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 Can a employer fire you becuase of mistakes but never gave you a verbal or writen waring?
they only gave me a eval boy never had a verbal or writen warning, can they stiil let me go??
Additional Details
i just had an eval but never had a verbal or writen warning , can they ...

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 Can I take legal action?
I work at a retain store. I'll be brief and detailed. My supervisor who is the store manager physically/verbally harrassed me in the workplace. My supervisor forcefully grabbed my arm from ...

 Can an employee returning to work from maternity leave dictate when she is prepared to work?
She previously worked full time and such a position has been kept available for her. However, she now wants to work only two days per week. This could be accomodated but only on specific days, ...

 Is it legal to be forced to move to a different position, with less pay, despite a good review?
I have worked for my company for almost five years. I am an insurance agent, and I make salary plus an incentive. I was told that I was being taken out of a group (who sold more premium by nature) ...

 What can you do about bouncing cheques?
My son has just left a job but they still owe him money. They sent him a cheque which has bounced - the third time that has happened. He needs to be able to ring and threaten them with ...

 Friend lied about race on job application supplemental form.?
A girlfriend of mine has been looking for a job for about 9 months. She has been frustrated a lot, because she has a college degree and lots of work experience in her field. Recently, she became ...

 Unhirable? Is this legal?
I am an ex-employee of Kmart. I recently submitted an application to Sears (which are now combined With K-Mart).

I left Kmart, with a two week written notice.

When I applied ...

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 I don't like my husband's career choice?
Okay.. my husband is in the army, he's deployed right now, but when he gets back and gets out of the military, he wants to become a cop. this is a nightmare for me, all i've ever wanted is ...

 Can my boss dictate to me what personal car to own?
I have a new boss who came from Europe. This morning he sent out an office wide memo stating that he will be reviewing each employee to make sure that the vehicle owned matches the position. If ...

 UK only please, can i be fired for this?
I have been off 4 times this last year (2008-2009) due to mental health problems. My employers knew and were very understanding the first 3 times. Each time i would be off for 4-6 weeks, was nearly ...

 My husband has been working full-time for 2 yrs & his employer gives him no benefits, no paid holiday, nothing
Is this legal, and if not where can I file a complaints? Better Business Bureau doesn't accept these kinds of complaints (regarding employee treatment), so I don't know where I should go.<...

 Should I even finish college when I have 2 felony convictions??
I keep hearing that it is so hard to get a good job and even harder when you have something like this hanging over your head. I am 34, working on my bachelors, and have changed my whole life around. ...

 Can an employer terminate your employment for wage garnishment?

 My boss won't let me return to work after being off sick.?
I went off sick two hours into my shift this morning with the beginnings of a migraine which has now more or less cleared. I work as a coach driver and it was my boss himself that took over my run. ...

 Is it legal to make somoene work on sundays?
Ok so im a christain and like to go to church on sundays but i cant because my manager REFUSES to give me sundays off. I work at circuit city so its retail. and we do get busy but usualy sunday aint ...

 Can my employer force me to relocate to the same job but a different city?
My boss told me that if i didn't transfer to another location then there would be no work for me at my current location

He basically told me that if i don't transfer, then i ...

 My employment contract has been revoked before I've started, where do I stand?
I was placed under threat of redundancy from my current job in the UK in February. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by a company in Ireland, asked for interview and was offered a job which I ...

 Banned from Marks & Spencer?
My friend has gotten her self in a situation where she has been banned from ALL Marks and Spencer stores, will they circulate her photo to all the other Marks and Spencer stores so they know what she ...

I quit my job. gave 2 weeks notice.Didn't have to work it. Does he have to pay me 2 weeks?
I had it with my boss. He offered me a different position 6 months ago, and is not happy with my work. He know I feel I was doing pretty well considering that I was not properly trained. I quit; I said, "I am giving you my two weeks notice." He did not want me to quit. He said I still belong there. He said, "I don't care about the two weeks, I'll pay you for the two weeks." He said to go home and think about what I'd like to do at work. I said something like how I did not like the atmosphere anymore, and that I wanted to leave. He paid me for my last two weeks (hourly pay)I worked. BUT...He did not pay me the commission I earned...and he also did not pay me for my two weeks notice...that I would've worked. Do I have any recourse?

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Check with the labor board in your state.

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No....you are even lucky you are not working those two weeks and still getting paid......just relax..take the two weeks off..
( try to find another job within those two weeks) if you dont find anything just tell him you will be coming back...take it as a vacation with pay..

thats what i would do.

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Tired of the Crap~!
if you didn't work it then no he doesn't have to pay you.

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richard t
commission only........

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Daniel C
Regardless of what he verbalized, he is legally liable for the hours worked and any commission earned.

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Dr. Deth
commission payment depends on company policy - you may or may not be entitled to it - what does the policy say?

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Pure Jersey
You only have recourse for the unpaid commission. Since you didn't work the last two weeks, you are not owed any pay. Even if he "said" not to work them. It will come down to he said, you said. Be sure you also get paid for any vacation time you have acrued and not used, they HAVE to pay you for that. You can contact your local attorney general for information on how to file a claim with them to get your comission and vacation time paid for.

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Look Away, I&#39;m Hideous
I don't think so, If you did not work, he does not have to pay you.

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If you don't have it in writing, then good luck to you. He is under no legal obligation (aside from verbal contract which you would be hard pressed to prove) to pay you for any hours that you did not actually work.

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You need an attorney now. I worked at a hotel and damaged one of their vehicles and my manager told me they would be deducting money from my check. I went and got a lawyer who put in a call to my former manager and in 5 minutes a resolution....."You can pick up your check tomorrow." I paid her $50 of her $200 per hour time and I was on my way.

Today I use a service that gives me unlimited access to Attorneys. That $50 I paid her pays for 2 months access to 40 attorneys for my whole family and all of my legal issues.....my how times are a changing.

You may want to look into it for yourself if you can't afford $200 per hour.

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You might want to check with your State offices, or even the human resource office at your work.

I use to work at a local TV station in town and my boss left and went to another station - our competitor. She called me and wanted to bring me over with her. So I gave my 2 weeks but the manager just told me to pack up and leave at that moment - he was mad that I had decided to move over with my old boss.

A couple of days later I realized that since I did give my two weeks notice that I was entitled to be paid for the time. I received a check a week later for the two weeks.

So I would look into it.

Good Luck and I hope you find something that you are happy doing.

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Eater of Crayons
He does not have to pay you for time not worked. But you have the commision coming.

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