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 I recently got terminated from a job i had for 7 years with no good reason why. what can i do?
rumors flooded my company about me supossedly being on drugs. everyone who i have talked to from this company thinks that i got fired for being on drugs and it is even implied by my supervisor that i ...

 If I believe in California I have been wrongly terminated how do I make a claim?
They say I missed shifts 2/27, 2/28, 2/29. I spoke with the shift mgr 2/25 to get the approval and left a message for the head mgr 2/28. I will have cellphone records to verify this....

 Anyone heard of having to reapply for your own position due to semi-quasi new mgmt after 25 yrs on job?

 Am I recieving fair/legal pay at my part-time job?
I work at a popular retail chain store in Regina, Saskatchewan and I have recently come across some pay issues. I am 18 and have been at this store for 1 year and 6 months and I have always worked ...

 Someone has been stealing from the fridge at work...?
... specifically they have been stealing coffee cream. I have had 2 bottles worth stolen in the last 2 weeks. Today I took a nearly empty bottle and added horseradish and vinegar to it. I put it ...

 What can my employer do? ?
Due to 5 inches of snow i couldn't make it into work.

I called them in the morning and was told wait an hour and see how the road is. Theres no way i can use my car all of my ...

 Is it a crime to work while on sick pay?

What is the legal age limit to get a job in the UK, Im a 12 year old boy who wants a job so what is the legal age limit. AM I OLD ENOUGH??...

 If you're suspended from work but also signed off sick can company insist you attend hearing??
If an employee is currently suspended due to an internal investigation and whilst suspended they are signed off as being sick by a Dr, can the company insist that they attend a hearing even though ...

 References at work?
i have 2 leave my job as i hate it, and my bosses are seriosuly trying to get rid of me even though i do a good job.

what can i do for a reference?? i know for a FACT they will not give me ...

 Is there any law that is about loo days?
I was off work for two days due to being ill and ask my boss if i could use my 2 loo days instead he decided to take the days of my holidays.Now i am short on my yearly holidays.Can he do this.Should ...

 I had a temp job at christmas and didn't pass the probation period. Is that the same as being sacked?
I tried to apply for a job somewhere and it asked if I have been dismissed in the past two years and if you have then they say you can't apply. Should I apply anyway? (my probation period was a ...

 I work 6 days a week, doing 6hrs a shift. The job is not a hard one but I'm?
on my feet the whole time and I don't get a break. I share the shifts with another person, we work between 10am and 9pm. Our boss has now decided to open between 11am and close at 8.30pm but, BUT...

 About how many years in college would it take to become a lawyer?
Also if you could be a little spifice about what lawyer do.(optional)...

 As an employer are we required to pay an employee while he attends physical therapy during working hours?

 How hard is it for my employer to increase my holiday allowance?
I asked my boss nearly 10 months ago if he would consider giving me an increase in holiday allowance as I have been at the company nearly 8 years and have no sick days and impeccable time keeping. At ...

 If your job requires you wait for the next shift, do they have to pay you? Ohio area.?
My fiancee is a security guard, shift supervisor. His relief was 45 minutes late today so he was late getting home... Do they have to pay him for that time?
Additional Details
He's ...

 How old do you have to be to get a job in wisconsin?
i just need to know, please :)...

 Do employers have the right to not hire individuals that smoke cigarettes?
A friend of mine received a job offer last week that was normal in every way except that the company had a no nicotine policy. She would be tested upon acceptance of the offer and also tested ...

 Is it legal to get paid less than minimum wage?
I am a teacher's apprentice at a Georgia Public School. I'm a high school senior and I go there halfway through the school day and help 3 of the first grade teachers. Minimum wage in GA is $...

I resigned from last job. now when asked on application for reason left what is the best answer?

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you wanted more responsibility

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you need a better paying company..

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Better "resigned" than "fired" or you would have even more explaining to do. So you're in good shape. :)

I always tell my interviewers that I need more challenge and want a career leap. These are all very valid points that require very little explaining.

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Michael B
Career change, Moved to new city, Self improvement, Personal reasons, To restore ethics, etc.

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Simply put resigntion and it's up to you if you want to add details

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You can simply put that you resigned. You don't have to put the exact answer as to why unless you want to. Now you might have to say why in in the interview, and then you can tell them the truth as to why you left or just state for personal reasons. You can also lie and say a move change, or you needed something different. Just something simple and that everybody does if you don't want to give the real reason as to why you left.

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Just say you resigned to expand your career. You wanted to find something more challenging and rewarding than your former job.

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I went job-hopping one year and did not anticipate how it would look like to my future employer. But if your reasons were valid, then i dont see why you need to invent any other reason than the real one. if it doesnt sound good, then just tell the interviewer that there was no career growth in your previous job and your the type of person who needs to be in a position with a company that values its employees career path and gives challenges and opportunities for growth. That way, you explained yourself without badmouthing your old company while at the same time buttering up your prospect company too.

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