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 Ive been in my job 6months + want 2 leave but I have no contract, do I still have to give notice?
Also if they wanted to sack me what would my rights be without a contact?
Additional Details
Im in the UK...

 I was told by my solicitor my criminal record would be gone after 5 years is this true.?
i was convicted when i was 15 im now 21 and with what i was told my record would be gone by the age of 21.
is this true iv totally changed as a person and hate thinking about my past and how i ...

 My husband was given 2 weeks notice from his employer help!!!!?
My husband was given 2 weeks notice by his employer.. It does state on the letter that it may not happen....

My husband did not want to wait two weeks to see whether he was or was not ...

 Can an employer stop you working two jobs

 Is starbucks liable?
I went through the Starbucks drive through and got 2 drinks to take home for me and my mom. When I got home I saw that one of the lids wasn't on all the way and had spilled all in the center ...

 Vacation Pay after being Fired?
I worked at Sears in NY for 3 years and was recently fired. Legally, am I entitled to receive the 48 hours i earned in vacation time which I still have banked, or do I just lose them?...

 College what shud i do?
everyone doing tommorro.
im at college and i hate but ive got a job for £10-£12. an hr.
should i stick at college or not.
my course ends in june-july 08. and im studing Law.

 Can you be fired for calling in sick?
i was just wondering i called in sick on october something i cant really remember what day of october but anyways can i be fired if i call in this month??...

 Verbal resignation???
i had an argument with my companie the other day and told them i resign, i have not put this in writing!!

i had my normal days off then got a phone call last night telling me not to come ...

 Is it legal for permanent workers to receive a lower rate of pay than temporary workers?
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 Employment Law - working for a Competitor?
After handing in my notice recently, my employer gave me a form to sign which states that I agree to not work for a competitor company for two years after leaving (as per the terms of my contract ...

 When is it ok to leave your job without giving 2 weeks notice?
I am worried my boss will be angry when I give my two weeks notice and may try and withhold my paycheck. He's vendictive like that.....hence one of the reasons I am leaving.
Additional D...

 A police pulled me ove for going 160 mph in a 45 mph zone!?
He was so mad at me because I could easily out race him. He told me i'm either going to pay the 2,000 dollar fine and not be able to drive for a year. or I'm never going to drive ever ...

 If you are unpaid for a lunch break, do you take it?

Additional Details
I'd just like to know how many people will take a lunch break. Increasingly people aren't taking their breaks and there not even paid for it. It should be ...

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 How can we stop harrassing phone calls?
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 How do you get a good job if you have a criminal record nowadays?
the only people who will recruit you will only pay just over a fiver an hour because they have poles,albanians etc that are queuing up for work. Regarding the crimes from the past, I was young and ...

 What jobs can i get at 18 + of age that anybody knows?
when i turn 18 whats a good high payer i was thinking of being a bar dancer or hooters ...

 At work...told to write a letter against my beliefs, how would you handle it?
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 Do I have grounds to terminate my administrative assistant for insubordination?
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How long do you have to work for an employer before being entitled to holiday pay?

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12 months

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that is up to an employer . usually 3 month

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Susan T
You get a minimum of 20 days per year pro rata. Some employers demand that you work a year before you can take any. If you leave in the interim then they have to pay your entitlement.

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Most companies have a 90 day/3 month "probation" period. However if you are full time, some companies will pay that right away. Part time employee not always get holiday pay, even after their probation period.

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Daniel C
It varies; typically six months. Depends on the employer and the holiday.

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normal is 90 days but could be up to a year

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You start accruing holiday the minute you begin a new job, although some companies restrict staff from taking holiday in their first 3 months. If you left within the first 3 months though the company would still have to pay you for any outstanding hols.

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Hector S
you are entitled to holiday accrual on your first day. Check yuor contract as it might state how long you have to work before you can book a holiday.

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depends on the employer, ask them

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Jo W
Since 1998, the law (Working Time Regulations) entitles UK workers to a minimum of four weeks' annual paid leave in each leave year. This minimum includes Bank Holidays but the position might change in future. You will start to 'earn' paid holiday entitlement as soon as you start your job. Your contract/terms of employment will spell out the details re pro-rating, when the leave year ends etc.

Part-time employees have a similar right, pro-rated to reflect the proportion of the time they are contracted to work.

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From day one. It is your statutory right to accrue holiday pay as stated in the Working Time Regulations (Amendment) 2007.
All employees and workers are entitled to 4.8 weeks holiday per year.

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60 to 90 days. If you have a "welcome packet" from the company check that or the handbook if you have one. But usually it ranges from 60 to 90 days.

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**mum to a little miracle**
depends which country your in. in ireland you start earning holiday time the moment you start working. ruffly around 1.2 days per month not including bank holidays.

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In the U.S. there is no legal requirement to pay employees for a holiday. (Unless you work that day)

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In the US at least, holiday pay isn't required by law but depends on company policy whether or not you get paid, and what the requirements are for you to be eligible.

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depends on company policy, some companies never pay anyone for holidays nor do they have paid vacations

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Stacy's Mom
It varies by company. Check your handbook.

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