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 Sick Note Rules?
Right well the thing is ive been on the sick with a broken thumb since december, i work for the council in the community & cultural services (bin man / street cleansing) Due to the nature fo my ...

 Barclays redundancy - any legal basis to ask for more?
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I understand that this ...

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 UK Solicitors/Lawyers - is this legal? (School Slander?).?
The other day, local School office staff (where one my friend's children attends) phoned her answer phone and left an offensive message. (It's by accident, as the voices are distant and ...

 Resignation not accepted- Any legal action?
I had resigned from my company. I was working there since 2 yrs. According to company policies i have to serve notice period of 2 months. I had served for 1 week. According to company policies rest ...

 How to write a resignation letter?
I want to quit my job as a legal secretary to stay home with my kids. I am just having a real hard time with wording that in my resignation letter. I know that we don't have to give personal ...

 Could you be denied employment for not listing a previous employer?
I was offered a job at a warehouse and did not list one of
my previous employers.
I worked at that job for about a year and a half.
I was not fired and gave a two week notice before ...

 UK Employment problem. Please see below.?
A relative of mine works for a Nursery School. They are SERIOUSLY understaffed. This means that for them to supervise the children properly the staff cannot have time to do the paperwork required by ...

 When you lose a job, can an employer hold your paycheck for 30 days?
My roommate lost her job a couple days ago, it was a mutual quit/fire. With everything else that they do illegally..(paying people under minimum wage, illegal immigrants, green meat, minors selling ...

 What are the common skills that are found in resume?

 If someone told you, you had to pay some money towards a canteen fund and if you didn't they would give you a?
poorer yearly report than you would have got, i.e your not a team player, what can we do?
Additional Details
canteen fund;money to pay for stuff in there and subsidies certain events at ...

 Is someone entiled to a reason if thier application for employment is denied?

 Is my husband place of employment screwing him over?
My husband was asked to take a 30 percent pay cut. He has been told they are cutting his wages, they didn't ask! Is there some type of law that protects him? He was knocked down to what the ...

 Where can i find a Pro Bono Lawyer??
I live in Los Angeles and I am fighting for my kids back unfortunately i dont have big money to hire a lawyer where can i find a pro bono Lawyer or where can i look to find one to help me?? Is there ...

 Career Choice?
Do you think being a cop would be fun?
What do you have to do to become a Cop?

 What is the difference between a legal assitant and a para legal?

 Wrongful discharge at work?
I was terminated at work by the owner and he said that i was being laid off because they are closing the store. then i get a call from the manager stating that i was laid off because the claim theft ...

 I'm gonna be a correctional officer?
I'm applying for a job as a correctional officer.

what should i expect if im hired?...

 Doing what's right in the workplace, or am I in the wrong?
I recently found out over the weekend that one of my co-workers had at one time, "puffed the magic dragon" in the workplace and has also went home on breaks and then came back to work.

 On what grounds can your employer request your college transcript?
My employer does not pay my tuition and my pending degree has zero connection to my job requirements.

I declined their request....

My boss is not paying me for all the hours I work every week, what do I do?
I found out that my boss has been paying me and my co-worker from 1-3 hours less than what we've worked every week since December. I have the evidence to prove it what should my first step be?

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Jamie M
1st step: gather all of your evidence and keep it handy, you're going to need it. I'd ask your boss what's up, and if he gives you any trouble, call the labour board or whatever it is you have in your area. Tell them what you have stated here, they will ask you for your proof and take it from there.

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Talk to the co worker and plan out what are you guys going to say to your boss

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Depends on what country you're in.

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1.have a meeting with the president of your company

2. file a complaint and tell him you want your boss to give you and your workers the money they did not get

3. show the president the evedience.(show him the cope just in case it gets t a point were you have to go to court about it)

4 make shure you and your workers get the money your boss owes you. if that dosent work, SEW

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I would first verify that the employer is aware they are not paying you for all of your hours. If they are aware, and still refuse to pay, don't bother complaining any further to your company. Contact your local Department of Labor, or the National toll free number 1-866-487-9243 . There are national and sometimes state laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act dealing with Wage & Hour. They specifically deal with these situation. Make sure you have good documentation. They have specific ways of dealing with your employer, and there are also laws that protect you from retaliation by your employer for complaining.

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