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Island Girl
What do I wear to orientation and to sign contract papers after job offer with very formal company?
I just got a job offer and will have to go in to sign the papers and do a brief orientation on a Friday. The company has a very formal style but I am not sure if the same applies to this situation.

What should I wear?

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LaGail R
Congrats & all that!. You do not have to be as formal but you may meet people that you will be working with so you can't go down too far. I don't know whether you know what "office casual" is but try a suit with a blouse with the collar open, heels, & accessories.You may elect to carry the jacket instead of actually wearing it. It is there for...just in case.

It is altogether appropriate to inquire as it makes them aware of your willingness to conform to the organizational culture and in your excitement it is understandable to have allowed the opportunity to ask about this before, to have slipped you mind.

I'm excited for you. Good Luck!

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Inspector Clouseau
Wear business attire.

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Longhorn Fan
I would say if you had a nice pants suit you could wear that would be appropriate. If not, I would wear a nice dress. I definitely wouldn't wear jeans or thick matrial pants. I would make sure they were dressy and a nice blouse. Good luck and congratulations on new job!

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Cheryl C
Dress very formal and business like...just as if you were going to a normal work day at that company.

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clothes would be a great option. Dress or Pant Suite

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Wear a skirt that comes at least 1 inch below the knees or longer. The top should have a modest neckline and either tuck in or come far enough below the waist that it does not show any skin when you sit down, bend over or raise your arms. A matching jacket would be nice if you have one. Flats or 1 to 2 inch heels, no higher. Keep make-up simple and daytime appropriate (no smokey eyes, etc.). It is far better to be a little overdressed than under-dressed. After the orientation, when you see what everyone else is wearing, you can adjust your daily dress accordingly. "Dress to impress."

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Nick R
I think you should plan on wearing something similar to what you would wear to work on a daily basis with them.

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ASK them!!!

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