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 My attorney quit, what can I do?
Civil case with the other owner of an LLC (small machine shop)
My attorney quit on me, said the other guy hired a Big firm and it's too much for him to take on.
What can I do? Who do I...

 Is it legal for my supervisor to show my timesheet to other employees without my knowledge?
My manager, who plays favorites with one of my co-workers, has disclosed my timesheet on numerous occassions. When my co-worker hinted at what she saw (pre-approved overtime) to another employee I ...

 Another word for Receptionist?
At work they are changing the names of EVERYTHING. Employees are now Partners. Departments are now Teams. Supervisors are now Team Leaders. Receptionist is now Ambassador. I handle the receptionist ...

 Is there ANY chance that I could get a job in Texas as a teacher having a 10yr old misdemeanor theft charge?
I am concerned about the crimes of "moral turpitude"clause. Is theft considered one of those crimes?...

 Why am I not getting hired?
I have seen multiple advertisement for a qualified position that i am well aware of, that I can handle. I feel my resume states well my objective and well in experience. Normally if the US was in ...

 CRB delay- will my employer hold the job?
I have applyed for my CRB in november 2008 for a position in mental health. I have had many checks done before but this one is still with the police; it has been since november.

The CRB...

 Can a man with a felony find a job in Indiana. If so what kind of job and where?
33 years old. on probation. has 2 kids and want to support . know he did wrong and wants another chance to do good. had fallen into drugs which got him into trouble....

 My employer is trying to force me to quit, or is conspiring to fire me.?
I work as a temp at a restitution facility which houses persons in the parole/probation system. I am not a member of a union nor do I receive legal representation or protection. I have been working ...

 Can I just quit my job
I have been working in my current job for 16 months now, I injured myself a few weeks ago and was put on work cover, once I returned to the job the company put me on the longest hardest days which I ...

 Being hired because of your race as opposed to education?
Anyone know how to answer this question?...

 Holidays leave question.?

I want to take about 2 weeks off in a months time and I've given the right amount of notice. I'm the only one in my department since the last person left in november. Can ...

 Is the demand for paralegals as strong as I am lead to believe?
I am thinking of going back to school to become an ABA certified paralegal. The recruiting agencies, the government statistics, and the schools themselves indicate that many jobs are available and ...

 Is it legal to pick on an employee to make him/her quit so to avoid unemploment costs?
In an employee at will state, but unemployment is paid for by the employer, is it legal to harass an employee to make the quit?...

 Unemployment for someone that quit thir job.?

 Wrongful Termination?
First,Let me start off by saying that I'm a 26 year old Black Female who was fired from a company back in July. I enjoyed my job and managed to keep to myself. I worked overtime at this company ...

 What exactly can past employers say about you when questioned by future employer?

Additional Details
Also keep in mind that there is a privacy act in the state I live in. I was told by this particular company that I could use them for a reference but am concerned ...

 I was unfairly fired from my job at Macys because of my disability and assulted. What should I do?
After working at Macys since November in the china department we got a new manger a week and a half ago. On Thrusday this manager pulled me aside to write me up for an action that never occured. I ...

 Employees rights on dismissals and disciplinaries...?
Does the whole verbal, written and final send off only apply for employees who have worked for a company for over 12 months?

I am facing a disciplinary over a 'clash of personalities&...

 Employment background check?
is it bad to not include an employer that i was terminated from?...

 Stealing from your employer as a revenge?
i was hired 4 months ago by a familly owned business. after being with them for 4 months, they reduced my hours, gave me hard time every other day. i just don t see any future with them. i am leaving ...

Ella M
I got a job that pays under the table--the boss is terrible--should I report to IRS?
I applied not knowing that pay was under the table. Did 12 hours of training for $5.50 an hour, then paid $8.00 an hour. Boss is womanizing, rude, and has temper. Should I report him to the IRS? Will I have to implicate myself? Will he know it was me?

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john c
The "I" in IRS stands for income. There is nothing illegal paying out cash as salary. Not only are you responsible for reconciling the appropriate taxes, you must file before the deadline even if you do not receive a W-2.

To report a crime you must have enough documentation to support your claim. If not, you could be the one charged with a crime and you also be the object of civil defamation and slander suits.

Womanizing, rudeness and temper are only inconsiderate, not criminal. Be cautious and good Luck.

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please report to the IRS. your are not only abetting a misdeed. you are depriving others of the benefits of a good taxpaying public.

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Heather V
Well since you only worked 12 hours the boss could say it was training and then he would not have to disclose it to the IRS. If the IRS decided it was regular pay you would also be in trouble for taking it. You can report it anonymously but the IRS will not look into any claim unless you give your name. And there is always the possibly the boss will turn around and sue you for making false claims, since doubt you can actually prove he paid you under the table--and with out proof not only would the IRS not look into it but he could sue you and win.

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I know this sounds bad but rather than going to the IRS with this you should quit and get a better job. You wont be able to prove that you did not it was under the table. How many hours have you actually worked? Have you received more that one paycheck? I say cut your losses and move on.
Eventually the IRS will catch on to his business ethics on their own.

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I wouldn't. You'll get yourself in as much hot water as you get him, and it will delay the healing process that you'll need to get over it. Move on quickly, and learn from this experience how *not* to treat people. You'll make a good boss someday!

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Doctor Deth
you're not helping yourself if he isn't withholding and paying taxes on your behalf - you'll have to pay the 15% FICA taxes yourself plus any income tax you might owe - I also bet he isn't paying into the unemployment system, so if you worked there like 2 yrs and got laid off - you would NOT be able to collect any unemployment benefits

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Report him.............you can do it like silent observer........

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