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Sacked from work who will pay my maternity pay?
i have recently been sacked from work when i was 26 weeks pregnant. i have worked for the same company for just over 12 months. ever since they found out i was pregant i have had nothing but trouble with them. now i dont know who is going to pay my maternity pay. please somebody help me. i have sent a ma1 form off but they want a smp1 form from my employer telling them why i wont get payed.

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Bob M
Nobody asked you to get pregnant! Why should the country pay for your child - pay for it yourself

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ibu guru
Sacking you "because" you are pregnant is illegal, and they know it. So you can be sure that you were sacked for some other reason and they have it well documented in your personnel file. No company risks legal action for blatant illegal behavior. You will not win this one.

You are not going to get maternity pay. I hope you and your husband have saved up a proper amount of money before deciding to start a family. And you three will have to live on his income for a while until you find another job and go back to work. Otherwise, you made some really stupid moves and you are going to pay for your bad decisions.

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You will obviously not receive any occupational maternity pay (OMP) as you have breached your contract and therefore have lost your rights to the pay. I believe that your employer must pay you statutory maternity pay at the least 28 weeks. If i was you wouldd contact the Citizens advicebureaua or ACAS, they both have websites that you can look at and also receive advice. SMP rate is around £109 per week.

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Consult an attorney regarding wrongful termination.

As for paying your hospital bills. Contact the hospital ask ask about a grant program (they may call it something else). You fill out papers and they may have grant money to pay the bill. At least this is what they do where I live.

Go to the welfare office and sign up for medicaid. Pregnant women qualify if they have no insurance.

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i was sacked from my job when i was pregnant , as soon as my boss found out my hours were cut and cut and cut until i was virtually not needed, she employed 3 more people that were not needed to do my hours, and i was booted out the door.
I went to the CAB and as i couldnt prove for definate ( although they agreed it was crsytal clear what had happened ) there was nothing i could do against them.

i wasnt paid maternity pay from them, i had to go on to jobseekers not actively seeking work and then income support

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Janet W
difficult...if you think you have been sacked unfairly and because you are pregnant this is illegal and you can sue. there are a lot of "grey" areas to this though, you need to seek legal advice.ask to see a solicitor you will get legal aid so dont worry about the cost. if youve been sacked and it is your fault though you will get no maternity pay from your employer, and if you havent been paying full tax and insurance you wont get any maternity pay from the social either.
its maddening i worked part time for the same company for 12 years and left two days before i had my baby...i didnt get a penny from anywhere because i was part time and my husband was working he was expected to keep me.yet my neice and her partner who have both never worked in their lives got payments for everything!!! its so annoying!
good luck!

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Fred F
If you are not employed then you will get no maternity pay.

Sign on the dole.

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It sounds to me like those cretins employing you were out to save themselves some money. They sounds like mean bastards.
If they purposely made your life difficult - especially after you became pregnant - then you have a case of constructive dismissal. I'd sure like to see them brought to book for their actions - publicly. Good luck.

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Kristy M
You need to contact someone about this - sounds like a case of unfair dismissal to me? If you have had probs since they found out you were pregnant then the company will have questions to answer - obviously due to the time you have been working with them you should have been entitled to maternity pay and leave from them. It seems to me that the company has just been trying to find a way to get out of paying you while you are off with baby? Speak to Citizens Advice and they will be able to guide you and point you in the right direction to sue your former employer if they agree that your dismissal was unfair.

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Trust Me
I suggest you get some legal advice regarding your being sacked. Go and speak to citzens advice about everything.

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If you were still officially employed by them 15 weeks before the expected date of childbirth, and you meet all the other requirements to received SMP (e.g length of service, minimum earnings) then your former employer is still legally obliged to pay your SMP. This is a government rule that they cannot get out of, regardless of whether you were dismissed or left voluntarily. More info here: http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail?r.l1=1073858787&r.l3=1080898273&r.lc=en&r.t=RESOURCES&type=RESOURCES&itemId=1080903421&r.i=1080903562&r.l2=1080898061&r.s=sc

My advice would be to write to them explaining that as far as you are aware you were still employed by them in your qualifying week for SMP (it might be handy to include a print out of the page from Business Link, from the link above, highlighting the section about payment of SMP when employment ends). As such you are seeking confirmation from them that they will be paying your SMP and if they are refusing to pay your SMP you request a completed SMP1 form informing you why you won't get paid.

If they don't respond or they are refusing to pay and you what to dispute this then this page has advice about what to do next: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/advisers/ni17a/smp/smp_21.asp#decision

I would really encourage you to seek advice on unfair dismissal as well. Too many women are still sacked for being pregnant, but unfortunately too many women do not exercise their legal right to challenge this.

Please also ignore some of the other posts on here. You've paid into the system, so you are just as entitled to your maternity pay as anyone.

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