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Do Pre-Employment drug test show up on your record if you fail?
If you fail a pre-employment drug test does it go on your background check where other employers see where you failed a pre-employment drug test?

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Skippy The Wondertard
Skippy say, depends on the industry. Many industries run things that sort of resemble credit reports but of your job history. If you are in one of those industries, yes it could. If you arent, then most likely not. Skippy also say if you dont know if you are in one of those industries, you probably arent.

Skippy warns you about something else you might not have thought of. By doing drugs you are risking your future career very badly. We live in an information age where everyone is creating an electronic paper trail of what they do. More and more companies are doing complete criminal and credit checks on applicants and refusing to hire anyone with any sort of drug conviction. If you keep on doing drugs, even something has harmless as pot, eventually you will get busted. And that little bust can come back and haunt you 30 years later when you are trying to get a good job.
Skippy say Just say no.

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no, no one will know that you failed the test except for the people that are trying to hire you. i have had a few people who failed drug tests and i am not EVER authorized to give out that information to anyone else and it will never show up on any other checks other employers will run for you.

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I don't think so. You won't get the job you applied for. My sister told me the drug test isn't so much to see if you use drugs ever. It's more to make sure you're not so stupid as to use before your scheduled drug test.

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what record???? Big brother isn't that big yet, unless your still think your in high school

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If the drug test is regulated or required by the D.O.T. (Dept. of Transportation) then there is going to be a record of it and it will come back on you. If it is for a private company and is not regulated by DOT then no. Unless the background checking company asks your employer the question and you have signed a release statement that they can release information about you.

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By law your employer or ex employer cannot share any information with potential employers. NON AT ALL. When your potential employer calls your ex employer, all they can do is provide the information that you were in fact employed there and how long you were with the business. If they in any way hinder your potential to get the next job, you can sue them and win.

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No but if you are going through like some time of temp to hire company they won't find you another job of course.

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