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I walked out on the job, where is my last paycheck?
Hi, I am owed almost a full 2 week pay with some overtime from a retail job that I calmly walked out on on my second to last day as it was my time for lunch. Instead of punching to lunch, I punched "out" and went home.

Anyway, the checks were issued on Sept 6 and I still have not received mine in the mail. Could someone verify that it is a state law in CA that you are entitled to the money you earned even if you "walk out" from the job? I expect a paycheck will come, and would like to avoid contact with my boss since I left on bad terms, but I would call him if I do not have another option.

Well sorry about the essay all I really need to know first is if I am still owed my money, correct?

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Some emplyers will make you come into the office to pick up your last check and make you sign for it to protect themselves.

"They don't" have to mail it to you, they can make you come in to pick it up.

And they don't have to notify you...you know you are owed a check and you know when pay day is.

Also if there were any uniforms or materials that they issued you for the job, you will not get your check until you have turned everything in, they will then hand you your check.

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If you did not formally quit (as in written notice) your employer may of waited for a couple of days before declaring you a voluntary quit due to your absenteeism. Generally this is done after missing 3 days of scheduled work as a no call/ no show, therefore depending upon how often you were on the schedule this could of taken a week or so to happen.

The previous poster was correct that the employer will mail your check to the address that you have on file.

In the future it would be better to put into writing your intent to quit so that you will receive your money faster

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Joe M
they'll mail it to the address on file

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bill w Go Canucks Go 【ツ】
ask your former boss if he will give you a good reference

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You BETCHA!! You have already earned that money, I don't care WHAT happened after that!! I can't tell you if it is a law or not, but it sure would constitute a civil case!! You go after them, don't let them keep YOUR money! Good luck!

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As to whether you are owed money the answer is yes. You are owed money for the time you worked up to when you "punched out" for the final time. California law is considered an "At Will" state which means you're only employed as long as both you and the employer agree that you are employed. You can walk out at any time for any reason with or without giving notice. At the same time you can be fired for ANY reason, no matter how silly, as long as it's not something illegal such as racial bias.

Unfortunately, in the State of California, it is not required that they mail your final paycheck to your address on record when you walk off the job without notice. State law gives them full discresion as to the method they choose to get the money into your hands to include allowing them to hold your check and make you pick it up at the place of business. This is why some people have their paychecks mailed to them, others have their check presented to them at work, yet others provide direct deposit, and there are even some employers who still deal in cash.

While I don't know their internal policies it is possible that they have one in which if you simply walk out on the job you are required to appear in person or contact them to arrange receiving payment. It is also possible that due to your just walking out they may choose to hold your check until the next pay period before paying it just to see if you change your mind.

Unless you want to potentially wait forever or just forget about being paid I would call your employer and arrange to pick up your check. If they refuse contact your State Department of Industrial Relations (Department of Labor to most) at www.dir.ca.gov and inform them of your situation. I would only do this after you contact your employer as this will be their first recommendation anyway and will show them that you are trying to settle the matter.

FYI, for the future I would not simply walk out on a job in the future. If you must quit do it formally. Asides from losing whatever references you may have had from an amicable seperation, and having to explain to future employers why you simply walked out on a job, you may also jeapordize various programs and benefits that you would otherwise qualify for. What would you do if you find that you need to draw unemployment and find you aren't eligible because of how you quit your last job? I don't have personal experience in this for California but it's how we operate in Washington. Think about it.

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