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 Hired with Misdemeanor?
have 3 misdemeanors, one for assault in 2002, one for resisting arrest in 2002 and one for driving on suspended license in 2005.

Is this going to make it impossible to get hired? I ...

 I signed an offer letter, included below. Is it legally binding?
We are pleased to offer you permanent, full-time employment at XYZ, Inc. We feel your skills and background are valuable assets to our team.
Per our discussion, your position is XYZ. Your ...

 What do lawyers do in their leisure time?

 How to tell a "friend" becoming a lawyer won't be easy if all your work experience is in Restaurants?
I have a friend that thinks she will just finish college, go to law school and open her own law firm and all she has ever done is work in Restaurants. I don't want to make it seem as if it can�...

 I have an employment law question. My work week is Tuesday through Saturday normally but we were on holiday?
hours so I was switched to Mon-Fri.. This coming week, I am scheduled for Mon-Fri, and Saturday since we will be opening this weekend again after the winter break hours. Any way I look at it, I am ...

 What are the pros and cons of a union job?
I have not had the experience of being in a union. the only media coverage on unions are the strikes. there has to be more to it than that....

 What are the laws governing mandatory lunch breaks on the job?
My Boss got really pissy and came in and changed everyone's start times and lunch break hours. I come into work at 8:15am and am now being forced to take lunch at 11:45AM instead of my previous 1...

 Is it legal for an employer to not give you a promised raise?
I work for subway and according to company policy if you fill out and pass these written tests you get a raise. I did them over three months ago and still no raise. i have talked to my manager ...

 Letter of Resignation, when should you hand in?
I received an offer from another job yesterday and I accepted, however, I start that job June 18th. Should I turn in my letter of resignation on Friday, or Monday June 4th right away in the morning? I...

 Does anybody want to slap their supervisor?

 I think i am facing some discrimination because i can't get a job?
i don't know but i haven given a lot of interviews and haven't had a job offer, but all this time i had been thinking may be it is my interviewing skills or something but this last week ...

 Am I eligible for overtime?
I was a healthcare recruiter for 7 months and switched to administrative work. The company I work for never changed my hourly rate. I was supposed to be making about $1.50 less. Anyways, I have not ...

 Can an employer stop someone from going to college during the working week.?
if the college course is related to job you are doing.
Additional Details
i meant to say it is day release....

 I ran out on my last job, on my first day, during my break? CONT?
I ran out on my last job, on my first day, during my break. And now the company I am being hired for (Bank of America) is asking for every single company I've ever worked for, and that if there ...

 Help when filling out an application for a job!?
When feeling out an application for a job and it asks for any felonies,crimes, etc, should i put that i attempted to elude the police?....yea it was stupid but its in the past and i am only 17 at ...

 Is there any legal way to leave job without resignation period? i have to start a new job ASAP.?
human resourses told my resingation period 2months. i dont want to leave this place with argument, but want to start a new job quickly!...

 On a draw but not making money. Can I get unemployment if I quit?
I was on unemployment for a month and decided to take a job offer that was only a draw for 2 mos. I initially thought I'd do well since I have previous experience but it's not working out ...

 Federal or state income taxes, legal, fail, and just?
How do you folk feel about a flat 10% tax across the board, without any exceptions, period?...

 Do you have any sources on why working would be better than going to college?

 Can you be fired from a job if u refused to sign a write up that claims u didnt do something u really did?
i have 2 witnesses that have also stated that i did do what my area manager is claiming i didnt do. and he on 2 occassions have also stated that i did tell him what hes claiming i didnt tell him.and ...

My boss has not given me any hours for four weeks.?
Do I have any rights? I'm a part time employee at Quizno's sub and a student. I recently undertook a second part time job for christmas with my first employers approval and support with a promise he would work around it. He did that for about a week. Now i am done my temp work and am currently making 0 dollars because of this.
I checked my bank account and received 1 hours work from him for no reason. This is an insult.
I want to see if there are any rights I have before I pursue another job because around this time of year there are very little openings.

I'm 17 years old and live in ontario, and make 8.25 and hour. I know I have received no safety training. Someone else mentioned that is illegal as well.

Additional Details
I spoke with him 2 weeks ago when he failed to give me hours. Asked him why he didn't call me for my availability and he gave me some bs that'd i had picked the other job over him when i had done everything to indicate otherwise. Told him i wanted to speak to him in person, said my temp work would be done on the 31st went over a few things and he said he'd call me if he needed me.
All I can say is WHAT A F#!#ING DO%#C*BAG
It would seem that i have to find another job.

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it depends if you have contractual hours, if you have signed something to say you must do at least x amount of hours per week, then he's absolutley obliged to give you that amount.
otherwise he could just think of you as a casual worker and just gives you hours when he pleases.

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What do you mean by rights? You always have the right to pursue another job. The best thing to do would be go right to the source and ask your boss whats going on, then you will be able to decide what course of action to take

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Go to him and ask him. he could have laid you off thinking you were giving him your two weeks to quit

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He is trying to get you to quit so he will not have to pay unemployment.

File for unemployment and see what they say.

Meanwhile best to start job hunting.

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well, you are part time time, i suggest giving your 2 weeks notice and gettng a new job.

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Shawn M
You can't get fired for no reason but he can scheldule you as little hours as your boss wants. Your boss wants you to quit.

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