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Every time we begin to hire for a new position we post to a few different job websites....

 Is it unfair dismissal when u have been done for something that every one else does and they ant been done 4?
im getting sacked 4 using the works phone 4 personal calls but every one else does this and nothings been said t them
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all they have to do is check every other 1s phone ...

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Law school in the US from New Zealand?
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Also my cousin got a scholarship ...

Where can you get a job at age 14 in California?
Do not tell me I can't, because I can.
I'm not interested in lawn mowing, around the house work, babysitting, dog walking etc.
Most people say they can work at Magic Mountain. Is their anything else?

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don't listen to that other poster. you can get a job at 13, you have to get a permit, and you can't work on weekdays, and its gonna be tough to find a job but you can do it. i suggest going through your school, like my school has a "workability" program where they get you small time jobs

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Guess what kid.. All the stuff you listed is all the stuff that you are able to do at 14.. anything else is ILLEGAL until your 15 and can get a work permit.. So stop acting like your better than anyone else and go out and mow some laws!

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U can't you have to be 16 to work and with a work permit if you are a High School student.

It sucks out there for a kid who wants to work. Know any family who owns a store or a company? Can get experience that way, and make some dough.

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Lady Tifferz
Sorry, you can't. It's againt the law. Since you're under 15 (16 is most states), working is considered child labor. If you want, volunteer somewhere, or babysit until you're old enough to obtain a work permit.

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Those jobs you are not interested in fact are your best options.

As other suggested, employers usually will not hire underage due to its restriction. Furthermore, it is not illegal to discrimination an underage by his/her age (The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, as amended, only protects employees over 40 years old.).

Furthermore, it requires knowledges to work on a job. So they usually choose someone who has almost graduated from high school.

The most important is you will need a work permit from your high school. Working in Magic Mountain will definitely minimize your chance getting the permit approved.

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I'm pretty sure you can work some places at 14. But why would you want to get a job? Enjoy your childhood! But if you can't find somewhere, try going to your library. I'm sure someone there can help you find something online. Your best bet would be to go into businesses and ask. But seriously, try to just enjoy your childhood. Enjoy what you have. You won't be able to relax and enjoy doing nothing when you are older.

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the legal age to be gainfully employed is 14.......
not 15 or 16 and definitely not 13.
in california it is legal to work in just about all the same jobs as someone 16 or 17, just less hours a day and a week.

many employers just won't hire those under 16 because of the limits that are placed on the hours that those under 16 can work.other employers do not hire minors your age due to bad experiences with employees that are young. so you must be able to show through your words and actions that you are:
dependable, punctual, hard working, a team player, trainable and coach-able. you must prove that you are not like many your age who apply for a job but who don't really want to work for it......

your best opportunity is fast-food and grocery stores, they are willing to train and find it easier to provide hours that fall within the required parameters of child labor laws.

for info about hours you can work, work permits, hours per week etcetera go to:
US Department of Labor
State of California
Department of Industrial Relations
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

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