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 Are cops more likely to marry dancers or nurses?

Additional Details
exotic ...

 Will anyone out here hire an honest hard working Marijuana smoker?
Looking for a job (may soon lose mine) that allows off the clock, responsible Marijuana ...

 How to become a lawyer...?
how can i become a lawyer, like a humans rights lawyer?what do i need to study?what do i do after i study?what should i do for work experience?...

 Severence Pay & Vacation Pay?
If an employee is eligable for vacation pay, and gets laid off (or fired) before collecting the vacation pay - is the employer legally obligated to pay the earned vacation pay? Should the employer ...

 I have resigned from a world class company after serving 31 years due to feeling humiliated at the workplace?
Presently I am residing with my son at Ghaziabad. Kindly advise me if I can be engaged as per my experience and knowledge....

 Legal company?
Hello! I want to find if a company i am going to do business with is legal. How can i find out this?
Additional Details
The company i am going to do business with is a financial ...

 I have a client who I have done home repairs for. They are arguing about the bill.?
The total due is 4,000 they gave me a check for 2,900.00 If I deposit their check does that limit me from legal recourse to recoup the remaining 1,100, either through small claims court or other ...

 Disciplinary information?
just out of interest, is a final written warning the same as a dismissal?...

 If u are unemployed can u have a job as a maid?

Additional Details
if u are unemployed can you have a job as a maid not full time just someday clean to earn money
is this illegal?
how could it be illegal?...

 Is my mom able to sue CVS?
well in december my mom fell at cvs she was walking in and it was reallllly icy and she slippd and fell and didn't know what she hurt till the next day when she went to the doctors.....the ...

 What is the Maximum salary a paramedic can receive?
I want to become a EMT Paramedic an was wondering wat the salary was like....

 What is the difference between becoming a lawyer or having a P.H.d in paralegal?

Additional Details
ok, ok... just to let everyone know there are websites offering ph'ds in paralegal.. this is why i was asking... but you know what, they offer masters in nursing....

 My boss is not paying me for all the hours I work every week, what do I do?
I found out that my boss has been paying me and my co-worker from 1-3 hours less than what we've worked every week since December. I have the evidence to prove it what should my first step be?...

 Would you call a potential employer to find out if you got the job, or wait for them to call?
My husband interviewed at a company almost 3 weeks ago. They offered a job, but it's contingent on him passing their physical exams, drug screening, written and driving tests, and other ...

 Employee background check - Education Verification?
My prospective employer ran education verification and the report was sent to me by the third party. When I checked the report I realized I gave the wrong month of graduation (5/2006 instead of 4/2006...

 Bullying at work?
I have been for some 22 weeks in a new job and during this time nobody has made a complaint to me. Suddenly, I am called in by a manager and told that there have been complaints about my performance, ...

 Husband asked for a job transfer, then just happened to get fired a week later?
We live in an expensive state, and my husband wanted to transfer to another state that was less costly. After asking and being told it would have to be agreed upon with the people above his boss, he ...

 Is it illegal in Florida for my husband's company to enforce a pay cut without notice?

 Can I legally be terminated from my job for insubordination if I was not on company time?
I was recently fired for yelling at a manager for being put on, what I felt, was an unfair warning for job performance. Is it still considered insubordination if I was not on company time when this ...

 Is this discrimination?
I turned in a Resume to the individuals (commissioners) hiring for a magistrate position. I lack job experience in the field, but I have a high school diploma, 99 college credits towards a B.S. in ...

My new employer is holding my 1st check 2 weeks. Paid every week though? Is this legal?
Started new job on april 8. Worked 52 hours 1st week. No check that week, no biggie, this week, work 54 hours, and am told that even though we are paid weekly, employer holds 2 paychecks back. Is this legal, i live in Michigan

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It is a common practice. If it is a small business, it takes a while to get things going.

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No employer can legally hold back your pay cheque.

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yes they hold back 1 week and you started at the beginning of a work week probably so even tho youre paid weekly this is correct and when you leave the job you will be getting 2 more checks the held back one plus the current one It all works out

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Big Bear
Yes it is legal and most businesses do this.

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