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 Can you cut their pay? UK?
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 Is it legal for an employer to change time cards?
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 I bid my salary too low, is it too late to negotiate a new salary?
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however, everyone in that ...

 Is my boss required to send a privacy policy with an email to me?

 I need help with an unemployment appeal hearing?
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 Finding a job after being arrested.?
Almost 3 years ago I was pulled over for a speeding ticket that I never paid. A year later I got pulled over again and I got a ticket for driving without a license and no insurance. I never went to ...

 How to be a music entertainment lawyer?
and do i have to take the bar exam in california because it involves LA?...

 Can you sue a med. licensing board if they loose your app 2 mths into process and u have to resend everything.

Additional Details
Cannot work without license, lost work, lost ...

 Workplace issue?
I work at a place, graduated, and still work there in a 'higher' position. Some of my old peers have not respected my move up, or the direction that I give them at times, and hence they ...

 18, and looking for a job while in college?
Why do you have to give your social when filling out applications?
They don't run background checks till hired right? Or at least a tentative job offer is made?

I'm leary ...

 Do you have to have someones bank details in order to raise a contract of employment?

 Which online paralegal program is best?
I have my options narrowed down to Washington Online Learning Institute and the Center for Legal Studies. Which would you recommend? Thanks!...

 Is there any way i can become a Crime Scene Investigator and make six figures?
I really want to be a crime scene investigator but i want to make six figures. I did research on the job and found out that it only pays around $65,000 a year. That's koo but i want to make six ...

 Do I have to pay for a theft that happened while I was on vacation?
I manage a store and was on vacation for a week and when i got back I found out there was a bunch of merchandise that was stolen by an employee. When I got back my boss said that if we do not ...

 What does a credit report show in terms of employment history?
Does it show employment history? Can someone igive me details about what EXACTLY can be learned about work history from a credit report?...

 What is the law regarding this matter?
I used to work a full 8 hour shift at my job. And I took one 15 minute break at 10am and an hour lunch from 12 to 1pm and another 15 minute break from 3pm to 315pm.
My hours were from 8am to 5:30...

My boss cut my hours because I'm pregnant...is this legal?
I just told my boss that I am pregnant and she told me that she was gonna cut my hours...thinking she was joking, I ignored it. When I got my schedule for this week she had only given me 16 hours when I usually get over 20 and when I checked the other employees' hours, they all had received well over 20 hours. Is this legal for her to do in California?

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karla O
She can't eliminate your job - but she can cut your hours. This happened to me when I was pregnant and then they didn't want to offer me my job back so - i informed them they had to and they ended up giving me a severance that was good. Don't get bullied!

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Sfdsfdsf D
maybe shes giving you less hours but the same pay? i dont know, i dont get what your saying, im only 15

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Ask her why she cut your hours. If she did it because she felt since your pregnant you could use more rest then she should have cleared it with you first. If it was for any other reason that is illegal, she cant show prejudice

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Are you going to be able to PROVE that it was because you told her you were pregnant? If you don't have proof, there's not much you can do about. I would just ask her why she cut your hours.

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She has the right to cut your hours, but not because you are pregnant. Go back to her and ask for your normal hours back for future weeks, and see what she says.

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This is not legal in the UK but we have better employment laws and rights here and more holidays (25 days a year including statutory ones) but the French have 40! So maybe you should come to the UK and the North West of England as it is cheaper here!

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Absolutely and 100% NOT legal. Hell no its not legal. Take her *** to court immediately and SUE her. Listen to me, you have a CLEAR cut case of descrimination, and you will win, hands down. You don't deserve it, others who will work for her after you won't deserve it, and SHE deserves to be taught a lesson. Take her for all she's worth, and her company, and listen to me, DON'T feel bad or let up for a single second that you do it either, she is WRONG, and you have EVERY legal right to make her pay for her extreme ignorance.

*also, if you ask her any other questions regarding why she's doing this to you, take a tape recorder with you, and record her. The more evidence you have on her, the more she will seal her own envelope. Listen to me, because some of these other people here clearly DO NOT KNOW what they are talking about, I do. Pursue this, do not let her get away with it. Discrimination is discrimination, and has NO right. Find an attorney today, and explain the whole situation. I hope the company you work for is large; you and your child may be looking forward to a substantial settlement. Let her ignorance, be your gain.

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