are tired and if he still doesn''t shut up, then seek couples/marriage counseling. If that fails, then yes, leave him.

good luck

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♥The Mrs.♥
I am not sure how he is criticizing you here...he's asking you to do something, which nearly all couples do. Perhaps you should start to ask him for things you need done too.

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you need to let him know how you feel, he should understand and be more sensetive to your needs. in my opinion you do alot for him, if he doesnt change then yes i say you should leave him you deserve better

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You are right. I'm sure he got this from upbringing. Maybe his father talked to his mother that way, and he thinks it's ok to talk to you that way. Next time he hands you a water bottle, squirt him with it. Or tell him you're not thirsty, but the hamsters are, feed them on his way out. Be sure to say thank you too, and walk away from him. You have to beat him at his own game. Not cave in to his demands.

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Yes. Remind him that you are an adult and not his child.

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You're right. Some of the things he wants you to do, he can do as well. Tell him to knock it off or he will regret it. Then take appropriate action. You know what that is.

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He handed you a bottle to fill with water for the hamster.....how the hell is that a criticism? He was going to work and asked you to feed the animals...again criticism where exactly?

Is there another reason you're looking for a way out of the relationship, or are you just tired and crabby??

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