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Bruce W
Does "voluntary resignation" disqualify me from unemployment benefits?
Upon company lay-off due to lack of work, company wants me to sign a severance agreement stating that it is a voluntary lay-off.

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The Citizen
There's a difference between a voluntary layoff and a voluntary quit. The former you get unemployment for and the latter you do not. If you have a union run it by them. If not, make sure the paper states you are being laid-off, not resigning, and better yet, that you will be eligible for unemployment compensation under your state's guidelines, provided you meet the other requirements.

In my union, we have people take voluntary layoffs all the time and they are paid UI comp.

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In very rare cases could one collect benefits after resigning. This is the reason your employer is having you sign this statement. Calculate what your unemployment benefit will be and decide accordingly.

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It depends on the laws in your state. I know that in the states of VA & TN that a voluntary resignation does negate unemployment benefits. Good Luck.

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Here is a short excerpt from findlaw.com:

In most states, a terminated worker may receive unemployment benefits as a result of a business reorganization, massive layoff, job elimination and other "no-fault" reasons. In some situations, this also includes.findlaw being unsuited or unskilled for the job and even for overall poor work performance. However, a worker generally may not collect benefits caused by a voluntary resignation or a termination due to misconduct. The following are common examples of acts that often justify the denial of unemployment benefits based on misconduct:

Insubordination or fighting on the job;
Habitual lateness or excessive absence;
Intoxication or drug abuse on the job;
Disobedience of company work rules or policies;
Gross negligence or neglect of duty;
Dishonesty or unfaithfulness.

The best thing for you to do is go to the unemployment office in your area and ask them how this voluntary resignation will be interpreted by them.

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In most states, Yes.

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joshua L
the majority of states will NOT grant you unemployment if you voluntarilly resign

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