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Cindy W
Is it legal fire someone for a background check after they have been working for awhile?
If a company fires you for a background check they do 4 weeks after you have been working there, is that legal? Do they have to do this before the hire date?
Additional Details
they never asked about a background check. they just decided today to do one.

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l f
Depends....Did you fill out your app. honestly?. If you did, you have a case. If not....well..

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Cubs Girl
Ok lets take this one issue at a time

1. employers are obligated to get full release from employees when conducting background checks. They are usually 3-5 pages that you would fill out for a background check.

2. They cannot terminate you based on the back ground check only if the outcomes is in combination of what you do.
ex: if you have embezzlement charges and you work in a bank or deal with money. Retail theft and you work in retail.

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sounds like you work for macys..hahaha... Thats what happened to my son, but after 4 months of employment...then they fired him and refused to pay unemployment, stating he abandoned his job...assholes.

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There is nothing illegal about doing a background check after they hire you, but I think they have to have your signed permission. If they didn't, then you may have a case.

If they let you go because of something in your background, it can't be something discriminatory. For example, they could let you go if you committed a felony, but not if they found out that you have a disability.

Employers in many states can fire you "at will" for any reason they choose. But if they fire you for something they found in your background, you'll probably be eligible for unemployment.

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Terry D
Typically they make you sign an application that states you will be truthful on your application. If they find out anything that proves you lied on the app, they can fire you anytime, even 10 years later.

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yes. they can fire you at anytime for any reason. sounds like your in an ''at will' state. i am sure a person was told in one way or another a background check was going to be made. i worked somewhere that did that to someone. it was retail and the person did time for theft, so...
check the local and state laws where you are to make sure.

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Imagine ♪♫
If you lied on your application and they find evidence of it. Then they can fire you. Even years later,

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It's legal. A background check takes a while.
They need some to do a job so they hire a person who "says" on their application all the "right/good/honest" things.
A Background check then comes back with a negative report and
ZAP! Person is fired. All legal.
Even if the person says they did not know they had a problem, does not matter. It's their problem, not the hiring company.

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