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 Will 2 counts of Sexual Harrasement hurt my chances of a Job at McDonalds?
I am 15, I applied for a job at McDonalds. I'm suppose to call them at 8 oclock today to see if they reviewed my application. 2 Years ago in 7th grade I got 2 counts of sexual harassment that ...

 I got a promotion to a new position, but they will not train me, Is this legal?
There were 3 people promoted, everyone else is getting the proper training. someone to sit with them all day going on 2 weeks. I got 45 minutes on day one. I work through a temp service and have ...

 Someone at work impersonated a HR representative and asked me about arrest record. Did he break the law?
I was sent a request by a coworker impersonating a compliance officer at my company that asked me to provide a written statement of any prior arrests to fulfill a required insurance requirement. I ...

 Getting fired because of an illegal
Usually I do not have a problem with illegals, but one of my friend was fired from her long time job, because she didn't want to work with one of them. Her boss said to my friend, she had a bad ...

 Is there a way to get your W2 if your former employer won't release it?
I quit a job last march, and filed a sexual harassment complaint in the process (and won!), and now my former employer is giving me a hard time about releasing my W2. It makes no sense to me. Is ...

 I just found out that the mill I work at is being shutdown, full time employees are getting.... ?
severance packages, I'm a part-time employee so will I also receive a severance package?
Additional Details
maybe I should have asked this,
"by law, are companies requires ...

 The legal system and the police?
Police, The law, Over Reaction and Legal Aid Guilty or Not?
I was recently having a argument with my wife when the lovely neighbour next door called the police.

By the time the Police ...

 What age can a minor(13-18) get a job?
I live in Southern California. I'm 14 an am currently attending high school. Its not like my parents are poor or anything, but I just wanna make some money to save for when I need it later on....

 How many paid breaks should my boss give me?
i am a dental assistant and my boss doesn't give me any paid breaks, i live in colorado. in my last job i used to get 2 paid 15 minutes breaks in an 8 hour shift and a half hour unpiad lunch ...

 I have a drink drive conviction on my licence, do I have to make my new employer aware if I get a job as a rep
I have already worked for a company & they said so long as it was over 3 years old it was fine, I just wondered if anyone knew where I stood legally.

They have asked if I have a full UK...

 Should I get a Lawyer if my job would file a lawsuit on me?
Well this is the case, I started working in a company per diem I only sign the tax forms and an insurance. I found a great job full time and I wanted to get out of the per diem job, I told the ...

 Gave my job a 3 month notice that I would be leaving (wife's military orders) Can they let me go immediately?
As stated, said I would be leaving in 3 months due to military orders. They said that I effectively resigned and am no longer an employee. They offered to work with me on a consultants basis. Was I...

 I am pregnant with a compressed disk in my back and now several managers are giving me a difficult time.?
I work for a home improvement company. I have been on and off bed rest for a few weeks under doctor's care. I have all the documentation to support this.

(The HR manager is the one ...

 Is it legal for a supervisor to discuss performance reviews with other employees or customers?
I have a supervisor that has discussed some performance reviews with other employees(same level as me) and customers. Also has talked to them about situations that we do not see eye to eye on. I ...

 Is getting a job as a lawyer not for somebody who wants a family?

 Do i have to pay first?
i am searching for a online job.. work at home type.. bt to join this job do i have to pay first...??...

 How is it legal for places like hooters to hire just thin tall girls with large Brest?
How is it legal for places like hooters to get away with just hiring the ideal looking girls to waitress there places wouldn't some gay man or fat girl get offended for not being hired and file ...

 I need to know about what rights i have at work?
i have been working at sizzlers for about 4 weeks now and they have not payed me yet.
and everytime i ask for my check the Boss cuts my dates, he uses the excuse im too slow but how can i learn ...

 Pregnant and job discrimination and stress?
Okay, i am 30 weeks pregnant which means im in the home stretch. though out my whole pregnancy it seems as if my boss is trying to get rid of me. she has cut my hours, changed the location of where ...

 Lying on resume.....?
what happens if you lie on your resume but NOT on the application for the background check....from what I gather it's the application that is a sworn statement....just curious.....

If you get fired from a job can you collect your pay check then or do you have to wait till the normal pay day
I heard through the grapevine that I may be getting let go from the job that I am currently on because I was out 2 days with strep throat. I was curious if they do end up letting me go can I collect my paycheck then and there or do I have to wait? I have heard that I can and also that I can't. If any one has any info on that law in michigan let me know please and thank you!

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you have to wait til the next pay day.

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Depends on the state. But in Arizona, I know that if you are fired or layed off involuntarily, you have a right to your paycheck within 48 hours. If you leave voluntarily, then you have to wait until the next regularly scheduled pay day.

Look it up in your state's revised statutes, which are most likely online.

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This does vary with state. Check out your state's Department of Labor web site. It should state on that site what the rules are.

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you've already asked a question about this. Most states allow 72 hours after termination, but there are variations.

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reeya s
check this link its good



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Usually employers use a payroll service, that calculates taxes and what not for them...so almost always you have to wait for your check to come with the rest of the payroll checks.

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in the state of CA if your fired you must receive your check within 24 hours. If your laid off or end your assignment it's 48.

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