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Can you be sexually addicted to your wife?
ok I know excessive porn addiction is bad-healthwise,relational problems,breakups,rights,divorces,waste of cash,less productivity,less energy

I know sex addiction may be bad-multiple partners,STDS,unwanted pregnancy

But what if you are sexually addicted to my wife? Like I constantly crave her-is that bad? not just sin wise but lifestyle and health or emotional wise.

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LOL you married how is it bad? Does thinking about her get in the way of doing stuff like working? How is this bad again? LOL

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thats the way it is suppose to be your not suppose to be sexually addicted to any one else.

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why would your being sexually addicted to your OWN WIFE be a sin???? hey its normal to be sexually addicted.. good that you feel so, want her and crave for her.. m sure u love her a lot too because it shows..
its better to be sexually addicted to ur wife rather to be wid many.. sticking to her and being faithful to her is good.. its okay frend.. as long as she also enjoys you.. have fun..

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I had a relationship like this in the past only I wasn't married. One day during an slight disagreement he made the mistake of saying that the reason he wanted sex all the time was to tire me out so I wouldn't look for it in anyone else. I said you're kidding right? He wasn't. He was that insecure. My ego was so deflated and I dropped his as like a greasy pig. So I don't know if you're addicted or insecure. Only you know the answer to that one.

Good luck with that...

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hurt and confused
From everything I'm reading in this forum, that sounds like a problem a lot of women wish they had. Just be careful that your relationship isn't based on sex. You already know that it tends to fade.

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There is nothing wrong with that but it comes down to does she want it as often as you. You need to respect her and her needs as well. Also if you crave it a lot you lose the passion and pleasure of making love. Sex is sex and all you do is get off and that is very empty and gets old fast. But if she is the same way go for it but communicate so you don't get on a diffrent page

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Aren't you suppose to be.?
I think I'm missing something.

Over 20 years and I'm still addicted. ha.

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It's a beautiful thing to be addicted to your wife but please do not wear her out. My husband was sexually addicted and he wore me out until I couldn't stand the thought of him touching me. We have been seperated 5 months and I still no interest in him. Not saying your wife is similar as me. But you need to take inconsideration of what I've been through. But don't stop keeping your wife in mind

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Yahoo! Princess
My husband is like that w/me and it gets kinda irritating when I can't even take a step w/out him grabbing me. Give her some space, she needs it, and make sure you do other things w/her as well as having sex.

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Yes.. you can, and there is no problem with it at all... In fact I think its just awesome :) I wish I could have that...

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Angel Y
Your wife is very lucky. I wish my husband felt that way towards me sometimes.

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I am in the same place as you my friend. I'm sexually addicted to my girlfriend.she means so much to me and we have it 2times a day everyday.I never felt this from anyone before and i can't get enough of her.We been dating over a year and everyday she is the only woman I want in my bed.

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Yes you can--and it's a HUGE confidence booster to the wife!

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Groovy Baby!
Yes you can be and it's perfectly normal. I have my days when I am sexually addicted to my hubby too. It's like, all I can think of all day is when he'll be back home from work and we'll make long, passinate love with each other. Sometimes he would be all over me. Even when i'm cooking and bending over he will be behind me and say "hmm..this is a nice psostion" lol! Go ahead and explore the endless possibilities of making love to the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Enjoy! :-)

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