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 Does your background check includes work history?

Additional Details
Do they go by the jobs you put on the app or they check themshelves?...

 Can you get fired from a job if you have a doctors note stating you're excused from work?
My fiance just started a new job about three weeks ago. He has a herrniated disc in his back and the last time he had a bad episode of pain was around New Years Eve. About a week he is having ...

 Prevailing Wage, not getting proper wages.?
If I'm on a prevailing wage job, and not getting paid prevailing wages, and my boss calims he didn't know it was prevailing wage, what should I do?...

 Is a verbal offer of employment legally binding in the US?

 Lawyers or legal experts, look here...question?
I am divorced. From our marriage me and my wife financed a new car, with me as the primary signer and her as co-signer. Through our divorce she was awarded that car and was to hold all ...

 If you were a .....?
a lawyer with a llm, and a lld and a ba and a jd and u got ur license taken away what job would you work at ...

 Can I take my former employer to court for wrongful termination after winning an appeal for unemployment?
The situation is like this, I was terminated for what my former employer said was misconduct... I filed for unemployment and was denied, I appealed and won the hearing and now (just today) have ...

 Is there a law that teens can't work more than 4 hours a day?
My mom said that there is a law that a students in school can't work at a job for more than 4 hours! Is it true? Yes or no! I am homeschooled and geting very board I want to work more than 4 ...

 Corporate law and attractiveness?
Please be honest.

I am utterly and completely terrified that my looks will ruin my life in regards to my future profession.

I am not the ugliest girl in the world, but I am ...

 In the uk what is the legal break time for working 7.5 hours?
my partner is 18 years old and she works as a care assistant in a nursing home. she works 7.5 hours per day most of the time 7 days a week but she has recently told me she is only getting a 10 minute ...

 Is this legal: I work at a family owned company...?
I work at a family owned company and only the officers are allowed to participate in profit-sharing and they also have their entire health insurance paid by the company. Problem is, all officers are ...

 I have a friend that is 17 can he get a full job?
I have a friend that is 17 and has graduated school with a diploma, I was wondering if he can get a full job or a grave yard shift despite his age or is the child labor law gonna interfere? he turns ...

 Sexual harassment?
Hello everyone!
I'm sleeping with my co-worker after work hours, no sexual talk/actions during the workday whatsoever.
Can I still get sued for sexual harassment?
What are the ...

 Does a CPA add value to your JD?
I'm about to graduate with a bachelors in accounting. I'm pursuing my CPA. I've also thought a lot about law school. I'm wondering if there are any areas of law that I would have ...

 Job paying me only 1/3 Salary??? Due to company problems? Help! Is This LEGAL??
I work for a telecom company. Taking inbound calls. They're having problems with their company server, which makes it impossible to use the T1 Internet connection. It's been going on for 2 ...

 I want to hire employees, but I'm worried about disclosure...should I have them sign an agreement?
I recently started my own business, I'm so busy I am in need of a assistance and I would like to hire someone. However I am very concerned about my businesses trade secrets, clients information ...

 What sounds better: lead paralegal or senior paralegal?

 Legal question about employer withholding money?
I had a personal loan with my boss. I told her I would pay her the $56 when I could. She got impatient and took it out of my paycheck without permission from me. Isn't that illegal? I ...

 I am considering majoring in criminal justice to persue a career as a police officer, is this a wise choice?
I am currently undeclared in my major, but lately I have been thinking about a career in law enforcement. Do you think this is a good choice? I like that fact that if I majored in it, I could help ...

 How to tell potential employer that attendance and gaps in work are due to illness?

What to do when you are not getting paid by employer?
As of April of this year I was laid off from a good paying job. I was eligible for unemployment after filing. However, I chose to take a lower paying job as a salesman for a new furniture store to get by, stay busy, not be bored and unemployed while I tried to find a better job. Anyways, when I was hired I was told I would be paid 10% commission on each sale, plus $8.00/hour base, and guaranteed 40 hours per week. Long story short, I've worked the entire month of may 40 hours each week, sold $35,000.00 worth of furniture, and was only paid approximately $750.00 for my hours from two pay periods. They only paid me for 71 hours in an 80 hour workweek. I never received my commission check, which I was told I would receive biweekly with each regular paycheck. I spoke to my immediate management about it, and they never give me a direct answer. Stating, oh don't worry about it, you'll get at the end of the month. Which turned out not to be true. I then talked to the corporate
Additional Details
sales manager, and he stated that I need to talk to a lady who handles the payroll at the corporate office. I keep getting evasive responses from immediate management, and I am not getting paid what I should not be getting paid. Should I just quit, because it is like beating a dead horse? I know I could file a complaint with the wage and hour division, but would it really be worthwhile? Yes, I understand some retail corporations are very greedy, and sleezy when it comes to paying their employees, and just use people as monkeys to make them money. Perhaps, I should not have been so trusting when I took the job, but I didn't know they were going to do this to me. Plus, I didn't want to be unemployed, considering the job market and economy right now. Would it be worthwhile to just walk away, if it doesn't get resolved considering what has already happened?

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Make sure all that you have told us is well documented and put it in the hands of a lawyer.Also report it to the Wages and Hours division of the State Department of Labor, the local representative in the state legislature. Determine, first of all the remaining balance that your employer owes you before you hire an attorney but I would report the employer to the state regardless of the outcome. Bad people don't deserve to be in business.Next sales position you get are you going to have it in the form of a written contract?

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Sherry C
Well I hope you have a copy of your employment agreement that states what you will be paid for hourly and commission wages, and your employee handbook. Make sure you have documentation of the hours you worked also. You should have immediately gone to payroll after your first check was messed up. If a mistake was made and it was payrolls error most companies would fix it right away, if it was your error you would have to wait till the next payday. Maybe the commission is paid at a different time. I don't know just thinking out loud.

If you don't get your money you need to report them to the wage and hourly board in your city/state. I would also file a complaint with the Attorney General Office in your state. Also you may need an attorney.

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do you have proof of the hiring agreement?
alex has the right answer for this .

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well what you want to do is get documentation of your sales and proof of the agreement for the commision, and try to explain to your employer what your problem is. If your employer doesnt agree or brushes you off, threaten him with taking him to court, if he still doesnt budge go ahead and get yourself a lawyer. If you have all of the proper documentation your sure to win.

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Consult a lawyer, especially if you have a written contract and documentation.......
and be prepared to walk.

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