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im in alexandria va and im over 18...

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 If i apply for a job,when a backround check is done will my employer know i am on parole?
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 Do Restraining Orders show up in a pre-employment back ground check?
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 I did not finished my contract with my employer, is it wise not to include it in my resume?
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 Exactly whay is a months notice to leave a company?
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I handed my notice on in 11th Sept and have 4 days holiday which I am going to ...

 Is there a law that says i get paid for 3 hours if i show up to work and they send me home?
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 I've been asked to opt out of the EU Working times directive in order to secure a new job... is this legal?

 If I go home early from work do I have to provide a doctors certificate by law?
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 If I was wrongfully terminated and I was an at-will employee am I completely helpless or can I do something?
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 Sacked from work who will pay my maternity pay?
i have recently been sacked from work when i was 26 weeks pregnant. i have worked for the same company for just over 12 months. ever since they found out i was pregant i have had nothing but trouble ...

My current job contract stipulates 3 months notice to resign.?
I'd like to line up another job before I leave this one but nobody is willing to wait 3 months before I start. Are there any legal "windows" I can use to reduce the 3 months notice I have to give?

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Maria S ©

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I was Thinking
What is the "penalty" for resigning 3 months early!
get a new job, don't show up at your old one, you won't have to resign

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Just William
Happy has given the correct answer.

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Hector S
Are they aware that you are looking for employment? How long have you done this job? And is there anyone that can take on your role? If you say yes to the above then discuss the option of one months notice with your employer.
However they have put it there to cover themselves if someone should leave. Giving them enough time to replace you.

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In my experience most companies use that to scare staff.. which has worked in this case - but they rarely ask folks in real life to stick to it
Dd you have someone who has recently left to see what their experience was?
I would suggest (only) once you land a new job to give a months notice - if they give you any guff they can fire you or come after you in court (they may likely however not pay you out for unused vacation)
Most companies now do not give references (positive or negative) now, but merely verify employment dates so I would not worry about that
good luck

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Barbara Doll to you
It depends on the penalties in your contract. However, I would guess at worst you might lose all outstanding money. If you simply don't turn up, and are in breach of contract. I doubt you'll get much of a reference if anyone ever asks them for one.

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I recently left a job- i gave notice but i didn't work it- they have to by law pay you for what you have worked. If you just leave there is little they can or will do i imagine. It depends on whether by your leaving you have agreed to forgo salary, or pay back money for courses etc. Check and see how you will lose out.

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Do you have any holiday you could use up as your notice period? Some companies though realise there are longer notice periods so, as long as you make it clear when you apply, it's up to them to wait for you if you're the person they want. Good luck.

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No. If you are in a senior position then 3 months notice is quite normal. If you are going to a similar position then they should respect that 3 months is the industry norm and that you need to give the 3 months notice. If they don't then I would question their suitability as an employer because they are only looking for someone who is currently unemployed or who is so junior that they only have to give the statutory minimum notice. Are you looking for the right kind of job?

You imply that you have been offered quite a few jobs. If this is the case then why not take the plunge, hand in your notice and then take your pick from the jobs available pending the running of your notice. If so many people have turned you down on the basis of your notice then you must be able to et a job easily.

The only other thing you can do is that you say to your new employer that you have to give 3 months notice but will talk to your current employer to see whether they will release you early. They may well not want you to stay once you have handed in your notice and might let you leave earlier.

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Happy Murcia
an employer can only ask for notice equivelant to your pay frequency,ie paid weekly=1 weeks notice,paid monthly=1months notice and so on..
If you did break you contract with your employer the only three things they could do are,,,
1/ ..stop your wages
2/ ..take you to court for breach of contract
3/ ..ignore it and let you go.
1 and 3 are the most likely to happen,you are under no legal obligation to fullfill your contract,for example if you won the lottery you would probably give up work that day..your employer may try to threaten you with a bad reference but they cannot legally give you a bad reference as that would be liable and you can contest it in court,
So your best options are twofold,
1/ ..fullfill your contract
2/ ..break your contract and take control of your life,,they do not own you ,they just pay you for your time ...If you can work it so that you do not lose out financially ie work in some of your notice to coincide with annual leave then try to ..
All the best with your job search

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