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 Ok, I am completely screwed up. Plz help.?
I m not happy with my marriage. I hate this guy, my husband. I am Indian and he is too. I have told him that I want divorce. He is not ready to listen that. We have never stayed together in last 2.5 ...

 Wives, what would you do?
My mother in law is debating leaving her husband or not because he is in jail for sleeping with their adoptive daughter (who is really my mother in law's brother's daughter, so their niece.)...

 What should I do about a girl that won't leave my husband and I alone?
My husband and I separated over a year ago for a couple of months. While we were separated, he started seeing a girl from his past. He decided to end things with her and work things out with me. A...

 Ideas for an 8 year anniversary?
in one month it will be me and my bf's 8 year anniversary

romantic ideas on what to do? what gift to get?


 So, My boyfriend and I have been together for five years and living together for six months.?
Recently we've been arguing a lot. He says that I don't listen to him and he calls me a brick wall. I don't listen to him because I feel as if he is bossing me around. I am his ...

 What are the "deal breakers" in your marriage?
These broads promise that love "never fades" it just changes......Okay then.

Say your dude gets side action....does that "fade" your love?

 What does this mean?????
I have been married for almost 3 years to a really great guy.

I care about him on so many levels, he has been really good to me.

But there has been something that he drastically ...

 If marriage is only a good idea half the time, how do broads expect marriage to last even when the love fades?
Right? Half of marriages don't work to begin with. But then add a little frumpiness to good ol wifey and then the love fades.

So how is anyone supposed to remain married till death.....

 Why are people offended by people watching porn?
What is insulting to you?
Why does it make you feel insecure?

I'm quite happy with it. Infact I encourage it as my husbands libido has been very low since we were just teenagers.<...

 He cheated on me.Should i forgive him?
my bf and i are cohabitating for more than two years now.
recently i found out that he was dating another girl behind my back.
my friends caught him so when i ask him,he had no choice but ...

 Am I playing with fire by accepting this behaviour from my husband?
I have allowed my husband to go out to topless bars with his friends, to have skin contact with strippers at bucks nights (no fluid exchange is permitted) and generally I am the furthest you can get ...

 I'm a hippy, he's a lawyer...will it ever work out?
Hey everyone!
I have been going out with my boyfriend for almost 3 months. He is wonderful in every way, he is very serious about us, we share the same values about relationships, marriage, ...

 How do divorced women over the age of 50 find themselves a new man, or do they just grow old alone ?
I mean, what do they do, there are so many of them, just at an age when there is a shortage of eligible men, due to mens higher death rates. Do these women embark on a journey of self improvement, ...

 How many men will admit to this?
I am in college. Actually, I am about to graduate college. And I have dated many women in college. I found that I like to sniff their bums. Am I the only guy that does this?...

 Men: Advise me because I've just about had enough?
My husband is a decent person but a lousy husband. He is often selfish and is more inclinded to help someone else than to do something for me. and he NEVER takes me out, rarely laughs. He is boring! A...

 How do you know if they are feeling smothered?
I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months. Would you consider it "spending too much time together" if you see them almost every day and spend the night at least 3 times a week. He has a ...

 Is it smart to still have sex with my so to be ex-wife?
My divorce is final in about a week. I have a feeling like we are going to end up FCK buddy though. We've been together 8 years, married 5, and have a daughter. Since we have a child together we ...

 What happens at the 1st court date in a divorce?
is it an ongoing thing or is it all settled in 1 hearing???? T...

 How do you calm down someone after a nightmare?
My husband has PT SD, and has nightmares regularly. How do I make them stop or at least calm him down?


He has been to the doctor, and has a therapist. He takes ...

 Do guys after a while moves on without thinking much of the girl he has real feelings for after she left him?
Do guys, after a while, moves on without thinking much of the girl he has real feelings for after she left him?

Girls, or at least most girls tend to still think about the guy after break ...

Do men ever regret leaving their spouses for another woman?

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depends on the situation but yes sometimes

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Some do and some don't. It just depends on how good they got it with their "new" spouse.

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Usually once the grass turns out not to be greener.

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Usually yes, even if they don't admit it. Everyone has a guilty conscience.

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yes....happens all the time. the newness of that new relationship wears off then reality sets in.

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A man never leaves his spouse because he is looking for something better. He leaves because of the way another woman makes him feel. Cheating is just a symptom that something is wrong in the marriage. Leaving your spouse to go directly into another relationship with someone else is never a good idea. Married couples need to work at their marriage, so if they absolutely need to leave because of an unhealthy relationship they can walk away knowing that they've done all they could do to make the marriage work. Not all relationships are healthy or good for you, nor are they all meant to last a lifetime. Knowing when to work your hardest at saving a good marriage, or when to walk away for your own emotional well-being is the key...and not always an easy decision to make. Sometimes the decision leaves you feeling relieved, and sometimes you feel regret.

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Yes!!! Every-day-life with the other woman will eventually be just as good or as bad than it was with their Ex-spouses,but it depends whether ot not men have a better connection with "the other woman" vs. their ex-spouse.

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I think inevitably they have regrets, they all think the grass is greener but in reality it never is. At first it is all lovely and Rosy but that is not life and when the relationship settles down so comes the same problems that they would have had in their marriage. The proper thing to do is not to go looking for someone else but to either try hard to mend the relationship or to leave on his own to sort out his head. So many families are destroyed when all this happens and when it does not last for the husband 2nd time around just adds to all the heartache.

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