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 Is it legal for an employer to not give you a promised raise?
I work for subway and according to company policy if you fill out and pass these written tests you get a raise. I did them over three months ago and still no raise. i have talked to my manager ...

 Letter of Resignation, when should you hand in?
I received an offer from another job yesterday and I accepted, however, I start that job June 18th. Should I turn in my letter of resignation on Friday, or Monday June 4th right away in the morning? I...

 Does anybody want to slap their supervisor?

 I think i am facing some discrimination because i can't get a job?
i don't know but i haven given a lot of interviews and haven't had a job offer, but all this time i had been thinking may be it is my interviewing skills or something but this last week ...

 Am I eligible for overtime?
I was a healthcare recruiter for 7 months and switched to administrative work. The company I work for never changed my hourly rate. I was supposed to be making about $1.50 less. Anyways, I have not ...

 Can an employer stop someone from going to college during the working week.?
if the college course is related to job you are doing.
Additional Details
i meant to say it is day release....

 I ran out on my last job, on my first day, during my break? CONT?
I ran out on my last job, on my first day, during my break. And now the company I am being hired for (Bank of America) is asking for every single company I've ever worked for, and that if there ...

 Help when filling out an application for a job!?
When feeling out an application for a job and it asks for any felonies,crimes, etc, should i put that i attempted to elude the police?....yea it was stupid but its in the past and i am only 17 at ...

 Is there any legal way to leave job without resignation period? i have to start a new job ASAP.?
human resourses told my resingation period 2months. i dont want to leave this place with argument, but want to start a new job quickly!...

 On a draw but not making money. Can I get unemployment if I quit?
I was on unemployment for a month and decided to take a job offer that was only a draw for 2 mos. I initially thought I'd do well since I have previous experience but it's not working out ...

 Federal or state income taxes, legal, fail, and just?
How do you folk feel about a flat 10% tax across the board, without any exceptions, period?...

 Do you have any sources on why working would be better than going to college?

 Can you be fired from a job if u refused to sign a write up that claims u didnt do something u really did?
i have 2 witnesses that have also stated that i did do what my area manager is claiming i didnt do. and he on 2 occassions have also stated that i did tell him what hes claiming i didnt tell him.and ...

 I left my last job due to sexual harassment by my boss. I need to use him as a reference how do I do that?

Additional Details
I need to add the company to my Resume due to the fact that I worked there for over 3 years. I would have to note him as the contact person. He is the Resident D...

 What type of lawyer is this? 10 points best answer?
Hi everyone. I've been thinking of maybe becoming a lawyer when I'm older. And I was wondering what type of lawyer defends the plaintiff when the cases involve a crime? If that's not ...

 How long is a usual probation period?
When employing staff I have always used a 3 month probation period with a review after 3 and most of my previous jobs have had 6 months probation. However I have just been offered a job with a one ...

 I Need a mugshot of my brother. if anyone knows a way to get it for me i will die in happiness I'll do nething
please! if someone can get it for me i will be soo greatfull! I need it for important reasons...please? i beg anyone please!...

 Is it legal for a future employer to ask personal reference from a job you did not list as a reference?

 Is it illegal to go to help out a work on your day off.?
I can into work on Tuesday to meet up with a detective who just started in my store. I figured that since it was his first day. I could get him up to speed on what's going on in my store. But ...

 What do I write about in my resume if I have never been hired before?
The only job I have had was working at my mom's music school as a secretary ( i wasnt officially hired/like on the payroll) and I teach several students privately at home. I've never ...

If a job moves to another town, can I get unemployment checks?
My job will move to another city about 1 hour away and If I decide not to go, can I get unemployment checks until I find a new job? They will offer me more money but the traffic will make it 2 hours to get there and I don't want to go thru that hassle. Also I am not sure who decides for the unemployment benefits, my company or the unemployment office?

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You will need to file at the unemployment office. You should qualify.

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Scott K
Usually, you don't have to accept a job outside your normal commuting distance. If you commuted 30 miles from home to work and the job moved 30 miles in the other direction, you might have trouble collecting. But, on the other hand, if they moved 100 miles away, then you shouldn't have a problem.

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Most likely, there is a state law which would cover this. The UC dept will tell you.it is usually based on distance from the one location to the other.

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Maybe you can, depends on your state laws. Usually if it's less than 50 miles from their old site, you wouldn't be eligible, but would if it's farther than that.

If you apply, the unemployment people do contact your former employer for input, but the u.c. people actually decide if you are eligible or not.

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You will most likely qualify for unemployment benefits. The rules vary by state, but quitting your job due to relocation normally qualifies. Some states have specific rules about how far the job was moved (ex. 60 miles). Your local unemployment office will be able to provide you with more information. Ultimately, the determination of whether you qualify for benefits is made by the unemployment agency (or perhaps even a court). The process typically works like this: you file for benefits and your employer receives the notice of your filing. Your employer may decide to contest benefits (ex. you quit, you were fired for cause, etc.). Often when a job is relocated, an employer will not contest benefits. If the employer does contest benefits, the unemployment office must make a determination based upon the information provided to it. You or your employer may appeal the decision.

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check your unemployment office... the unemployement system varies from state to state but by and large decisions are made solely by them and based on their specific rules.

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