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Lyssa Joy
Is there a job you can get without a drivers license?
Okay. My boyfriend is 18 years old. But he lost his drivers license because of that new rule where if you get two tickets in a year under 21 years of age. Anyway, he works as a painter now, but winter is coming so he will be out of that job. He's really concerned because he knows alot of jobs require a license. Does anyone know of any good paying jobs for an 18 year old guy he could get without one? He'd really appreciate it. Thanks!!!

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Most jobs do not require a driver's license.

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Many jobs don't require a license so much as, "a reliable way to get to work." This means that you could drive him there, or he could take public transportation. Is he looking for jobs that require he drive on the clock? There are a lot of jobs that don't require driving, depending on his education/training, schedule restrictions, etc. How long will he be without a license? If it will only be a couple of months, he could start doing some holiday work until he can drive again. I'd also suggest looking into things within walking/biking/skating distance, or near bus/subway stops, depending on where you live.

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Any well paying job that does not require him to drive will work.
A state issued identification card will be accepted in the place of a driver's license if he does not have one.
You can get a state issued identification card at your local DMV.

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Most jobs don't require a driver's license. He could work in a store, or in an office, or at a gas station, or in a restaurant, or for the town ... almost anywhere at all.

The problem is not what kind of job he should get, but where he can find one that he can get to without driving. He's going to need to figure out what places are near enough to him that he can get there by walking, or riding his bike, or taking the bus. Those are the places he should apply at.

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Many different forms of ID can be used to fulfill the employer's obligations on the I9 form they must use from the federal government.

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Laura [tangerine atheati]
Most jobs don't require one. They DO require photo ID though, but if he has a passport, state ID, school ID, etc that will due.

The only jobs that REQUIRE a license would be delivery or driving jobs. Other jobs just require a photo ID (which is why they usually ask primarily for a driver's license)

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