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 It is not a offence to lie to your employer?
If a employee did not declare to her employer that she sacked from her previous job for incompetence and fraud and the employer finds this out five years later would that not be a suckable offence?<...

 Illegal to make server pay for other employee who didnt pay bill?
So on wed night i was closing the restaurant i work in and a fellow employee asked if she could ring food in under my number. i said yes cause i planned on eating too and we ate.about 10 mins later i ...

 If a company in Florida is in financial trouble, is it legal to reduce it's employee's salaries?
If anyone as any info on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance....

 How can I refuse this job position?
Hi, last month my supervisor asked me to be a team leader for his department and I agreed but I told him that I need a raise for this new position. He told me he'll tell the company's ...

 Do engineers when hired forfeit any intellectual property undocumented with patents.?
This question is being asked because i have ideas for inventions that i am wondering if i get hired by a company as an engineer if that company now controls any invention i may develop during or ...

 How old do you have to be to work at Parsons Bakery and how much do they pay an hour?

 Can employers view your medical history?
Can they see what prescriptions, etc. that you've taken? Who can legally view your medical history? Where is the line drawn?...

 If i want to be a detective and or crime investigator should i go to medical or law school?
i really would like to work in the forensic and crime fields....

 Can you get a job at 15?
I was wondering if you can get a job at 15. Any kind of job actually, im just wondering if there is some kind of law of ...

 Can I sue for hostile work environment if racial slurs are regularly being used, but I'm not the minority?
I know that racial slurs, used consistently, create a hostile work environment and are basis for a lawsuit. My coworker constantly uses the N word and creates a very uncomfortable environment at ...

 What to wear for receptionist job interview at a law firm?
It's a busy firm in downtown Boston. Do I have to wear a skirt suit? Or can I just wear a nice button down white shirt with a black skirt? The problem is, the suit I have is wool and it's ...

 Why wont anyone hire me? is it possible, its because of my qualifications?
I was in college for 3 years, started when I was 16

I am qualified as a Legal Secretary and an Administrator. Since leaving I cant get a job anywhere as they all want atleast 2 years ...

 Can I find a professional job in business accounting with multiple misdemeanor assault charges on my record?

 Help with paralegal and legal Secretary univesities ?
okay, so now i've pretty much decided upon a 4 year college...and most likey a junior college for 2 years then off to university...my problem is it seems impossible to find a university that ...

 Convictions and Employment?

My questions is in regards to a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction. I was thinking about pursuing a career in law enforcement but have discovered that having such a ...

 Is being a massage therapist a rewarding career?
im a 17 teenager in 12th grade getting ready to start my life, i was interested in becoming a massage therapist but is it really worth it?
hows the money?
is it hard getting a job?
is ...

 I need some help with some legal/career stuff. Nothing big, just a quick question. Any help?
Ok so i found out the legal age to work at a restauraunt in the state that i live in. McDonalds says they only hire older 15 year olds and 16 and above. Could i show them the law and they would have ...

 Can companies Levy an Admin charge for providing personal information under the Data Protection Act?
An solicitor has requested medical information on an ex-employee. Can the Company charge for the administration involved in collecting this information?. Is there a set fee for obtaining such ...

 Boss wants me to quit?
About 2 years ago my wife and i thought we would look into migration to oz, to do this with all the stuff we had to produce i spoke to my boss and he was very helpful and gave myself a brilliant ...

 My boss disclosed personal and private information about me at work. Is this legal?
Everyone on my team at my job (about 8 people) pretty much knows the entire contents of my personell file. She has also admitted to my co workers that she doesn't care for me and will do ...

Legal Advice, My Job Didnt Pay Me This Week?
I went to check my bank this morning and realised i hadnt been paid.
Im owed 16 hours, i rang wages after along day of ringing back and fourth i get a phone call saying i had been over paid at some point and i will not be getting my pay today until they work out whats gone wrong. I suggested being paid out of my holiday entitlement but i got no answer. Is this allowed its not fair as i have no money what can i do?????????

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This is totally not fair. You should contact your trade union representative straight away, you should no let them get away with this

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Call your state's labor relations board or contact an attorney.

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If they truly did over pay you in your last check or ones before that, there is nothing you can do. Especially if you knew about it. If you didn't know about it, and this is all a big surprise to you I would try to talk to them, explain to them that its the holidays and could they deduct a little from each future check that you get to make up for it, due to the fact that you didn't not know you were overpaid. If they did not over pay you and it is an error on their part, i don't think there is much you can do unless you go a long while without being paid. Good Luck.

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Although this isn't fair, you need to just be patient. I have had this problem on my job, and it is usually a temprorary problem, but they cannot just pay you and then have you have to pay back more. What has happened in my case, is if they have overpaid me in the past, they would take it off the pay cheque of what they have been owed to me. So you will still get paid a pay cheque at some point, but they have to figure out how much of the money that they have to take off. If they pay you this pay cheque without taking it off, and they do the same error this time, then you would end up owing way more back to the company, so that is why they are doing it now. I hope that you can understand this.

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They should pay you now and then ask you to pay them back after they've figured out "what's gone wrong", not simply withhold your wages now with no notice! Tell them to prove that you have been overpaid for starters ... it sounds like they're not actually sure that you have been.

Your only hope really is to argue with them ... remain polite and calm, as obviously they've got the upper hand here, but don't let the matter drop.

Legally, there isn't really anything you can do. The problem is that should they refuse to pay up at all then there are obviously legal channels that you can go through, but these can take up to a year to negotiate so won't make a difference to the fact that you have no money now. If you were to contact DWP then they do have some kind of crisis loan, but I'm not sure that this would apply to you since it seems that you are in employment and will be being paid next week.

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