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Can text messages be subpoenaed for a divorce?
I have three children and I want custody after the divorce. I was told that adultery is a compelling argument for a judge to grant custody to the father. She does not deny that she texted on the most impossible moments of the day. Also,she does not deny that she has a 'secret' second cell phone. I know for sure she has one. Apparently she did her homework. She admits to 'mistakes' but that's it.

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its possible. very possible. i hope you get custody. best of luck!

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depends on the state in pa cheating is not grounds for divorce. or so i was told.

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They do keep records of SMS messages, sometimes you can even look back at them on your account on the phone carriers website.

SMS and phone calls have been subpoenaed for years, but it's a very lengthy process and the phone company is involved.. I doubt it very much that they'd actually do it for a divorce hearing.

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Don't get your hopes up. Affairs dont matter as much as you think they do. My husband had one, we proved it with subpoenaed phone calls and it just proves he's a liar. They will not punish the kids because your spouse cheated. Also, you can't subpoenae the text messages because they dont keep records of text messages, only phone bills.

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Unfortunately, that is inaccurate. Adultery is nasty and something the kids should not be exposed to, however most judges will not remove the kids from the mom's custody unless she's been deemed unfit...its just the way it is.
The only thing getting her records would benefit is if you're filing a fault based divorce, stating adultery. The texts could be used as proof, however it will not help you get custody. If you're a good father, then she will have to give joint custody - it goes the same way, unless you're unfit you deserve and should receive joint custody. Don't let her take that from you, its your right.

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