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 Is anyone studying law or a lawyer out there?
I need help...I am a single mom with a case against an ex-employer. I have no job, and no car because of this man now, no money to get a lawyer. I am going down fast and just want to get some advise ...

 If you don't go back to work after having a baby, can your employer charge you for insurance if I am paying?
my portion while out on maternity leave and there is nothing stated in our employee handbook regarding this?????
Additional Details
I also live in Florida which is an " at-will"...

 Legal advice about my employment. Company forget to give new contract after probation period....?
No letter or anything after 6 months probation period, I am carry working is that means I go automaticly to perm employment?. I am working since 2.01.08 and had 6 months probation time in contract, ...

 Do you have a past LSAT exam?

I found one LSAT exam from (June 07) online. I want to try another full one but can't find one online. Can someone send me a recent test (as an attachment) so I can try to take ...

 Am I legally able to work at the age of 14?
I am 14 years old, almost 15, and I am a little short on money. I would like a job, (just like in a shop or something) so I can earn a little extra pocket money. Am I too young?...

 Can I get a senior level agency position with a misdemeanor/gross misdemeanor on my criminal background?
I'm up for a director level position. However 5 years ago I was convicted of harassment (gross misdemeanor). I was defending myself against someone who was harassing me and I retaliated. Not ...

 Resignation notice!!!!!!!!!?
i have been working at a company for 4 months now and hate it its based on monthly payments, i want to resign but not sure of how much noticei have to give without owing them money??? how much notice ...

 What jobs would consider to be a stepping stone for a career in law enforcement?

 Where can i find legal docs stating that our drivers are subcontractors & responsible 4 doing their own taxes?
we need a legal document that our drivers can sign that they are responsible for doing and reporting their own taxes since we do not pay them any wages and they only work off tips/delivery charges.<...

 Do I have to let my employers know of a non-criminal arrest?
So I received a possession of marijuana citation and was arrested, but its not criminal. Do I have to say that I was arrested when applying for a job?...

 I am a junior in college if I wanted to become a lawyer what would I need to do?
like what do I need. I just finshed my general ...

 How long should a background check take .?

 Voluntary redundancy and job seekers allowance?
If I accept voluntary redundancy can I claim contribution based jsa straight away. as I will have a lump sum of about 30k

 Any one knows SkillClear.co.uk?
I am trying to apply for a work permit and found this website: SkillClear.co.uk; it is said to be a legal agency for applying work permit and visa for individual and companies. Where can I check ...

 I have 2 college degrees in criminal justice what options are available to me as of now any help is appreciate?

 How to convince immigration officers that I'll go back to my country after studying AA/AS in Paralegal Studies?
I mean, what should I say? Are those visa officers gonna doubt that I've no plans of going back to my country since studying Paralegal Studies in the US applies to US employment? What should I ...

 Company Secretary..as a career?
I have just finished my ICSE and thinking of taking CS as a career.
What are the qualities and behavior we should have?
Is there better scope for CS here in India or Abroad?
Should we ...

 Can my boss use a recording of me to prevent me getting work?
my boyfriend and i work together. My boss, took all the money i owed him out of a single check without any notice, leaving me with 42 dollars. My boyfriend shouted a little bit, but the boss stayed ...

 Temp agency & employer playing some game?
Hi there,

I just got a temp-to-hire job through a temp agency. I was so happy about finding it that I wasn't thinking straight about it. I didn't realize that I wasn't told ...

 Will i get in legal problems?
my ipod shuffle recently broke (it wont turn on at all, and itunes doesn't recognize it) and apple said i have to mail it to them and they will send me a new one, my broken ipod will be sold as ...

Frank W
If I've failed a pre-employment drug test in the past, will it affect future employers?
what if you have failed a pre-employment drug test in the past, will this affect you applying for another job? I know on some job applications they ask if you have ever failed a drug test, if you say no, can they find out? will it show up on your record that you failed a pre-employment drug test in the past? i have never been fired from a job for failing just a pre-employment screening.

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No it will not show up. Next time, dont fail.

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Kathi S
It depends. If the test was for military or law enforcement it might show up on a background check. If it was for a private employer no they would not be able to find out.

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If the drug test was for a D.O.T. test (dept. of transporation) then there is a data base of failed drug results that they can pull records from. If the test was done for some kind of security clearance job then there may also be something from there.

)You can't be fired for failing a pre-employment screening as you haven't gotten the job yet.) You can be fired for fraud, for not telling the truth about failing the test if they were to find out. Same thing as not answering the question. Ommission is the same thing as not telling the truth.

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