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Is there a law that says i get paid for 3 hours if i show up to work and they send me home?
my son got sent home yesterday from work for a dispute with a supervisor. today he went to work and they told him he was suspended for a few days. please tell me, does he still get paid for a couple of hours because he showed up? i know there is some law about this but i cant find it. please help. One more question, his supervisor made a comment "if i were you, i would shoot myself"........this is what started all this. Is there anything he can do about this?

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Generally, the Wage and Hour Laws of the various States provide compensation for "hours worked". Since your son reported for work, and in fact remained "on the job" for three (3) hours he should be compensated. If not, look in the phone book for the Wage and Hour Division, listed under the Department of Labor for information on how to register a complaint.

As to your other concern, the incident that got him suspended, see my profile and contact me with the details and I'll attempt to provide advice and guidance.

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It depends on your state. A lot of states have the "right to work" law where the company or you personally are allowed to terminate employment at any time. In essence, there are no real rights for the worker.

Even if he legally isn't eligible for 3 hours of pay, I would encourage your son to find a new job. Working in hostile work environments are never fun.

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bill l
in Ontario the labour law says that if a person goes to work and is sent home with out notice then they are suppose to be paid for a minimum of 4 hours of work.
your son falls into a different group all together he was in trouble at work so he does not qualify for this 4 hours of pay.
in addition even if he did qualify he would be very unwise to ask for this money if he is hoping to continue at that place of work.

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There is a reporting pay law, which guarantees a minimum of 2 hours of pay in some industries if the employee was scheduled to work a regular shift and then arrived to find that not enough work was available to fill the shift. That law is not applicable in this case.

Your son is not entitled to pay if he has been suspended from work. In order to have been suspended, he must have committed a very serious infraction which could well result in him being fired.

There is no law that states that supervisors cannot make insulting, stupid, or even cruel comments...just think of the lawsuits we'd have if there were! If your son is not mature enough to overlook a crass remark, he is probably not mature enough to be working...we have all had to deal with obnoxious bosses at some point in our careers.

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Brandi C
It depends on where you live. In california they have to pay you for 2 hours if you show up then they send you home.

Tell him to find a new job. He shouldn't work for someone who talks to him like that. But you should also talk to him about why his supervisor would say that. Did your son do something? Maybe he is very difficult to work with, maybe he complains all the time or is not good at some part of his job and makes a lot of mistakes. It doens't justify what the supervisor said, but try to find out more about whats going on so you can help him.

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the comment by supervisor . if i were you i will shoot myself is very provocative and suggests the suicidal overtones in it . The comment maker intends that the person who takes his beating should die and this is abatement of suicide . this is criminal offense. this should be tried in court of law for provoking the person to commit suicide.. you must get witness to support your stand and you must get legal consultant who will formulate your case papers and call the supervisor in court of law where you can claim damages.

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Chef Frisbee
Sounds like an issue there of a personality conflict between your son and the supervisor.

The supervisor may be a twit, but your son may also be contributing to it - though he probably wouldn't admit it to you.

He needs to look for another job

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Before you go off and take your son's side at face value, if you are interested in helping your son out, I think you need to call and ask the supervisor for his side of the story. Don't start in with 'guns blazing' - it will only make the supervisor more defensive, and he might just hang up on you.

If you son had a dispute with his boss, and it elevated to the level of name-calling, unless you can somehow prove that it was an unprovoked attack against your son (and somehow I don't think this is the case), or that it falls into a Title VII discrimination issue, there is very little you can do about it. Most state emloyment laws are governed by the legal philosophy of 'at-will', which means your son can quit for any reason, and barring Title VII discrimination, your son's boss can fire him for any reason.

From your description of the incident, it sounds like the boss fired your son, and your son tried to show up to work the next day anyway, and was told to go home. He has no legal recourse in this situation. Even if he showed up and the boss told him to go home, unless he is governed by some sort of union shop (and I'm guessing he is not) then the boss does not owe him anything.

At this point your son needs to decide if he can work his dispute out with his boss or if he needs to try and get another job. Even if the boss made those comments, I sincerely doubt that you can take any legal action over the comments. Even if the boss is a jerk, I am not sure that your interference will make things any better (in fact it might make it worse - I know I would be thinking - "what this young man needs his parents to intervene? I'm never going to hire this guy back!").

Sounds like your son has quite a shocking introduction to the world of work. But from a legal standpoint there is not much you can do about this, even is the boss is a jerk. So my advice to him would be to shake it off and move on to something else.

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no law unless your under a union contract, I would tell your son to look for a new job, suspended is an easy way to say he is fired

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Your son will not get paid if he has been suspended. They are trying to get him to quit. He should spend his few days off looking for a new job. He shouldn't work where the people are not professional. He could end up getting blamed for doing something he didn't do.

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