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 How can you get Paralegal experience, if no one will hire you without it?
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 My dr has just signed me off sick from a job i hate?
it is a very large financial company always criticizing your work even though you reach a 95% target so i have got no confidence and am feeling so low. This is my 2nd week off sick.
So i applied ...

 Are minimum wage rates in the USA (around 6 or 7 dollars) quoted as net or gross amounts?
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 I might run away any tips?
im in the heart of brooklyn so it can be dangerous and it would be hard to hide since the people here are like nocturnal, my dad is strict as hell and i tried to move back with my mom and brothers ...

 Unemployment Eligibility?
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 Potential Employer called my references!! Does that mean I got the job?
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 What is a paralegal and what do they do?

 Minimum wage increase??
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 Career Choices : police?
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 How hard is it to become and be a lawyer??
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 Am i allowed to write my date of birth in a job application? why or why not?
im just curious if u put date of birth in job application, will u get the job and im doing retail ...

 My husband has worked a week without getting paid this is not the first time. What can we do?
this is the 3rd time. we live in NYSTate what can we do?
Additional Details
he doesn't work for the mob people!!! lol....

Im thinking about becoming a paralegal. Im a Realtor now. I have two boys though and am wondering about the hours and pay.........any suggestions????...

 How can I get rid of my boreness?
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 Can I be sued for violating a confidentiality agreement if I didnt stay through my probationary period?
Okay, so I was hired at this company that was super shady. They said I signed a confidentiality agreement, I asked their lawyers for a copy of it, because I really dont think that I did, however, if ...

 If I get demoted, Can I be paid less than what I was hired in at?
I am getting a demotion at work. I was told at that time that I'd be getting paid $10.50 per hour, however, I was orignially hired at $11.25 per hour. Is this allowable? Can I be paid less ...

 How does a man with a 15 year old felony get a good paying job.?

 Is going to law school hard?
How do you know if you convenient to be a lawer?
How a lawer's personality should be like?...

 Job Related - Looking for Legal Advice?
I've been working at the same job at a college since 1986. I am now the manager and have been for quite some time. In 2010 we are expecting to merge with another department and we have all ...

How much money do lawyers in private law firms make per year? How much do partners make?
How much do associates make?

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My mother worked at a private firm in Los Angeles during the mid-90s and was earning over $100,000 dollars a year.

She also worked "free" for a negotiated percent of the future winnings of certain cases -- like, for one celebrity case, she was promised 2% of a 450-million-dollar settlement. That makes for a good bonus.

But a lot of the regular annual salary went to monthly rent on our house in Brentwood, and my nanny. Housecleaners and gardeners are a must in Los Angeles. She was expected to travel all up and down the West Coast. Not to mention, she definitely had to look good in court and at luncheons and dinners with clients.

When you live in a major city (which is a given when you're looking to make good money), it all fritters away quite fast.

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kevin h
It varies a lot by case load and what case, and how they charge their clients.

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Starting first year associate salaries in a major law firm in Downtown L.A. is around $145-150,000. And the typical first year Partner (after 7 years as an Associate) salary [non-equity for the first year] is around $185,000.

Good luck!

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"Private law firm" covers everything from two guys in the strip mall to the biggest, most profitable firm in the country.

A partner in a firm might make, year-after-year anything from 0 to somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million. The 20 or so most profitable firms have average profits per partner in the region of $2 million.

A plaintiffs' lawyer might make more than that in a contingent fee from a particular case, but not year-after-year. There have also been instances, though not so many recently, in which firms made dramatic non-recurring profits from equity given to them by clients.

The high-end for associate salaries is about $145,000 first year, and somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000 seventh year. The low end, I suppose, is also around 0.

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