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Florida U 92
Why you should NOT give a two weeks notice...?
I gave my 2 weeks notice last week and WOW am I surprised at the response I received. I told my boss that i accepted another positon (after working at my job for 5 years) and she told me to get out of her office. Since then, she has put me on 'copy duty' as she doesnt want to 'look at my face.' I am a caseworker and have files to update and close in this two week period, but she wont let me do them- she wants me to copy and file papers so she doesnt have to look at me. Also, my co-workers are angry and have written me several rude emails because they have to pick up my role when I leave.

My advice to is NOT give a two weeks notice if you have someone who can give you a reference (I do- its another so I should just walk out, but Im not going to just because I want to finish my cases.

The worst part is I thought these people were my friends- l
any ideas on what i should do to survive the next 2 weeks?

anyone ever dealt with this before? any advice will help!
Additional Details
In response to Mary B's extremly rude response, I feel the need to explain a few things. I made No mistakes. I left a job where there was room for growth after being a loyal and hard working employee for 5 years. I DID give a two week notice and will continue my two weeks out, even though I should walk considering how rude they all are. As for letting them kow about my second job, what was I supposed to say" hey Im outta here" with no explanation? I did leave for a higher pay and more growth. I didnt expect nor want an increase from them- you have no right to accuse me of "expecting a raise and not getting it" when you dont even know me. . And I didnt tell anyone where I was going. I wish they didnt make me finish out my two weeks- Sounds likes you are one of those nusiness owners who dont deserve a 2 weeks notice, Wow- people are so rude. Thanks for all the other kind responses. I know I am the "right" person in this situation :)

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Expert Realtor
Ok Liz...you obviously don't know what the problem is, but as a business owner, I'll tell you.

First, You ALWAYS give a two-week notice unless you want that company to report you to your future employer as abandoning you job...which they CAN LEGALLY do.

Only a big immature baby would avoid giving a notice.

Second, YOUR MISTAKE was to tell them you found another job.

What you were probably expecting was a big raise to stay, a promotion, etc. by telling them you found another job.

You didn't get the reaction you were looking for.

Professionals know that you simply give your notice, thank them for working there, and if they ask why you are leaving, you only say, "To persue other activities".

You tell NO ONE where you are going.

If you work in a business that has to be secure or deals with people's personal information.....it is STANDARD to not allow the person to work out the notice at all.

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I left my job in August. I told my boss at 3:30 Thursday that tomorrow would be my last day, and I needed to leave early to take a drug test. The other people at work understood that I was leaving to do something better for myself. In general, they were happy for me. I didn't like giving one-day's notice. But I don't regret it. If I gave two weeks, I would've only been there another day or two.

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I would take this very seriously. First does your boss, have a boss. If so, talk to that person soon,and explain everything. It sounds like your a very professional person, for wanting to stay there, and take the abuse, just so you can do the right thing. If you belong to a union, you could file a grievance. Weigh out your options, and explain to your boss, that your not afraid to go over her head. What' she going to do, fire you?
Good luck.....I hope your new employer is more human.

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Sam M
the 2 weeks notice to to allow them to get a new employee and for you to finalise work and get your last pay.
If she doesn't want you there then call in sick, use up your benefits, take your holiday pay and run. They obviously are bitter, bitter little women.
I hope your new job in much nicer than these hoes are being

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Joker 1
Unfortunately, I went through the same thing many years ago.

Every once in a while, someone in our office would just quit and go to another job. They didn't give two weeks notice or anything, so we always got blindsided when they left.

People would comment on how rude it was, or how they wish they'd given notice and not screwed us up. Our boss had stated a few times, how he'd have let the person use the time left to organize things and get everyone up to speed with their projects, etc. etc.

So, when it was time for me to leave for a new job, I arranged it with my new boss to stay the full two weeks at my old job. She wasn't happy about it, but she understood that I didn't want to leave my soon to be old co-workers in a lurch.

When I informed everyone of my two weeks notice, you'd have thought I just clubbed a puppy to death.

My boss sent a couple co-workers for my files and gave me all of two hours to explain what was going on with them. The next day I was sent to the copy / document room to finish my time there.

For over a week I was regulated to making copies and filing records and reports. My co-workers pretty much snubbed me, except for a couple of them who are still my friends today.

Halfway into the second week, one of the people who took my files was spreading gossip that I wouldn't share information in my files. My soon to be ex-boss had a quick word with me, about how I should be a team player, even though I was leaving and sticking it to them.

I reminded him, that if there were any questions about my files, everyone knew I was stuck in the document room. All anyone had to do was walk down the aisle and ask me a question.

He got a little nasty and made a comment that he had only to deal with me for a couple days.

That was it, we were going to war.

During the last three days I was there, I made it a point to mis-label and mis-file records, as much as I could get away with.

I changed the auto office supply order system. Where they needed a case of garbage bags, they ordered three cases. Where they needed black pens, red was ordered, etc, etc.

After I left, the couple friends I still had there, said the next couple of orders from the office supply company were hectic. And it was over six months before the filing system fully recovered.

Since then, I no longer give or suggest a two week notice, not after how I was treated.

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Do the two weeks...leave with your head high and move on...

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Well, those guys are pr!cks.

They are clearly very unprofessional, but please don't use them as an example of how most people work.

I happen to be the guy that hires, fires, and schedules. I try to keep things fair and I try to take care of my employees. My schedules come out a month in advance and I'm pretty good at honoring requests.

I had an employee who found a "better job". He decided to just leave without notice. I got stuck shorthanded for a week and had to beg a lot of favors of my remaining employees to change their plans. Luckily, almost all of my employees are willing to help me out as best they can, but we still got short shifted several times the first week.

Two months later, this guy came back when I was out of the shop. It turns out he got that sucker call, the seasonal job paying $18 an hour that "could turn into full time employment". He was out of a job. He got chased out of the shop by two guys who pulled double shifts and another who almost missed his wife's birthday party.

Trust me, I know that there are a lot of jobs where people bring personal issues into play, which sounds like what your ex-boss was doing. It's not fair, it's not right, but take the high road my friend. Two wrongs do not make a right...

Of course, since your ex-boss is in the wrong I see no reason not to take the low road in that case. Just don't assume that every boss will act in such an unprofessional manner.

Hope this helps!

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Ok people may say I’m wrong or a jerk for thinking this way. But oh well.
I agree that 2 week notices are complete bs. Why should anyone be forced to give a 2 week notice? The company can survive if you just got up and left. Obviously if you want to leave, theirs a problem and the company is not fulfilling your needs or looking out for your interests.
It’s interesting however a company can fire anyone for no reason without warning and send you on your way. And because your fired, you can’t even collect unemployment. Now a person getting fired without warning or even with warning can be set for extreme hardship. But the company is not obligated to give the employee any notice. And how many do?
I have gave two week notice before. And you know what’s happened. They retaliated, because they didn’t want me to leave. Instead they will rather you not be their at all. So giving a 2 week notice can now cause you to go 2 weeks without pay. Second, I had them short my paycheck.
Sometimes 2 week notices work out, and other times they don’t. The problem is you never know.
So why is their this double standard?

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Master Chief
Listen by the sound of it they are jealous and also I wouldn't expect a great reference walk out and stick up the middle fingers

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