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Carrie B
Do men ever leave their wives for the "other woman"?
I have been in a relationship with a married man for over a year. We have fallen deeply in love and want to start our own life together. He decided to tell his wife that he wanted a divorce, but when she found out about the affair and was devastated he thought he owed her another chance for their kids. He is trying now to make his family to realize he is not leaving for another woman; that their problems are not about me. I know he is trying to patch things up so that someday his children will accept me, but how long can things go on this way? He is still seeing me and lying at home. The guilt his wife puts on him is doing psychologically damage. Should I leave him? Should I tell her what is going on? Can this ever work?

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Why would he leave her when he can have both. Maybe you need to step out of the picture...for 2 reasons. You deserve to be in a committed relationship. He cannot and will not commit to you if he is already in a relationship. Him and his wife need to find out what is causing him to cheat and they need to do as much as possible to keep this marriage together for the sake of the kids. I'm not saying they should stay together for the kids but they should go to counselling and such until they have exhausted all avenues. As a single girl you have no idea how difficult it is to have children and keep your marriage exciting. He may just need a wake up call. Now the second reason to stop this relationship is you. Don't you think you deserve to be with someone that can fully commit to you? You need to get on with your life and let them get on with theirs. Don't get involved with telling her or judging her. Your relationship may work when he is divorced and ready to move on. Just leave them alone and start living your own life.

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I dont know myself, but I just ended a similar situation. It has been 3 days and his wife accused him of having an affair and wants him to go to marriage counseling. We have completely stopped talking and he hasnt even checked on me to see how I am. The truth comes right about now, you see if he tries to work it out with her than he played you all along. I know we were in love and he is to much of a pussy to deal with it................you will never know, it has to take it course, only time will tell

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With a wife and kids, it's hard to leave even if you want to. And the thing is, if you've got even a tolerable situation at home, why would you take a chance, bringing all the hell on yourself that comes with divorce?

So unless he is absolutely and totally miserable at home (like if the wife is a druggie or a drunk or turning tricks in the living room) then I wouldn't expect him to leave any time soon, if at all.

I feel bad for all of you. You're going to get your heart broke in all of this and maybe his wife will too. And he's set himself up in a difficult position that may bring him some bad things in the end. Some guys end up where the wife doesn't want him and the mistress is tired of waiting and he ends up with nothing in the end and the hell of a divorce.

None of this sounds like it is a real good idea. I feel bad for you but I don't think you are making very good choices. This type of thing can't bring good things to any of you.

But I understand that life isn't all black and white and there are no easy answers.

Good luck.

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If he was going to leave her, he would have done it already. You are wasting your time, effort, and love on a man that doesn't deserve it. No, this is only going to end poorly, and everyone will be miserable. You, him, his wife, and his children.

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If you decide to stay with him you must resolve yourself to being upset much of the time and that you will always come second (or worse). Only you know whether he's worth it and whether you can accept this for an indeterminate time.

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My ex husband cheated on me with his gf. So I kicked him out told him to go live with her. He moved in with her, her HUSBAND and child. Needless to say her husband left and let them have it. Within 3 years he had a different "GF" and moved in with her... but guess what? She is still married to her HUSBAND. And my ex and she have a baby together.

My lawyer said that Jayne (The first gf) should be considered my best friend for getting rid of him for me. :) THANK GOD HE AIN"T MY PROBLEM ANYMORE.

The thing is... once a cheater, always a cheater. Or as my mama used to say... If he cheats on her with you, he will cheat on you with the next idiot that will spread her legs for him.

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You have known the whole time he was married, and your making yourself out to be the victim? His wife has every right to do him damage, including YOU! I hope his kids SPIT IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!

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gaby d
No i doubt he will leave his wife for you BUT lets just say him and his wife do divorce and the 2 of u get married what makes u think he wont cheat on u too..I wouldnt marry a man who cheated on his first wife cause he probably would cheat on his 2nd wife too.

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Ma'am, take your hands from the wheel - step away from the vehicle!

This is a recipe for disaster. For the man, his kids, his wife and for you. How can a relationship built on the bodies of small children and a devastated woman ever get off the ground, much less survive?

They rarely leave. There will always be a reason and then another and another. You are wasting your life and ruining his. Go. Go now and don't look back.

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Girl Squirrel
First, why would you want a man who is a known cheater? To his children you will always be the other women. If he is so miserable in his marriage he is not doing any favors to his kids. I was raised in one of these families. Don't worry about him though, he will find someone else to have an affair with when you smarten up and leave him. Sorry to be so harsh but I watched it happen so many times. Save yourself and move on to someone who is willing to be exclusive to you like you deserve

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yup. he cheated on me with her, i found out, he left me for her. thank god. yeah, i'm pissed and still upset about it, but it's either being alone by myself or being alone with him knowing what he's out doing all night with her while he lies to my face about it.

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WHO are YOU to come here and put a claim on someone elses husband? You knew he was married from JUMP.

Leave him alone. You will never be happy. How do you sleep at night knowing that YOU are the cause of someones pain and destruction???

You WILL be miserable. HOMEWRECKER. Redeem yourself now and leave this man alone. Of all the single men in this world you choose a married one.

Hold that thought...no...go ahead and have him, have some children with him then let his whorish a*S cheat on you then you'd know what his wife felt.

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u need to be the one who leaves, as every marriage has problems, u are the one tugging at his heartstrings, when u should stop seeing him and gracefully bow out until he can decide. the damage being done here is by you. the kids do deserve a father in the home, the wife deserves a chance to make it work without u in her marriage. even if he leaves her for u the karma that comes with this is not pretty, and what u make happen to others will come to u in some way so u can feel what u did to her. u are the problem here.

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Just always remember this: If they will cheat WITH you, someday, they will cheat ON you.

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Got Curves?
tell the wife whats going on and leave him

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Why is he acting like the victim? And you, messing with a man that is married WITH kids! Listen. The way you meet them, is the way you will lose them. Trust me. Most men who have affairs NEVER leave their wife and their family. He is having his cake and eating it too, with you still being there on the side. He is holding on to you just incase his wife throws him out completly he has got you, but in reality he still wants his family. If he has not gotten those divorce papers final, after one year and he is still living with her, what are you waiting for? You are losing your life for a man who has already built his life with someone else. You on the other hand, are single, and have the opportunity to marry start a family and be happy. Why would you want to get in the middle of someone else's family and tear it apart? Also, supposevely this guy loves you? How could you ever trust him and him trust you, if you started the relationship with lies. Yes he is being honest with you about his wife, but look how long he lied to his wife about you. What about those kids, don't you think they saw their mother hurting..because of YOU. And your gonna believe this lame story that he is patching things up so the kids will accept you one day. Come on..how old are you? Do you REALLY believe that? If there old enough, your the homewrecker in their eyes. Sorry but its true. Should you leave him you ask? Him being married and going back to his wife and children is the only reason you need to not even consider going back to him. How would you feel, if one day you fell deeply in love with someone, and married him. And years later 3 kids with you , and home, and then one day ..to your horror, he told you he has been having an affair for a year with some hot 23 year old, and is telling you he wants a divorce. And there you are..with 3 kids later and all the time and effort you put into the marriage..how would you feel? Do you have no heart to not care what that family is going through? Not him but the wife and the children. All couple's have problems, but that doesn't mean you go and cheat on them! KARMA, do you want this horrible karma to come back to you one day, when your the happiest in your life? Do the right thing. Leave... and never talk to him again.

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not all the time you see a man always remember what the old saying is what ever is his is the wife own and what ever is the wife own stay the wife own

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This is the oldest lie in the world! No he is not going to leave, if he were you wouldn't be writing this now would you? I have had an affair before, and you are the one that gets hurt! Find yourself a man who isn't married or in a relationship and one that is worthy of you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. No, it is not easy, but can be done. This is one thing I know for sure: If you got him by having an affair, you too will loose him to another affair.

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Big Bully
You were just a booty call that was willing to give it up. There is no intent to marry the other women, even if he did where is the trust. He left his wife for you, now he would do the same if you make him unhappy.

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He might leave her and marry you. But then, you'll be the wife, and his new squeeze will be the other woman. He'll be telling the new woman all the nasty stories he tells about his current wife, and he'll be "deeply in love" with her and "in a loveless/abusive/whatever... marriage with you." So if that's how you want to live, more power to you. My advice: Find one who's not married. Duh.

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Sorry honey, but the answer to that question is a big, fat, hairy, NO! I've worked in family law for 15 years and it's never ever happened.

You are nothing more than a play toy for him. Dump him now and move forward with your life. You will always be nothing more than a sex buddy to him.

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Girl, you're a trip, you act like the wife is the one with the problem.
You need to get off your *** and find your own man, NAWWW, he ain't leaving is wife for you!!! Open your eyes and realize that a man is going to do what ever he wants to do, so if he really wanted to be with you, he would have been left his wife! Why are you trying so hard to take break up a home and take this man away from his wife and kids, now i know its not all your fault cause he needs his *** whooped too but you play a big part in it.. and can the **** about the psychological damage, that mans mind is just fine, its you im worried about, face it he just wants to **** you and his wife and yo dumb *** is letting him, of course his wife is devastated, who wants to be alone with their children while your husband is ****'n off . Have a heart don't be stupid, put your self in HER shoes!!!

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No girl! I think he's doing ALL the psychological damage! and so are you! why would you in the first place sleep with a married man? is that NORMAL TO YOU??? ya...you need therapy. Oh by the way HE SHOULD FEEL GUILT he totally F**KED UP! not only his wife but his kids too. How do you feel now? about being a part of that? You feel good? ya go get your self some help.

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My circle of friends has a favorite saying: "When a man marries his mistress, it creates a job opening."

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Think about this logically. If he's cheating with you, who says that he won't cheat on you!

Also, if he's lying at home, it shows that he has no intention of leaving. He's just trying to make sure that he's double dipping & telling each of you what you want to hear. This way he gets the best of both worlds, & he wins!

Do yourself a favor & find someone who's worth your time!

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I've seen this happen many, many times. The bottom line is, the old saying is true.... The "other woman" who becomes a "wife" has really only created a job opening. Why would you want to tie yourself to a man who doesn't stand by his promises?? I'm not saying he shouldn't leave her... I'm not judging that. But, if he wasn't happy, he should have left. Only then would being in a relationship with you not be cheating.

And, come to think of it, why would he want to be in a relationship with you, when you obviously don't value the institution of marriage...

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Lake Lover
Obviously, if he's not leaving his wife & family --- they take priority over you. Get a clue!!!!

Now go find an unmarried boyfriend.

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*never give up*
his wife is putting guilt on him??? please!!!! he deserves that! im sorry but he was unfaithful to his wife, and jepordized his family

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Same very old story that has been going on for years. You are just a sex object to him and nothing more. Just dump this loser before he really hurts you.....

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he will NEVER leave his wife
she has him financially
he is comfortable with is home life
he'll tell you what you want to hear
because your nothing more than a booty call
and will alwyas be 2nd fiddle to her
and even if he did
guess what he'll do the very same thing to you
you are not so special or so hot that you cannot be replaced

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stephanie g
yes, the do! my mom has been married 3 times and all of them were married and living with their wives when she met them.

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