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Andrew J
Is it true that after 7 years of a conviction, you no longer are required to mention it when applying for job?

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Cubs Girl
Applications state"have you EVER been convicted of a felony"? You must disclose

If any application states " In past the past 7 years have you ever been convicted of a felony"? You can say no

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you're thinking of bankruptcy. when applying for the job, you answer the question asked. some employers put a time frame on their conviction question, others don't.

if it's a misdemeanor, you might petition the court to have your conviction expunged, that way you can answer "NO" to the conviction question (unless you're applying for a federal job, then IIRC, you have to disclose the conviction)

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How a Conviction becomes Spent
The way in which a conviction can become ‘spent’ under the ROA will depend upon the sentence received for the offence, and the rehabilitation period that applies to that offence sentence. The principles apply to convictions in a criminal court, findings in a juvenile court, certain offences in service disciplinary proceedings and hospital orders under the Mental Health Act 1983.

The time required before the conviction is spent – the rehabilitation period – will be different depending upon the nature and length of the sentence, be it a term of imprisonment, a fine, a surcharge order, probation, or an absolute or conditional discharge. Relevant rehabilitation periods are set out below.

Unless otherwise stated, the rehabilitation period runs from the date of the conviction and will generally depend upon compliance with the sentence.

Relevant Rehabilitation Periods

Sentence Rehabilitation Period

Prison for more than 2 ½ years : Never

Prison, youth custody or corrective training for more than 6 months but no more than 2 ½ years: 10 years*

Dismissal with disgrace from Her Majesty's service: 10 years*

A sentence of Borstal training: 7 years

Prison for 6 months or less: 7 years*

Dismissal from Her Majesty's service 7 years*

Imprisonment or detention in YOI for 6 months or less: 7 years*

Detention in respect of conviction in service disciplinary proceedings: 5 years*

(Most) fines 5 years*

Probation order or community order (person 18 or older): 5 years

Probation order or community order (person under 18): Either 2 ½ years from conviction, or until the order ceases to have effect – whichever is the longer

Hospital order under Mental Health Act 1984: Either 5 years, or 2 years after order ceases to have effect, whichever is the longer.

Young offender detention for 6months or less: 3 years

Conditional discharge, binding over,care order, supervision order, reception order: Either 1 year after making of order, or 1 year after the order ends, whichever is the longer

Absolute discharge: 6 months

Disqualification: The period of disqualification

*Note: These periods are reduced by half if the offender was under eighteen at the date of conviction.

Excluded Sentences

Convictions resulting in the following sentences can never become spent:

· A sentence of imprisonment, youth custody detention in a young offender institution or corrective training, for a term of more than two and a half years.
· A sentence of imprisonment for life
· A sentence of preventive detention.
· A sentence of imprisonment or detention for public protection, or an extended sentence under the Criminal Justice Act 2003
· Detention during Her Majesty’s pleasure or for life, or a sentence of custody for life.
· A sentence of detention for more than two and a half years in the case of a youth convicted of a grave crime
· Certain court-martial and military punishments

New Convictions and Other Principles Affecting Rehabilitation Period

If you are convicted during the rehabilitation period of an offence which can only be tried by a Magistrates’ Court, the new sentence will carry its own rehabilitation period and will not affect the earlier one . Otherwise, if you are convicted during the rehabilitation period of any other offence covered by the ROA, then generally and if the second offence is more serious, the earlier conviction will become spent only when the later one becomes spent. If the second offence is less serious, then the later conviction will become spent only when the earlier one becomes spent. If during a rehabilitation period a person is given a sentence which can never become spent, this also prevents the earlier unspent conviction from ever becoming spent .

It is important to note that it is the length of the sentence imposed by the court which is relevant and not, for example, the length of time actually served in prison. A sentence counts in the same way, whether you are actually sent to prison or the sentence is suspended.

Where a person is convicted in the same proceedings of more than one offence, and the sentences imposed for those offences are either ordered to be served consecutively (i.e. one after the other) or wholly or partly concurrently (i.e. at the same time), then those sentences shall be treated as a single term, giving rise to one rehabilitation period. That period will be calculated according to the total of the sentences imposed. So, for example, if a person is convicted of two offences in the same proceedings – one offence for which he is sentenced to three months in prison, and a second offence for which he is sentenced to four months in prison – then whether or not those sentences are to run concurrently or consecutively, both convictions will become spent only after 10 years.

By contrast, where a person is convicted of a single offence but more than one sentence is imposed in respect of it (whet

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If your conviction is considered "spent" (as detailed in the other post) you normally do not have to declare it and are legally allowed to say "no" if asked whether you have a criminal record. However, there is an exception for posts which require a standard or enhanced criminal record check (normally required for posts working with children or vulnerable adults) where you do still have to disclose spent convictions.

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