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Darcy M
My boss has been changing our time cards since May. Is this legal and what can we do?
He started out by taking 20 minutes here and there from a select few, but now he has escalated to just about everyone and taking up to an hour off. I live in Montana and not really familiar with the labor laws here. We have called corporate about this numerous times and nothing has been done. What can we do?

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um yes this is very illegal!!! i know in michigan we have something called a Better Business Bureau that you can call for situations like these. i would look it up and if you have one CALL THEM quick and let them know whats going on! your boss might get really really mad but you'll get the money you worked for.

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Do you have an HR policy about this? Is he also taking off time for lunch in addition to this? I would contact the HR director and if necessary file a grievance to find out why this is being done.

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Doran P
If corporate has done nothing about it then that tells me they likely instructed him to do it.

It is very illegal.

If you have access to the cards...take a daily dated snapshot of you cards, or photocopy them...everyone do it...and let him see you do it.

Talk about his little prractice openly in the office, as if it were accepted fact that he does it. Mention to cutomers that he does it...if a customer says..."they got ya workin hard today? ...you respond with something like " not according to my time card I'm really not here having this conversation with you" ..things to get them to ask why.

The manager will not continue to do what he can't get away with

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Go to the the local dept of labor and talk to them. It is thier job to know what you are supose to do or if he is in the right or wrong.


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Find another employee or two or three .. co-workers. You each must verify each other's time cards. Add the hours at a certain point, mark the card to imply you have verified its hours ( mark it in ink so only you know what it means, or it is a meaningful mark) Such as, a tiny checkmark on the opposite side in the one corner, or rip off one of the corners.

Keep a record of the employee number, the date, the hours earned at that point.

If the practice continues then file a dispute / greivance at the hearing the employees would present their evidence they can verify each others card & hours ... they verify other employees by number not name.

If an external investigation is being done then this can be handed over to the inspectors.

The boss doing this can only get away with what the employees tollerate...

To retalliate you could secretly initiate a factory - wide boycott. Every Hour on-the-hour every employee should immediately stop working for exactly " seven minutes and thirty seconds"

After 8 hours this will add up to 1 full hour ( the hour he deducted that you did not get paid for) so now you get paid for an hour you did not work. That evens it up.. pick a day when inspectors are in the building .. once they see this they will speak to many employees to learn more .. not just talk to the boss over coffee and walk about.

On the other hand, if you can arrange it have the entire factory come in 1 hour late. If he can take time away and no one ask why then the employee should also be able to take time away and no one should ask why. If he can get work for free then you ( employees) should get money for free. It must be everyone though, they should sit out in the paking lot and not punch in for one hour no matter what. If the company starts losing money they will deal with this then .. force them to pay for time stolen..not only stop the practice.

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since you have already talked to your employer and they have not explained or corrected the problem you need to file a wage complaint with the state.
you can get started at this site:

Wage and Hour Unit
Labor Standards Bureau
Employment Relations Division
PO Box 6518
Helena, MT 59604-6518
(406) 444-5600
give them a call and they will assist you.

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