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How to go about a industrial tribunal?
im not to sure how to go about it, do you find your representation first or what? please help, thanks in advance!!!!

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Graham W
google will give you the answer if you type in the subject

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You need to get someone to look at your case to see if you stand a chance of getting a tribunal to hear it.
This is where your union come in but if you have been dismissed and you are posting on here it seems you are not a union member.
ACAS web site will give you all the information on placing a claim but will not represent you as a previous poster said.
You can represent youself but it is a bit of a scary experience if your not a confident person.
Depending on the ground of your dismissal you do normally have to be employed a year but there are exceptions for disability discrimination sexual, bullying but all these again can be found on the website.
Educate yourself by reading up on web sites what to do.

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Father Jake
If you want to be represented, then find someone and take advice first. You can however, represent yourself at the employment tribunal, and sometimes you get better consideration from the 'Chair' for having a go yourself!

I should warn you though, it is a difficult thing to do and you will need to do a lot of preparation and legal research.

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You would have to be working for your employers for at least 12 months before your case could go to n industrial tribunal.

If you are in an union, contact their local office, and get your local union Area Organiser to come to speak to you.

They will advise you and help you with your case.

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As the person above has said, if you're in a union they should be your first point of contact.

If not, you should contact ACAS (google them) who will help you.

Unlike the first person has said, it is NOT difficult to represent yourself, but if you don't want to then you should have someone from your union or ACAS with you. Do not hire an employment lawyer because even if you win, the other side will not be forced to reimburse your legal costs like what would happen in a normal court, so you'll probably be well out of pocket. The reason why it isn't hard to do yourself is that an employment tribunal is far more friendly and informal than other courts.

As has already mentioned you have to have been in your job for a year, but also, you have to have lodged a grievance with your employer following their internal process first. The HR people will be able to tell you how to do this.

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