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Freaked out
Is it legal to hold an employee responsible for cash drawer shortages?
I recently started working at a hotel where almost anybody can gain access to the money, it's just left in an unlocked drawer. Any employee walking by can stop and make change for somebody, take in cash, etc. Yet, at the end of my shift I share responsibility with the other employee working the desk for any shortages. Is this legal?

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Your employer can deduct shortages from your check only if there is an accounting of the money at the beginning and end of the shift and you are the only person who has access to the cash drawer during your shift. Also, the employee must be guilty of gross negligence and/or willful misconduct, not simple negligence.

You didn't mention which state you're working in, but I think all states have laws covering this. I did a web search of several state sites which specificially addressed ths issue. Of course all state laws must be in compliance with federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Eric G
Well the issue here is that your employer does not have a good system for keeping their money safe.

What should happen is at the beginning of your shift you should go into a secure cash room and count a draw with your starting bank. At the end of your shift you should take that draw go back into the cash room subtract out the starting bank and what is left should be what the register says you should have taken in. Anything short you are responsible for. However, you should not be responsible to replace the money, you are responsible from the standpoint that you need to explain what happened. Also, you should be the only one with access to that drawer.

It is also difficult to place blame when people share a drawer. You could be stealing money and your co-worker takes the heat and vice versa.

I would have a talk with your manager about your concerns. I advise you not to question policies and procedures but just talk to him/her about your thoughts and maybe share an idea of how you can make it better. Managers hate people that question them, but they love employees who share their ideas.

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The employer cannot deduct the difference from your pay -- that's illegal. Did you sign a document at hire about taking responsibility for shortages?

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The best thing to do is to Google you're state's name and "Bureau of Labor" and either call them or send them an email asking them.

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It is legal to hold a worker responsible for cash shortages if #1 YOU ARE STEALING IT

Other than that it is not smart for the hotel to have 2 employees on the same register. For that matter they are digging themselves a bigger hole. If you are stealing money and there is another person on the till you shouldnt have to worry about getting caught unless they have a camera on you.

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no it is not legal. especially if there is absolutely no proof that you are the "primary borrower" (pun intended)

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With our business, we hold who ever is working responsible. and if there is other employees... they must ask you for the change or whatever. but yes. its legal. we usually hold them responsible and make them pay back the differance.

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stan c
Most companies get bonds for their employees in case there is a shortage. I'd start looking for another job and make sure they are bonded.I've been in the collection business 35 years and I always made sure I was bonded before accepting a job.

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yup it is.. money matters , especially in foreign countries.. just be careful...

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