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 If were laid off can they refill your position the next day isnt they a law towards that?
Ive worked for the company for 3 years, and they laid me off I then discovered they refilled my position the next day, I feel that it was because of my high wage and because i have a child under 6 I ...

 Confused for job help me!?
I 'm wondering if i can work at a retailer which i can but my concern is age coz i'm 13 turning 14 in about 2 weeks time will they accept me also i'm too tall for my age so will the ...

 Can a shy person become a lawyer?

 An at will employee (paralegal) blows the whistle?
If a paralegal who is an at will employee blows the whistle on an unethical act an attorney committed is it legal for the attorney to fire the paralegal or would they be protected by the whistle ...

 Is it legal for a manager to keep the tip left by a customer off of a comped check?
Last night the manager at my restaurant comped a $250.00 bill because the customers husband had passed away the night before and their food took one hour. It was an extremely busy night and they were ...

 Can my job force me to work on my days scheduled off?
Can they? Will I get in trouble for not returning the call?...

 As an employer can I reduce an employee's wages to minimum wage if they fail to give a 2 week notice?
I work at a company that is an "at will" employer. We have them sign a policy upon employment that states failure to give a 2 week notice will result in their hourly wage being reduced to ...

 Can a boss fire one of his best employees for sleeping with the boss's wife? is this legal?

 Hi! I want to set up a legal transcription business but don't know how to start. Can anyone help me please?
What equipment do I need? What skills are needed? Where do I find clients? How do I get paid?...

 Do they have to pay me my raise since the day I stared my new job?
Okay so at work I was told I would get a promotion over 3 months ago. I patiently waited as they said there was all this paperwork and what not to be done first. They told me it was a paygrade ...

 Can your job take back your vacation ?
I put in for my vacation They approved it. . we have 3 staff. one got fired, they took back my vacation and told me I cant go on it until we get a new girl. i think if we had a union they couldent do ...

 Am I irrational for despising multi-tasking as much as i do? Should there be labor laws banning multitasking?

When i had an office job, i would get 100 emails a day, and then these people would call me on the phone, tell me to open their email they just send, look at the picture or Excel spreadsheet, ...

 Pay query: where can I found out if this is legal?
We have recently received our back pay. The company and union finally agreed on a 4% increase but only back dated to June. I am not in the union. Apparently the pay has been worked out but if ...

 Former Employer will not pay Final Paycheck?
worked for a company from Jan 28, 08 and was let go Wed May 7, 08. I did not have direct deposit so my check always came in the mail and was there on Wednesdays. The day I was let go my check would ...

 Terminated from my job unfairly?
i started a new job at a retail store about a week ago,i worked the entire week,and i checked my schedule from home it was a friday or thursday night when i checked it and i had this entire week off ...

 Was I wrongfully terminated? ?
My father has worked for the company for 26 years and has been the CEO for about 8 years. They decided that in order to move on in this industry that they need "a change of leadership". So ...

 What would be a more rewarding career? Lawyer or counselor?

 Will I get in trouble for painting a Game or Anime Character?
If I painted a picture of a character from Devil may cry or any other character from somewhere and sell it on my website or use it as a Thanking for donating gift, would I get in trouble?


 I need some serious help with my job?
Hi, I work at a Sonic Drive-In, and my manager (who is in the lowest possible management position because of her felonies, so she's lucky that her begging and pleading even allowed her to get to ...

 Is the job market for lawyers really bad right now? Particularly the small firm job market?
I live in MS, and planned on going to the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Law school. Money isn't a problem, but will I be left without a job after I graduate? I don't want to work in ...

Do lawyers get paid more than accountants?
answer the question and tell me why. I want to become a lawyer by the way not because of the money but because i am curious to know. I looked at the starting salaries and the median for 1yr or less for an attorney is like 60k where as an accountant its a bit less, anyway, just answer the question, thanks.
Additional Details
Working for little or no money? So what your saying is when I start out working for a firm I'm gonna get paid, like a mexican UH no.

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First realize that a huge percentage of people who get their JD never actually are employed as lawyers. So out of 100 people who graduate less than 30 will ever become actual lawyers and many will end up working for little or no money.

Most CEOs/CFOs started out as public accountants.

Good luck

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Question is too vague ! "Some" lawyers get paid more than " Some" accountants, it depends how good you are, what level you reach, what firm you are with ! I would say it's easier for accountants to earn more as they have more job opportunities and can supplement income doing 'private' work for individuals or small companies. So, ......... the Oscar goes to ...... drum roll ....... Accountants !!

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Yes. Lawyers get paid more than accountants unless you don't get any jobs.

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Depends on the lawyer and the accountant. My accountant is able to by a brand new car every year, takes European vactions, and has a home that is three times the size of mine. She has a large accounting business that concentrates on small to medium companies, in addition to the officers of those companies.

The American Bar Association did a survey last year and found that the average salary of an attorney is $40,000 even after the attorney has been working for 5 years. This extensive survey seems to be alot more accurate.

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