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 Can Past Employers Verbally Tell Salary Paid?
Is it legal for a former employer to reveal to a potential employer how much their former employee made? Or, rather, as I've often seen quoted, that they can only legally ask length of time ...

 Why my job at don pablos blows!!! help i need legal advise?
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 In Illinois, does your employer have the right to secretly video monitor an employees work space?
If not how do you pursue legally to stop ...

 How do i go about chasing my career of a lawyer??
I am trying to get my head around being a lawyer.. i really really want to be one, however there are some questions i want to ask and hopefully get answers.
what subjects should i stick to at ...

 How can I tell if I would make a good attorney?
What kind of personality traits/characteristics are needed?...

 How should I go about filing a complaint against my previous employer?
I recently quit my job b/c of conflicts between my moral standards and my supervisors. I tried to file one through the Better Business Bureau, but they do not handle cases for employee vs. employer. T...

 My new employer is being completely unreasonable?
The called the "liquidators" in at work (don't ask)
they have made so many changes to our jobs that we just can't function any more. Now they expect me to shave my head and ...

 I have been called for Orientation, Does that mean i am Hired?
I had a interview, now almost a week later they called and asked if i could make it to a orientation, it was very obscure, so i have no idea if i was hired or what to bring or anything.... help?....<...

 I have worked for a company for 4 years & 9 months. kindly confirm me that i am eligible for gratuity or not.

Additional Details
I am going to leave the company. kindly confirm ...

 30 day notice and rent?
If landlord wanted tenant to leave, he has to give the tenant for 30 day notice but if the tenant paid the rent on the 1st through 30th, and give the 30 day notice on the 15th of the same month, the ...

 Is it legal for your comp. that you work for to fire you & leave you on a jobsite w/out transpirtation?
My Fiance' recently had got fired at his job, well he does pipelining so he was out of town(They stay at a hotel when they are, and take company trucks to go out of town) In Elk City Oklahoma ...

 Is it legal to leave an employee outside after dark by his or herself?
The mean supervisor at my store left me and another employee alone around 9 or 9:15 at night. we are both young females neither one of us had a vehicle or a ride because she kept us so late. when ...

 I think I may have a job?
According to what I wrote here: I have to fill out background check papers and I will have to fill out some tax papers. Is that a sign that I have the job? This is my 1st job and I never had a job ...

 I am 16 years old, i would like to know if I'm allowed to work in a pub glass collecting?

Additional Details
I live in the north east of the uk....

 Should I turn in a coworker for leaving the job without permission?
I have a coworker that left early from work yesterday she signed a vto list which mean voluntary time off form and just left when our company was not giving ...

 Can i be considered 15?
i am 14 years old but i'll be 15 in December will employers look at me as 14 or 15...

 Why do all lawyers like hip hop music the most?

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 Getting hired as a mail carrier with a DUI?
I received a DUI about 4 years ago, did my classes, paid my fine, and have never drove again while drinking. Besides that my driving record is spotless. I took my post office exam and passed and ...

 Opinion on a non-compete?
I started to work for a small company 4-1/2 years ago. After a long interview first with the DOO and then a 2 hour meeting with the owners was hired to run their company.Never a mention during this ...

 When a job app say's" any offer of employement made is pending to the result of a satisfactory reference.
does that mean if i haven't got any references i won't be offered the job....

What are my chances of winning appeal after being denied unemployment?
my old manager was fired and then my attendance records were reviewed and days that he had excused were counted against me which eventually led to me being put on a final warning for attendance when I stayed home to deal with legal matters when my car was stolen. The last thing happened when my daughter appeared sick one morning and fearful of being fired I took her to school hoping to be able to take her to after hours clinic later that day. The childcare called when the director observed my daughter and told my job that my daughter needed to be picked up because it looked like she had pinkeye. One of the managers told me to go ahead but later that day i received a call from my supervisor telling me that that was my last day at the company for attendance reasons. i was denied benefits because they said they warned me and i didnt listen but i dont agree because i made the attempt to work that day. I worked there for over 5 years. do i have a case?

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I'd say you do. you have to take care of your child first. and if your manager told you to go, then how can they fire you for leaving?

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know you just don't ever really know but i do know people that was turn down be for and got it so don't give up hope keep trying Edna

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How many days have you been out? I know they mess with people's unemployment if you are out a certain number of days.

When you filed for unemployment, what reason did you give as no longer being with the company?


Was the warning in writing? On record?

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You might have a case, but do you really want to work for a bunch of butt-heads who count it against you that you need to care for your child?
How about working for people who don't stand behind their employees' decisions? So what if they fired him, they didn't let you know that your attendance would be called into question until AFTER they fired him.
Take a good hard look at the situation. Were you up for a promotion? Were you able to be replaced by someone who would work for less money?
I seriously doubt that your attendance was the *real* reason for you being downsized. Probably you were a threat to one of the incompetent good 'ol boys.
Do you keep a journal? If they were involved in questionable practices and you have a record of it, that's admissable in court. If you were to make a copy of that evidence and point out to the cretin in charge that he's messing with the wrong whistleblower (assuming you have evidence of wrongdoing), he might make you an offer for a generous parting gift, in exchange for your silence.
Five years is a long time, but I'll bet you can find a new job where the management has more integrity.
Best wishes and kisses for your little daughter.

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Mopar Muscle Gal
It cannot hurt to appeal
the worst that can be said is... No, you are getting it

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Sherry C
Check with the employment law in your state. They have a handout on how to file an appeal.

To file an appeal is like going to court. You need to find your old manager and get him to come to your hearing. Any witnesses would not hurt either. If you file an appeal they will send a letter to your ex employer and they will have to send a representative for the hearing. In some cases the employer will do nothing and like court if they don't show up you will win your case. You need to get a copy of the employee handbook and find the section about attendance and do some research. We have had cases where the employee would even bring an attorney in, but it does get expensive from there. You can do it yourself just get the witness, you can even have your supervisor subpoenaed. Just get your ducks in a row, so to speak. You can win your case.

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