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 If i get money from ssi can i still get a job?
minimum wage job. i need extra money for someone. keep in mind im 16.
Additional Details
i get 300 each month....

 After getting fired?
How long is it supposed to be until i get my paycheck? My work is making me wait till the next pay period which is every other week. I thought i was required to get it within 3 days....

 Im 12 will i get a job in the summer?

 I called into work after i had been fired, my manger opened my pay slip without permission?
I got fired with only after one verbal warning for being late, and the second time i was late the manager shouted infront of another employee of the shop and customers, I just wanted to know what ...

 Anyone with law/financial knowledge?
Here's my predicament; 4 friends and I stayed in a hotel last night after a night out. The room was under my name and the names of the other 3 people were also taken. All well and good but this ...

 Is it legal for a company to continue to use your image in ads even though you no longer work there?
I have been in the industry for 19 years in this town and my previous employer is representing that I still manage their department on their tv ads even though I have not been employed there for the ...

 Getting paid peanuts!!!?
Hi, i am a 19 year old working full time as a receptionist/ financial secretary, im almost 20 really soon, i have been in my job for 11 months neally a year, came in with no experience in the field, ...

 Job ideas wanted - law related?
I've been training as a solicitor however I've become slightly bored and thinking of changing direction. I want something a bit more intresting so that everyday's a challenge. I would ...

 Dismissal from work,help!!?
Dear all,
Would like to find out,if someone was dismissed from the work place without further notices,for how long it would stay on work history record,12months or for good?

 I got fired for doing something that was done to me. is this fair and legal? ?
i pointed and fired a staple air gun at a fellow worker.because he did the same.we both were suspend but he was not fired.is this called favoritism , im getting unemployment but they are saying that ...

 Are there laws saying that an employer must give you an application?
One of my friends went to get an application from a local business that has ads in both of the local newpapers stating that they are hiring. He said that when he went and asked about a job they ...

 What are employeers looking for in a pre employment check?

Additional Details
in a pre employment credit ...

 Have u gotten away with lying on your resume?
i just wonder..i do admit to exaggerating the job duties and such...but never lied about my education or even added a fake job experience..have u ever gotten away with anything like this? i want to ...

 I have a law question?
Hi i have a law question im looking for a lawyer that lives in buffalo and that has a email please if anyone knows of one or if you are reading this message and you are a lawyer give me your email ...

 Paralegal , legal executive, or solicitor ? confused?
i am moving to UK and i have a job paying 30-40per hour in the medical field, but i think i want to something more professional.
i am considering law. i thought about medical school ...

 I need help with a unemployment question?
I used to work as a production supervisor at a paint manufacturing.After 6 years they decide to terminated because"I was giving my people 10 minutes more extra breaks" When I was called in H...

 Is there a minimum amount of hours you must be scheduled a week?
I have worked at the same place for over a year now, and i am receiving 1 or 2 three hour shifts a week. AND i booked off 4 days for march break and they just didn't give me any shifts for the ...

 Wat can i expect when i have a job interview with a law firm to be a secretary?
realllly nervous and its an hour interview idk how to prepare or what they are going to be asking me....any help?...

 Starting new work whilst still in notice period?
I have just been laid off from my job and am being paid in leiu of working my notice period. I have actually been offered another job and they want me to start asap but i am still technically in my ...

 Just want to send a e-mail but their are no guidelines?
this kind of thing happens all over the internet and every time i get no results ive spent so much wasted time . at this pint it would be easyer to start a class action law suit.and i ask every time ...

Ashley .
How long does a employer have to provide your final paycheck?
If you no longer work at a job, how long does an employer have to mail you your last paycheck? I live in Calfornia and i need to know how long they have to pay me before i take them to court and file a wage claim.

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fired:5 days quit:next regular payday

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it would depend on the reason you no longer work for them...fired or quit

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You have 2 years to file a wage claim in california.

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Tom P
If you were terminated it was due immediately. If you resigned with less than 72 hours notice they have 72 hours. If you gave more than 72 hours notice it was due upon separation.


Good Luck

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