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Is there a law that says whether you can or cannot discuss your pay with other employees?
I was recently told that you are legally allowed to discuss your pay with other employees, and that companies are not allowed to tell you otherwise...but have been threaten with loosing my job from my boss for doing so. Anyone familar with the laws?

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Barb S
You can tell anyone you want

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Tony S
Come-on princess.... Give it a rest - it is out of respect for the people who pay your salary you do not discuss your salry. If you do not like the people who pay your salary, get a new person to pay it then tell everyone what your salary was.

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You need to listen to what the boss says........or suffer the consequences........sorry.........thats the way it is.........

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hmm sounds illegal to me.

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the doggfather
not quite certain if it is law or not, but it is generally not done, especially if you make more. Why do you care what person a or b is making, when you should be concentrating on what you are doing. It is personal and no ones business but your own. I have always made more than my colleagues due to better negotiating skills, and what I bring to the table. I belive they know that I make more and try to find out how much, I simply tell them better than the average bear. How much does the average bear make? I don't know, because I am not the average bear! :)

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I think what you meant was

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Although I dont think it is a "law" per se, but I believe if it is in your company's handbook, then it is enforceable. Review your manual and see if same is covered... I recall the hiring manager telling me "if anyone finds out how much your are being paid, then you and I will be the only ones working here!"... I was cashing my first check and the bank called to "verify", as this was her first time seeing me there, and the bank manager asked for "the bookeeper". The chick who answered was my coworker and okayed the check amount!!!! Once she found out, she was fired up and went to the boss and complained because her and I do the same thing and she has worked there for 5 years without a raise!!! Well, he pulled me in the office and told me that he has to lower my pay to afford her a raise!!! I gave him the walking papers!!!

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Shelly B
no law... but what does your companies policy hand book have to say regarding the issue?

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its from the company, its so other don't feel bad if you are making more then them. they can let you go over it. so keep it off the jod. Good Luck.

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Many companies have come up with their own rules and regulations that an employee must follow, which usually includes the non-disclosure of personal information such as pay or salary rates. It is not a written federal or state law, but rather a corporate law if they so choose it to be. It is true that a company can fire you for not following their rules, which would include release of your pay. You have to understand that this is a very sensitive matter to many employees and can cause a harmful workplace environment. It is done for good reason---to secure the safety and protection of their employees.

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Robert (The Sage)
In certain states all employment is "at will" IE They can fire you or you can quit at any time for no cause. In other states if the company has a policy or even your boss tells you some piece of information is confidential, then they probably would be able to restrict fire you for that there too...

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stan c
There is no law but as my father would say; " If you don't open your mouth, you can't get in trouble".

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not sure if there's a law but its a jobs policy not too because it will stir up trouble due too everyone may have more or less per hour.

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It's certainly not illegal but it is unethical to discuss your salary with co-workers. What benefit is there to discussing wages other than to cause dissension with your fellow employees? This has been taboo for generations and there is etiquette for employees to follow whether you agree with it or not.

When you eat your lunch, you don't chew with your mouth open; not because it's illegal but because it's unbecoming and unprofessional.

As an adult, you assume that employees with different levels of skills and abilities - whether real or perceived - will be paid different salaries.

Your manager is wrong to threaten termination but I would speculate that he is frustrated with behavior
that is unprofessional and not accepted in a place of business.

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It isn't a matter of law. When you were hired, you probably signed an agreement to follow the company policies. There is a good chance that it is a written policy that such things not be discussed. As such they can fire you for breaking policy. Either way if it is not policy, they can probably find some other bogus way to fire you.

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If it is a company's policy for employees NOT to discuss their pay, pay rate, salaries, or other issues, then they should NOT discuss it.

In an 'at will' employment position, you can be terminated for any reason. That means that if you fart in a staff meeting, you could be fired. It means that if you wear a BLUE shirt on "RED shirt" day, you could be fired. and if you discuss your SALARY with a co-worker, you could be FIRED.

Your employer does not want a bunch of disgruntled kid games when it comes to work and pay. If "Bob" has a work ethic and record that says he should get a 10% pay raise this year, and you only get 3%, so what. It is your employer's right to dole out pay and money as they see fit. I've worked for many different defense contractors since 1987, and each has a policy of not discussing pay with co-workers. You may not like it but do NOT be surprised if you get fired for doing so. And you won't be able to 'sue'. The sure fire way to get in trouble is to go back into your boss, angry and demanding why "Bob" got a 10% pay raise and you only got 3%. Maybe Bob DESERVED it. But in any case you do that and you'll both probably get booted.

Yea, you can discuss whatever you want, but if you violate company policies you'll get canned.

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There is an unwritten rule against discussing salaries.
Sure, go ahead and claim your constitutional right to freedom of speech, but also be aware of what an "at will" employtee is.
This ,means your employment can be terimated at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all.
This means, "I can legally discuss my salary with whoever I want" and they can say " You no longer work here!"
Your call!!!!!!

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Not a law, but there may be company policies against doing so. Violating the policy could be grounds for dismissal.

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Joel R
That would fall under the first amendment. You can discuss whatever you like unless it's under a confidentiality agreement.

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