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Is it legal for an employer to let you go for no reason at all?
On the unemployment letter that I received from the state, my previous employer put down that I did nothing wrong, I was ever written up, I never had any warnings, I did not know I was in danger of loosing my job. I was just let go because I was "unapproachable". He did not state what I was unapproachable about or who complained about me. Can I take this to a lawyer and sue?????

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Yes you can take that to a lawyer, It is clear that your employer has broken the law there.

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You lose. Most states have "hire at will" laws, which also mean "fire at will". It is corporate lobbyists that somehow "sway" the state lawmakers into passing these laws. It allows companies to fire you before you are eligible for unemployment and other benefits without anything coming back on them. The lawmakers that pass laws like this should be put in front of a firing squad along with the corporate people that dream them up in the name of "bringing work into the state". It is also how they get away with hiring illegal immigrants through temp services.

Collect your unemployment (Hopefully you can) and be mad.

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No, the employer is able to let you go with or without notice. (At-will) Unapproachable could mean a lot of things. They don't have to give you the name of person or person(s) that complained about you. I'm sure that there were other things going on and the unapproachable comment is what they came up with. Call up unemployment and ask them if there is more information or more details about the reason for termination. What reason did they tell you when they let you go? You can't sue but at least you can get some information for you to know what happened and try to fix the situation before next time.

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Anna E
In order to sue, you would have to prove "wrongful termination" and in order to do that, you would have to prove that you were fired illegally. In a right to work state, where employment is at-will, employers can fire you for no reason, but they cannot fire you for protected status or behavior (ie-race, sex, marital status etc.), so in order to sue, you would have to prove that you were fired illegally for a reason relating to one of those protected classifications, which is very hard to do with the amount of information you have, so basically, no.

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=^..^= kittie_kaat☺
depends on the state I live in Texas which is an employment at will state they can let you go without any reason.

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Yea you have no recourse against him if you live and are based in a right to work state like here in Texas. This simply means you can continue to work for a company as long as they want you too and can dismiss you for any reason. Most employers do not practice this, I know I didn't.

I might suggest that you write or visit with the person responsible and see if you cant talk to them. Maybe get your job back if you still wanted it. Good Luck!

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Actually in a non union job, you can be fired if they dont like your hair color. It would be usless to go to a lawyer and try to sue your employer. If I was you I would go to your former employer and ask what they ment by unapproachable. Maybe there was a misunderstanding, if not it would be good to know exactly what they ment for future reference and future employment.

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If you work in an "at-will" employment state (e.g. California), then the employer can let you go for no reason. In most cases you're better off just moving on and forgoing the cost of a lawyer. If there were other factors involved (sexual harassment or discrimination, violation of wage laws or the American Disabilities Act), then you would have a better case.

As far as being unapproachable, employers very rarely will cite who complained. It could be a friend of the boss etc. I think the best thing to do is to really think about your personal interactions in your last job and see if there were incidents that could be interpreted that way. Do people tend to come to talk to you about tasks, processes and information? Or do they avoid you even if you're the one who has the knowledge. Do you act condescending or like a know-it-all?

And maybe think about unapproachable people you have run into, do you share any characteristics with them. I've known and worked with people who were difficult to approach in the past. You might decide it was all a bunch of hooey but it might be a good exercise to do some self-evaluation.

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In most states it is very legal to for whatever reason they seem fit. What usually happens is that if the 'reason' is questionable, the door is open for unemployment, as well as possible suit. But, really, is it worth it to sue?? Apply for unemployment, you will probably get it, and look for something else inbetween.

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No. If you work in a "right to work state" and I'm sure you do, you can be let go without any reason given at anytime. Same way you can quit at any time without reason.

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