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 If i have an hour lunch break am i still entitled to 2 10 min breaks?
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 Is it true that if you have ever got a ticket, you can't have a career in anything that has to do with law or

Can anyone please clarify this for me and tell me exactly what they mean by this.


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 Question about working, not sure how to phrase it?
So, I'm a minor, but I've got my GED, which means I'm not going to school anymore. Now, I know that during the summer minors can be worked for more than the 23 hours that they're ...

 If you get fired from a job can you collect your pay check then or do you have to wait till the normal pay day
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I have started ...

 Im on job seekers allowance.If I visit family in usa for 3 months,would I be entitled to any type of benefits?

 Lawyer wanted I applied to circle K for a job, then worker said they would not hire me cause of my beard ???
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 Could someone please help my debate answer out?
We were debating weather a 16 year old could be put into prision for getting an ungeraged girl pregnant when it was consential sex?
I said no they wont if it was consential.
But she said he ...

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 Burnt eyes welding at work worked 14 hrs now they sayin they writing me up is that legal?

Additional Details
was wearing all protctive gear safty glasses sheild all of it always ...

<3456. :)
Working on sundays, do you have to get paid time and a half?
i have just started working on sundays and a friend told me they got time and a half for every hour they got paid.
is this the same for all legal places in austalia?
does your employer have to pay you time and a half?

please help !

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Yes they have to pay you time and a half on sundays and holidays.

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i get paid slightly more than time and a half
check with your boss/manager or even another employee

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depends on your work agreement or place of employment, only way to find out is ask, and if you don't want to ask the boss, ask someone else who has worked there a while. it is only a natural question.

where i worked yes saterdays were always time and a half, and public holidays double time.

but i know on a salary wage (paid on a yearly amount, but can be paid weekly, monthly or yearly) don't usually get time and a half or even over time.

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rah .
I work as a waitress in Australia and I get paid the same amount no matter what day I work.

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Depends on the labor laws in your area. In Texas, you must work a total of 40 hours within 1 work week before you get time + one-half. The employer usually determine what the work week is (Sun-Sat or Weds-Tues, etc.) There are also some fields that do not qualify for this type of compensation and their time get calculated for a 2 week periods (nurses are part of this category).

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No. Depends on the contract you signed.

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depends on award you belong to, my staff (casuals) get paid time and 1/2 on saturdays and double on Sundays triple on public holidays. My full time staff and including me as manager get paid salary therefore do not get paid for public holidays/ or weekend rates, ask you boss he/she will gladly explain your pay rates

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No employment contracts may vary. but there is no law requiring an employer to pay an employee a different rate for working Sundays or other Holidays as compared with what a worker on same wage gets paid for working a normal Monday to Friday. However an employer may insert into an employment contract different rates of pay, perhaps as a result of Union negotiations, or perhaps because the employer needs to offer more just to persuade less willing personnel to come into work on that day of the week they like being at home with their family on?

The issue of working night shifts is similar. There is no legal entitlement for any worker to be paid more per hour for working a night shift than working the same number of hours during a day shift.

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