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 Is it against the law to never pick up your paycheck?
I worked at Red Lobster for a couple of days just for training and decided that it wasn't the thing for me. As a result, I ended up just not showing up for my scheduled shifts. I quit without ...

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 If you have a false pretense charge on you background will that prevent you from getting a job at teletect?
The charge was for 3 bounced checks combined into just 1. So i plead no contest and they decided to give me a year probation.
Im not sure if yall know what teletech is, but it's a customer ...

 LEGAL NURSES-- Law degree and BSN nursing.. what could you do with these degrees?
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 Is it legal for a business to do this, re: return policies?
I work for a small store where we sell somewhat expensive items (average $120 to $300) we only keep a small amount of cash on hand and do very few cash transactions. Here is what I am wondering, the ...

 How important is it to graduate from an ABA-Approved Law School?
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 Is this enough hours of working for a 16 yr old?
The maximum amount of hours in my state that I can work(being 16)
is 20 hours a week.

When I applyed for the job I have now I said the most amount of hours a week that I could work ...

 Could I get in trouble for downloading files from work onto my home machine?
I work as a designer in a hi-tech company. My email contains lots of sensitive data which would be high value to competitors and we have quite strict rules about data theft especially if you leave ...

 Do I need a permit to remove a dead sahargo skelton from the desert?
These are dead skeltons, the ribs. remains of a sahargo cactus that has ...

 Legal query about will?
what will happen to a will in which one of the beneficiary dies before the ...

 I filed a claim with EEOC?
I filed a discrimination claim with EEOC. I have friends that still work for the company I filed against and they advised that since I filed there have been people there interviewing employees,...

 Felon looking for a job?
i have a felony from last february (2008) and i live in texas i was wondering if any one new if i would be able to get it sealed or expunged or some way to not let employers be able to see it? its a ...

 If you have an elective surgery?
If you have an elective surgery for a medical condition but you don't have enough time for FMLA to kick in and you get canned because you took the time off, can you still collect unemployment ...

 If you can't be a lawyer, what careers require those same analytical skills?
It took me a long time to realize my skills were best suited to the practice of law. Now 35, I've heard law school is rough on older students and law firms tend to be ageist in hiring practices....

 How is this legal? Isnt it bad business practice?
Five Star Sale Inc.
1875B Rohlwing Rd.
Rolling Meadows,Illinois,60008
Phone: (800)-642-6147
This company hires sales groups ...

 Boss forced me to sleep with him before he employs me. pls read.?
I was looking for a job and posted it on internet. the i get a reply from this this someone who claims to be a woman and have been working for Mr x, She wrote to me that There is vacancy in their ...

 Help with redeployment issues!?
I have been served redundancy notice with a Local Authority due to a funding stream ending and am due to finish in January. They are looking into redeployment, however I have spent the last 3 years ...

 I resigned from my job because i was told to by my manager or be fired. Is this constructive dismissal?
The company I worked for was continually threatening sackings for this or that to all members of staff the reasons were never good and everybody feared for their jobs. One day my manager who is also ...

 Would I Qualify for the 2nd Extended Unemployment Benefits Package?
I lost my job 12/28/07. On 1/10/08 I filed for unemployment benefits. Pres. Bush had the Extended Unemployment Benefits go into effect in July. My benefits ran out 10/18/08. I applied for the new ...

If you quit your job and move to another state can you collect unemployment?
I quit my job in MI for another job in AZ but my training doesn't start for another 5 weeks. Can I file (if my previous supervisor is good with it and doesn't call me back) and collect some unemployment before training starts? Is there a penalty for "quitting"? I already moved to AZ and i'm now a resident.

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yes you can.. my son says AZ is the most beautiful state.. my niece moved from North Carolina 2 West Virginia and she did the same quit her job 2 move and she's aloud 2 collect unemployment..

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You can not collect unemployment if you voluntarily quit your job. You can even call the MI unemployment office to verify this. In order to collect you would have needed to be laid off or fired or left due to medical reasons. You always collect from the state in which you worked even if you have moved out of state. Try to get a temp job for the next 5 weeks until your training starts.

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Patrick B
Generally if you quit you do not get unemployment since you voluntarily left your employment. Sorry, but another thing... I hope you kept track of all your moving expenses, those are tax deductible on your taxes when you move for work.

This is from Michigan's unemployment department

"This issue is covered by Section 29(1)(a) of the Michigan Employment Security Act. The Act provides that if a worker quits a job without having a good cause “attributable to the employer” (that is, the worker quits and the employer is not at fault for the quit), then the worker will be “disqualified” from receiving unemployment benefits. The worker must then get another job and have earnings with that employer to “requalify” for benefits. But the employer from whom the worker quits will not be charged for the benefits, even if the worker requalifies and draws benefits."


This is from Arizona's website

"Can I receive benefits if I quit my job or I am terminated?

Generally, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible. You must be able to work, available for work, willing to accept suitable work, actively seeking full-time work, and be out of work through no fault of your own. If you voluntarily quit your job, the burden of proof is on you to show that you quit for a good cause. If you are terminated or discharged, your employer must show that you were terminated for a work-connected misconduct as specified in the Arizona UI Law.


Plus it all gets goofy because because you did not work for an Arizona employer they would have to bill Michigan for the Unemployment, even if you qualify for their benefits, and Michigan would most likely not pay anything.

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