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 If you supervisor as much as told you that you would be walked out (fired) after you came to work what would o

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 I am currently unemployed in Illinois-I was let go after one month...?
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 Is there any legal action I can take?
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a mom
Is it legal to fire someone on medical leave?
i have been out with breast cancer for four months and i got a letter saying i was approved for long term disability and two weeks later i got a letter in the mail saying i was terminated for my job of 29 years

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Truthfully no you can not be fired that quick check out FMLA you can get the answers you are looking for from there.

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Yes and no. If you have a legitimate issue, then I don't believe they can let you go. However, there are some people who go out on disability, heal from the injury, and just "forget" to come back to work. They try to milk the system. It's hard to prove that they're healthy, but if you can, those people can be fired. I'm guessing that you should not have been fired. I would call HR or whoever approved your disability. Maybe it was a mistake?

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That's totally illegal. Contact your local Labor Department to discuss the FMLA laws and what your recourse would be.

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It depends on the reason for termination. If you position was eliminated then yes it is legal. If you have exhausted your leave available at your job then it is legal (12 weeks FMLA). If it is retaliation or just because you are on leave then no.

Just because you were approved for LTD does not mean your job is guaranteed as well. I wish you the best of luck but can't give you more advise without additional information.

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When you were approved for Long Term Disability which is paid by a third party your employment was terminated from the Company. Your Long-Term Disability will continue. Check your summary plan description for your Long Term Disability Insurance. Perfectly legal.

Reason for termination: Expiration of Medical Leave of Absence

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Charis P
For covered employers, the Family Medical Leave Act allows an eligible employee up to a total of 12 work weeks of unpaid leave during any 12 month period. If you have been on medical leave for four months you have already used up the alloted time allowed for medical leave under the FMLA and your employer has fulfilled its obligations under the FMLA.

If your job is under a collective bargaining agreement or your have an employment contract then you may have additional entitlements under either arrangement. Unfortunately if you are an at will employee your employer is allowed to terminate you if you cannot work after 12 weeks.

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