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Is it required by law that employers give their employees raises?
such as raise after 90 days if you do good job or yearly raises or cost of living raises? i have been with my company for lil over 1 year. i was told they dont do raises right now because they cant afford to. yet they have started a new program where they pick one guard every 3 months and give them a raise. thats only 4 per year. im happy for those people but do not feel that its fair.

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No. There is no law that an employer is required to grant raises even if you have been employed for 20 years at the place.

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Our government has yet to be able to get to that level to force employers to give raises. God forbid if that ever happens. When you work for an employer you work at will. At the discretion of the employer. You have certain rights, but it has not to do with your pay (except for minimum wage) or your advancement. (except for discrimination). If the company has less than 50 employees you might not be able to file for discrimination. It does not meet federal guidelines.

So your employer is much like a Monarch, like a God. I always said to myself this statement when working for an employer.

Work for an ungrateful master, let god be in your debt, of gain a habit that will be with you for the rest of your life.

So when you work for someone else, pretend your are working for yourself. Keep looking to make your situation better, especially if you have to leave to make it better for yourself. Don't ever think you are working for someone else. You are working for yourself. He has every right to fire you, you have every right to leave and find better employment.

"There is a silent third party in all our bargains. If you serve an ungrateful master, serve him the more. Put god in your debt. Every stroke shall be repaid. The longer the payment is withholden, the better for you; for compound interest on compound interest is the rate and usage of this exchequer." (Emerson)

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Heck no. The law only mandates that you get at least minimum wage. Anything above that is a gift from your employer and not required.

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No. You could work for the same place for 20 years and never get a raise. The only thing they have to do is to make sure you are being paid no less than minimum wage.

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Heather V
No employers are not required to give raises by law.

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There is no legal requirement for them to give you a raise. Sorry!

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Stephen K
There is no law that requires an employer to give a raise

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No, raises are not required by law. Employers must follow the minimum wage hour law and worker comp. Insurance. Plus they have to follow certain OSHA regulations.

If your company can not afford raises but for 4, then it is in serious financial trouble and you need to start look for a job elsewhere. Good Luck!

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Wherever did you get that idea? NO, raises aren't required. Actually, unless you have a contract for a certain pay rate for a particular length of time, they could even legally LOWER your pay, although that usually doesn't happen - if they do, your option is to quit and find a new job.

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They're not required to give raises. At the same time, you're not required to stay with them. You've always got the option of getting a job with a company that pays more. You've got a year of experience already...unless they've got benefits that you really care about, or some other reason to stay, don't hesitate to shop around for a better paying job.

Don't believe that, about them not being able to afford to give you raises. They just don't want to. You mentioned you're a guard...I'm assuming private security. Most of those companies will charge a business twice as much as they're paying you..and when you think that they're getting that around the clock in most cases, it adds up to a pretty decent profit for them. My husband worked for a company in TX 10 years ago...they said they were exempt from paying time and a half for overtime (not true but he believed it) and they only paid $6 an hour. Ten years later, my husband no longer works for them of course, but they're now paying 6.75 and they're still not paying time and a half for overtime and now they have a brand new, fancy building for their office...which I guess came from all the money they saved by not paying overtime.

There are two kinds of security guard jobs...contract companies and in-house. It's much better to look for an in-house job, often you'll get the same benefits that the office workers, etc...get. Places that have in-house security are museums, hospitals, and some other places. My husband has an in-house security job now, that pays 12.75 an hour, 2 weeks of vacation a year, 8 paid holiday days, 2 weeks of sick time a year, health, vision and dental insurance all paid for by the company...and it's a lot safer and quieter than any of the contract companies he worked for. He has so little to do that he takes his dvd player with him, or gets on the internet on the laptop they leave out for the guards to use.

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